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Kiltons Business Set Up Services LLC is an established and eminent business set up consultancy based in the UAE. Kiltons has been into the business domain of UAE for 2 decades offering invaluable business services in Dubai, UAE to more than 5000 clients. We provide all the necessary services in connection with company formation and operation in Dubai, UAE. Our business services in UAE includes finding a sponsor, trade license services, company liquidation, PRO services, and more. Our team of business professionals works closely with the Government departments & Free Zones to assist the company formation needs and other business-related services of investors and entrepreneurs across the UAE.

Based on the UAE commercial company laws, a foreign investor aiming to establish a Limited Liability Company in the UAE is required to partner with a UAE national sponsor or a local sponsor. Availing this sponsorship is mandatory and getting a trustworthy sponsor might become an uphill task for first-time investors. We very well understand this scenario and provide adequate support and advice for getting the most suitable and reliable local sponsor for your LLC business. We direct our clients on their business services in Dubai and UAE that comprise company formation, registration of licenses, accounting and bookkeeping, leveraging our profound industry expertise to help them take right decisions quickly and solve their most critical business issues.

If you are planning to flourish your company in Dubai or anywhere across UAE, get in touch with Kiltons to avail the best business services in UAE, providing all sorts of support that is essential for the smooth operation and maintenance of companies in addition to other professional services like accounting, auditing, etc.

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UAE Trade licence Services

The investor should determine the place of work after conducting a good deal of research. The location of work must be identified with respect to the type of business.etc..

Find a Sponsor

According to the UAE Companies Law, the business setup of a Mainland Limited Liability company that involves foreign investment mandates the involvement of.etc..

Bank Account Opening

Being an international business hub, Dubai is a bustling city where a lot of financial activities take place. In order to facilitate these financial activities, many financial. etc..

Company Liquidation

Kiltons Business Setup Services offers Company liquidation for multiple business establishments like LLCs, offshore establishments and Free Zone companies in Dubai, etc..

P.R.O Services

Public Relations Officer who is also designated as Government Liaison Officer performs the activities related to the processing of government documents,etc..

Brand Protection

Brand Protection services are aimed to preserve the Intellectual Property of business establishments or individuals and comprise of Industrial property and etc..

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In the past two decades, Kiltons has served clients from a wide range of business domains. We have provided Business setup related services in the Emirates to investors around the world, from sole proprietorship firms to big business houses and industrial concerns.


Frequently Asked Questions on Business Services in Dubai, UAE

  • Why is a business consultant necessary in the UAE?
    • UAE offers excellent opportunities for expats to set up businesses and grow. The investor-friendly regime in the country will extend all the possible support to you. Nonetheless, the knowledge about the business jurisdictions, the type of businesses you are authorized, which one would be suitable for you, how you can obtain optimum advantages and so on will be necessary to reap the maximum.

      As you are a newbie in the UAE business world, you may be lacking the exact idea about the aforementioned things. Partial knowledge or lack of it can be detrimental for your business. A business consultant in the UAE plays an important role during such a scenario. The professional consultant will act as your guide, your mentor, and the bridge to the path of success.

  • Whether I can start a business in Dubai Mainland with 100% ownership?
    • No, you are not authorized to start a business in Dubai Mainland with 100% ownership. However, you can have 100% ownership of a Free Zone company. In Mainland jurisdiction, you need to have a local Emirati sponsor, who will hold 51% of shares in your company.
  • What is your advice for a debutant businessperson?
    • Before you set up a company in the UAE, you must analyse the market and affirm the best business activity for you. Half-baked knowledge could be harmful to your business. Therefore, extensive research must be undertaken prior to launching your entity.
  • I want to know about the Tax Residency Certificate (TRC). What is that?
    • The authorities issue the Tax Residency Certificate (TRC) to entities and individuals to prevent double taxation on income approved by the UAE government. Thereby, benefiting the companies.
  • I want to set up a company in Dubai/ UAE. Which jurisdiction will be better, Mainland, Free Zone or Offshore?
    • Each jurisdiction has its pros and cons. It will depend on your type of business and other related plans, which jurisdiction is beneficial for you. You may discuss with our professional team to know more about each jurisdiction.

How Business Consultants can Help You with Your New Business

Hiring a business consultant in the UAE will augment your chances of success. They will act as the most important pillar supporting your firm. The professional business consultants will be constantly observing the business world and will have ample insight into the UAE business arena. Thus, they can guide you ascertaining the changing winds and help you formulate better strategies.

