Experience Free Workspace Along with 2-Year Visa At The Expo 2020 Dubai Site After March 2022

The Expo 2020 Dubai plans to leave its legacy for years to come. Once the Expo 2020 comes to an end, Dubai plans to turn the site into a workspace and a vibrant business district for residents and tourists alike. The Dubai Expo pavilion encompassing the Sustainability District, Mobility District and Opportunity District is already fully equipped with state of the art infrastructural facilities, of which almost 80% would be repurposed and utilised as workstations, commercial office spaces, contemporary residential apartment units to name a few.

The Expo has started a Scale2Dubai initiative under which they plan to provide free workspace and a two year visa along with sufficient support for setting up new businesses. With the influx of companies and entrepreneurs, it can guarantee the creation of a thriving global business community and drive growth, innovation and excellence to newer heights.

There are two main objectives to this project:

One, to repurpose the infrastructural facilities and resources of the Expo to the maximum extent possible; and

Two, to create a legacy of global co-creation and cultural integration for long term growth.

What is striking to note is that the Expo 2020 has been built on a smart city, which would continue to remain even after the event ends. This smart city would then be taken over by District 2020 and used to create this job and industry growth. Such is the long term vision and farsightedness of Dubai’s governance.

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Sustainability has been a key factor in envisioning the Expo 2020. And it is this pledge for sustainability that has driven them in planning and conceptualizing the Expo pavilion to be highly demand-centric in nature. This level of planning has enabled District 2020 to repurpose parts of the pavilion while storing the other resources until the demand arises. For example, the Sustainability pavilion would continue on as a Children and Science Centre whereas the Mobility pavilion would be used to educate citizens around mobility, the movement of people, goods, data, and the history of mobility for us as a civilisation. Creating knowledge centres, workspaces and business growth hubs has been one of the greatest achievements in terms of sustainability for the Dubai Expo 2020.

The individual country pavilions too would be repurposed on a demand basis. Some of the country pavilions like Saudi Arabia and India were built permanently with the intention of staying on as a cultural hub and a trade hub respectively. The case of the other country pavilions will be decided by District 2020 once the Expo comes to a close. Some are built as temporary structures which can be disassembled and relocated as per need. It is perceived that some of the other country pavilions will be converted into contemporary residential units or commercial office spaces as well.

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The parks, walkways and other common infrastructure facilities built for the Expo have already become familiar to the residents and tourists alike and added value to the vibrant city experience. Such facilities will stay on for the years to come and so would some of the major tourist attractions like the Al Wasl Dome, which is intended to remain as an events destination. The signature waterfall structure would also stay on as a major tourist attraction.

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