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Dubai has been on the path of development since long. The visionary political leadership in the Emirate of Dubai has been introducing infrastructural reforms to expand the growth prospects. In addition to this, the arrival of numerous ex-pats daily, for employment and entrepreneurship has amplified the expansion of Dubai. In turn, causing increased requirement of commercial and residential constructions. Gaining a construction license in Dubai and setting up a construction company in the emirate can be a fruitful decision.

The construction license in Dubai will open a plethora of opportunities for you. It can help you enter the promising world of building construction in the emirate. Apply for the subject license through Kiltons Business Setup Services. Thinking on how to start a construction company in dubai? Our professionals will help you set up a construction company in Dubai or anywhere in UAE and earn the best benefit. Contact us today, to discuss construction company formation in Dubai.

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Frequently asked questions on Construction License in Dubai

  • What are the types of construction licenses available in Dubai?
    • There are four types of construction licenses available: (i) Wrecking and Demolition License (Code – 451001) (ii) Building Contract License (Code – 452001) (iii) Steel Construction Contract (Code – 452008) (iv) Building Maintenance License (Code – 454007)

  • How can I contact Kiltons Business Setup Services?
    • You can contact us on +971 522 407 111 or +971 4 392 0111. Alternatively via email on [email protected].
  • Can I set up a company in 100% ownership in Dubai?
    • Yes. As per the amendment to the business set up regulations, with effect from 01 December 2020, you can own 100% of shares in a Dubai Mainland company. And you don’t require a local Emirati sponsor.
  • What are the additional approvals/ permits required for starting a construction company in Dubai?
    • The additional permits required are - Drainage and Irrigation Department permit, Dubai Water and Electricity Department permit, Civil Defence Authority and Building Department permit
  • Can I start a construction company in Dubai Free Zone?
    • Yes, you can start a construction company in Dubai Free Zone also.

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Why Start a Construction Company in Dubai?

Every entrepreneur wants to make the most of their business. Establishing the right business that can gain you matchless results is the first step to riches. A construction company in Dubai offers unparalleled growth prospects to you. We will aid you to start a company in the right location that will be favourable for you in every manner.

The construction and real estate development remain one of the robust sectors in Dubai. It envisions great growth possibilities in 2021 too. Recognizing this element, the emirate has been witnessing a gradual rise in the arrival of developers and construction companies owned by expatriates and residents.

A construction company license in Dubai will undoubtedly open a sea of opportunities for you. We can help you with complete processing of setting up the business and obtaining business licenses for your construction company in Dubai.  

How to start a construction company in dubai and obtain a Construction License in Dubai?

As in the case of any business license, you have to pursue the laid down procedure meticulously for construction company formation and company license. We are elaborating the step by step process for your easy understanding.

Choose the Jurisdiction – You can start a construction company in Mainland or Free Zone jurisdiction. Mainland Company formation in Dubai and Free zone company formation in Dubai has a set of rules and procedures. Follow the same to complete the formalities. Talk to us to get an exhaustive idea about both the jurisdictions and the pros and cons.

Company Registration – Register your company in Dubai or the emirate of your choice. The authorities will require specified documents for company registration. Submit the application attached with the requisite documents. Obtain the permit for establishing a construction company in Dubai

Recruit Employees – Your company must have adequately qualified engineers, architects, labourers and other essential workers. Post receipt of a permit, recruit employees with qualifications. This is essential for proceeding with the further approval process.

G+1 Permit – The Dubai Municipality (DM) is the authority for issuing G+1 permit that will allow you to start construction work in the region.

Drainage and Irrigation Department Approval – Since the construction work is directly related to the environment and any improper design can affect it adversely, you must obtain approval from the drainage and irrigation department. The department will confirm your sewage and wastewater management before issuing approval.

Approval from Dubai Water and Electricity Department – Whether you are focussing on the construction of office spaces, commercial buildings or residential enclaves, water and electricity are necessities. Seek and obtain approval from Dubai water and electricity department.

Civil Defence Authority and Building Department Approvals – The building you construct must observe the fire and safety regulations, evacuation plan, fire protection/ prevention methods and other relevant regulations. The civil defence authority and building department will issue construction permits subsequently. 

Types of Construction License in Dubai

You can apply for a construction license according to your area of focus. There are different types of construction licenses available in Dubai. The process may slightly differ depending on the license you seek.

Wrecking and Demolition License

Code – 451001

Dubai desires to remain in a young city. It constantly replaces older constructions with new buildings of ultramodern construction elements and magnificent design features. This necessitates a qualified wrecking and demolition firm that can undertake destruction and removal of old buildings through modern methods. Thereby, preventing damage to any other construction in the proximity.  

Building Contract License

Code – 452001

The construction company in Dubai, with this license, can bid for and undertake the construction of residential buildings. Industrial properties, commercial construction, office spaces in Dubai and so on. The construction permit has to be obtained from Dubai Municipality, which will contain the number of floors allowed and similar factors.

Steel Construction Contract

Code – 452008

The steel construction part will require a separate license. Those firms thinking of carrying out prefabricated structures, including hangars and factories need to have this license to commence operations in the field.

Building Maintenance License

Code - 454007

If you are thinking of undertaking building maintenance activities including repair, renovation and similar activities, you must get a building maintenance license.   

Why Kiltons for obtaining a Construction License in Dubai?

Kiltons will be the best business setup services in Dubai for you. We have been instrumental in the setting up and growth of several successful business firms since 1999. The unblemished record we have set to date is the proof of our reliable and dependable services. Kiltons expert panel will give more information on how to start a construction company in Dubai and guide you establish your dream company in Dubai.

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