Let’s see the basic advantages of hiring a business consultant in the UAE

Guidance of Business Set Up – The professionals will provide you with expert guidance concerning business services in Dubai and the best business solutions. They will undertake the business set up activities on behalf of you. Off from the burden of business set up formalities, you can concentrate on other activities.

Legal Formalities – Lack of awareness about the legalities and additional approvals (for a certain type of businesses) can land you in trouble. You can preclude such a scenario by opting for business services in Dubai. Once they are on board, you can relax and simply focus on business development prospects and related activities.

Ascertaining the Total Cost and Advising You Accordingly – It is necessary to know the business set up and operational costs for planning purposes. Knowing all the costs for establishment and functioning will aid the entrepreneurs to allocate adequate funds for the same. And utilizing the remaining funds for other activities.

Identifying Teething Troubles – A new business may encounter teething troubles that can impede the smooth progression. The business consultants will have a helicopter view about everything. Their expert eyes will not miss a thing. A cursory check itself will reveal the lacunae to the business consultants and business services in Dubai. Guiding you regarding the issues and providing you fruitful resolutions will give unfathomable benefits for your entity.

Hassle-Free Registration and Functioning – The expert and experienced business consultants will ensure hassle-free business services in Dubai and registration formalities. Further, their watchful eyes will ensure the smooth functioning of the business firm. You can remain calm and concentrate on your business when a business consultant is by your side.  

Why Kiltons Business Setup Services?

Kiltons business setup services have been the guiding light for many entities for more than two decades. Established in 1999, Kiltons has been instrumental in realizing the entrepreneurial dreams of several ex-pats and residents. We provide judiciously designed and customized business setup services and business consultation services. We are one of the leading organizations in the UAE with 100% client satisfaction rate.  

We undertake a detailed and concerted analysis before extending the advice to the clients. Aiming to be of great support to the customers, we have a plethora of services on offer. You may discuss your requirement with our professional team.  Their guidance will be the mainstay in your growth and success.

Out of all business services, Kiltons’s prestigious and dedicated service named “Ruling family sponsor” requires a special mention. The Ruling family sponsor service is specially tailored for premium business endeavours. Premium business groups, MNCs and industrialists can avail the sponsorship of a Ruling family member. A ruling family sponsor is different from a UAE local sponsor. The Ruling family sponsor holds a diplomatic passport, is influential and enjoys several unique privileges.

Once you have established your business in the UAE, it is necessary to open a corporate bank account. Kiltons offers a wide range of banking and accounting related services to the clients of various domains. The liberal banking policy and enhanced confidentiality in banking matters are the major benefits enjoyed by a corporate bank account holder. Kilton’s banking professionals will assist the client in opening the corporate bank account and in pursuing all other necessary documentation.

Kiltons performs PRO functions in the most responsible and proactive manner. PRO or a Public Relations officer is in charge of a wide range of activities related to the processing of important documents. Kiltons PRO services comprise of processing Visa, Immigration documents, Visa renewal, trade license renewal etc. Some of the services are directly related to Company incorporation and operation and others are Employee-oriented. Kiltons team of PRO is well-versed in Arabic and other foreign languages like Russian, English and Hindi. Outsourcing your business set up requirements to an experienced PRO brings down the operational cost to a great extent.

Kiltons provide company liquidation services for all business entities based in the UAE. Terminating the operations of a business establishment due to severe financial crisis or lack of funds is generally termed as company liquidation. Company liquidation procedures associated with mainland LLC, free zone and offshore company is not the same. Liquidation procedures are generally time-consuming due to the involvement of multiple parties and extensive documentation. Kiltons provides adequate guidance and support to the clients in accomplishing the company liquidation tasks.

Intellectual Property (IP) Protection is offered by Kiltons in the name of Brand Protection. Intellectual properties of businesses and brands must be protected at any cost. Intellectual property like Patents, Copyrights and Trade Secrets are the result of relentless effort, hard work and investment. Counterfeit products that resemble the original, infringement, copyright violation – all come under the violation of Intellectual property rights. Brand protection service offers businesses and brands protection from IP violations. The services offered under Brand protection are Copyright registration, Trademark registration, Patent registration, Trade secret registration and Intellectual property registration.

Get in touch with our business set up consultants and state your requirements. Our team of business set up advisors would come up with the most feasible solution at the very earliest.

Entrust your business set up tasks to the pioneers in the field and experience the difference.