Fujairah Free Zone Company Formation

Fujairah is located on the east coast of the United Arab Emirates. The emirate has both international airport and seaport, making it one of the most prominent business destinations. Along with the geographical advantages, the lenient and investor-friendly policies of Fujairah have been instrumental for the rise of business entities in the region. The Fujairah Free Zone possesses excellent growth opportunities for businesses. 

There are two Free Zone domains in Fujairah, viz. Fujairah Free Zone and Fujairah Creative City Free Zone. Both zones offer great opportunities for businesses. And have been pivotal in strengthening the economy of the emirate. Identifying the role of the Free Zone jurisdictions in the overall development of the emirate, the political leadership has been supporting new entities in the region wholeheartedly. 

Kiltons business setup services have been effective in setting up of many successful business firms in Fujairah. We welcome business persons to discuss the Fujairah free zone company formation, Mainland Company Formation in Fujairah, or Offshore company formation in Fujairah and kick-start your business at the earliest.

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Frequently asked questions on Fujairah Free Zone Company Formation

  • How can I contact Kiltons business setup services for Fujairah Free Zone company formation?
    • You may contact us on +971 522 407 111 / +971 4 392 0111 to discuss setting up of business in Fujairah or any other emirate in the UAE.
  • What are the documents required for Fujairah Free Zone Company Setup?
    • - Copy of passport of the shareholders

      - Copy of visa

      - Duly filled application form in the stipulate format

      - Details about the shareholders

      - Reference letter from the bank, wherein the corporate bank account has been opened

      - Certified address proof

  • How can I submit my original passport while applying for e-visa?
    • E-visa application doesn’t require submission of original passport. Only the colour copy of the passport is necessary for the same.
  • What are the advantages of the Fujairah Free Zone?
    • - 100% ownership to ex-pats

      - 100% repatriation of capital and profit

      - Nil personal and corporate tax

      - Easy and quick set up

      - Conducive policies

      - Supportive regime

  • What is the processing time for registering a company in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone?
    • The registration of a company in the Creative City Free Zone may take up to 03 business days.

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Benefits of Fujairah Free Zone Business Setup

A plethora of benefits awaits the expatriates opting to set up business in Fujairah Free Zones. The exclusively formulated advantages will support your business venture and accelerate your growth.  

The benefits of Fujairah free zone company formation are:

- 100% ownership of the company for ex-pats

- Zero personal and corporate tax

- 100% repatriation of capital and profit

- Multi-currency transaction authorized

- Strategic location, will help you to carry out business in multiple regions

- Availability of airport and seaport helps in import and export of goods

- Multiple visa options without any complications

- Easy business set up process

- Constructive policies

- Several business options

- Affordable setup and operation costs

- Advanced infrastructure

- Multiple shareholders permissible in Free Zone companies

- Easy company incorporation process

Types of Licenses in Fujairah Free Zone

You must know about the type of license you need to undertake a particular type of business activity. The licensing procedure will certainly have minor differences from one type of license process to another. Our professionals can help you out to complete the procedure without any hassle. Assigning the task of business set up in Fujairah to Kiltons will help you kick-start the business with much ease. 

The types of license available are:

Industrial License – The business firm that plans to start industrial activities including manufacturing, moulding and assembling must obtain an industrial license. As it will have production plants, additional approvals from the environment ministry, labour ministry and other similar departments may be necessary. You may consult us to know more details about the subject license.

Professional License – Professionals considering providing their professional service for a stipulated fee must have professional/ service license. The individual must possess the adequate professional qualification for the same.

Trading License – Are you planning trading activities in the Fujairah Free Zone? Then, you must apply for a trading license. With this license, you can export, import and perform trading activities in the designated zones in Fujairah and outside UAE. 

Warehousing License – For establishing a business entity focussing storage of commodities in a warehouse and distribution must seek for warehousing license. Only the business entities with this license can perform warehousing activities.  

General Trading License – The business firms that operate in export, import and re-export field need to have a general trading license. With this license, you can undertake trading of certain commodities too. 

Documents Required for Fujairah Free Zone Business Setup

The basic and generic documents required for setting up Fujairah Free Zone company are detailed below. The authority may seek additional documents from time to time. Or may amend the documents necessary for company formation in the jurisdiction. You may contact us to know about the additional documents required, if any. 

- Copy of passport of the shareholders

- Copy of visa 

- Duly filled application form in the stipulate format

- Details about the shareholders 

- Reference letter from the bank, wherein the corporate bank account has been opened

- Certified address proof

Fujairah Free Zone Company Setup License Cost

Enumerated below are the costs of different types of licenses in the Fujairah Free Zone. However, it may be noted that this is for reference purposes only. Reach out to us to confirm the latest charges for Fujairah Free Zone Company Setup. 

The license cost will depend on the number of visas and the shareholders authorized. It is directly proportional to the number of visas/ shareholders.


Number of Visa

License Fee (AED)










04 (Freelance)



Small Firm



SME Package



* Reference purpose only

** Visa charges extra

Fujairah Free Zone Company Formation with Kiltons

Kiltons business set up services was established in 1999. However, the legacy of the business group dates back to 1948, when UAE was not formed. The Kiltons group grew over the years with dedicated and committed customer service. We have been pivotal in setting up and growth of several business entities in Fujairah and other emirates in the country.

Our handpicked professional team is a cut above the rest. They strive to provide exclusive customer support that will make the business flourish within no time. You may talk to us concerning Fujairah free zone business setup. With more than two decades of experience, we are the best organization that can ensure a quantum leap in your business. 

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