Company Formation in Dubai Airport Free Zone

UAE has been one of the most sought-after destinations by entrepreneurs around the world. It offers matchless growth prospects for business firms. Consequently, Dubai and other Emirates in the country have been witnessing an ever-rising number of expatriates, arriving to set up businesses. Company formation in Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA) has immense advantages. You can go through the content below to understand the benefits of business setup in DAFZA. Consult our professionals for comprehensive guidance and to undertake business set up formalities in Dubai Airport Free Zone.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Company Formation in Dubai Airport Free Zone

  • Is it necessary to have a local Emirati sponsor to start a company in DAFZA?
    • No. You can start a company in Dubai Airport Free Zone in 100% ownership

  • What are the advantages of business setup in DAFZA?
    • Strategically located business centre offers great growth prospects, infrastructure of international standard, 100% repatriation of profit, quick and easy registration, online customer support, logistics storage facilities, and 24-hour operation permitted if necessary
  • How many shareholders can be there in the company in DAFZA?
    • The authority has stipulated that the company must have at least one shareholder and a maximum of 50 shareholders.
  • What is the minimum share capital stipulated, to form a company in Dubai Airport Free Zone?
    • The minimum share capital is AED 1000.
  • Where is DAFZA located?
    • DAFZA is located in proximity to Terminal 2 of Dubai international airport.

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Business Activities Permitted in Dubai Airport Free Zone

DAFZA provides a wide range of business activities for you to choose from. Identify your field of business and set up an entity in DAFZA accordingly. The business operations, the field of business, that you can commence in Dubai Airport Free Zone include the following:

- Clothing

- Food and beverages

- Legal services

- Travel agency

- Stationery

- Books

- Advertisement firm

- Waste trading

- Jewellery and ornaments

- Chemical trading

- Machinery and equipment

To discuss Dubai airport free zone company formation and other relevant aspects, reach out to us now. 

Procedure for Company Formation in Dubai Airport Free Zone

The procedures for Dubai airport free zone company formation (DAFZA) involve three steps. Choosing the type of license, finalizing the type of company you want to set up and obtaining office space. 

1. Choosing the License 

Six types of licenses are available in DAFZA. Opt for the one that is necessary for the business activity you intend to pursue. Consult us to guide you accordingly for DAFZA company formation and license. 

Trade License – This type of license is required if you plan trading activities in DAFZA including import and export. Trade license in Dubai enables your firm to carry out import, export, re-export, distribution and storage of authorized goods, raw materials and products.

Industrial License – Are you planning to establish an industry operating in manufacturing, assembling, or packaging? Then, you must obtain an Industrial License in Dubai for such a business setup in Dubai Airport Free Zone. 

Service License – The firms that provide various services in DAFZA should be in possession of Service License. The service license will mention the services authorized, by the Free Zone authority, for a particular entity.  

E-commerce License – Online business activities have been on the rise since long. It is advantageous to establish an e-commerce platform, which will help you operate in an affordable business setup. Get the e-commerce license issued for e-commerce company formation in DAFZA. 

General Trading License – General trading activities that include import, export, storage, re-export and distribution will necessitate General Trading License. It may be noted that General Trading License and Trading License are different. 

Dual License with DED – This is a special type of license that authorizes companies to operate out of the Free Zone as well, i.e. in Dubai Mainland. Reach out to us to have detailed info concerning this license and DAFZA company Formation. 

2. Select the Type of Company to Setup in DAFZA

You can choose the one suitable for the two types of company setup offered.

Free Zone LLC – Free Zone LLC (FZ-LLC) can have 01 to 50 shareholders. You can discuss with us to know the exhaustive aspects regarding this company formation in DAFZA.

Branch Office of an Existing Company – Choose to establish a branch office of an existing UAE or foreign company. 

3. Select the Space You Want

DAFZA offers three types of spaces for Dubai Airport Free Zone company formation:

- Office Space

- Warehousing and Industrial Space

- Cold Storage Facility

Once you have finalized the above-mentioned necessities, you can commence the process for company formation in Dubai Airport Authority Free Zone. It would be helpful for you if you assign us the task of DAFZA company Formation. Our experienced professionals will comply with all the formalities for the setting up and help you with quick commencement of business operations. 

Benefits of Company Formation in Dubai Airport Free Zone

A plethora of advantages await those setup businesses in DAFZA. A few of those are listed below:

- Strategically located business centre offering great growth prospects

- Infrastructure of international standard

- 100% repatriation of profit

- Multi-currency transactions allowed

- Quick and easy registration and business setup process in DAFZA

- Online customer support

- Logistics storage facilities

- Easily accessible administrative support

- 24-hour operation permitted if necessary

Documents Required for Company Formation in Dubai Airport Free Zone

The basic documents required for business setup in DAFZA are: 

- Duly filled application form

- Business plan

- Bank reference letter

- Six months bank statement

- Signed office rental agreement

- Specimen signature in the presence of DAFZA

Kiltons Business Setup services in Dubai Airport Free Zone

Reach out to Kiltons Business Setup Services, the leading firm in the UAE since 1999, for company formation in Dubai Airport Free Zone. We assure you reliable services and optimal support for establishment as well as during business operations. One of the trustworthy business setup services for more than two decades, we have helped numerous entrepreneurs to realize their dreams. 

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