Trademark registration in Dubai, UAE

What is meant by a trademark

Trademark registration in UAE is crucial to protect your brand in the Emirates. Companies and business establishments irrespective of their type or size employ a trademark or brand name to represent the business or a product. A trademark can be represented by various means like words, symbols, signs or logo. The trademark you use can be a signature, word, name, letter, drawing, symbol, title, seal, image, tax stamp, inscription, advertisement, or any other combination. Trademark comes under the category of intellectual property and grants certain rights and protections to the legal owner.

Trademark registration law in the UAE protects the business establishments from all unauthorized exploitation of the originally registered trademark. With trademark registration in Dubai and UAE, you can protect your brand name, symbol or logo used to identify your goods or services that are legally registered in the Emirates. Kiltons team offers extensive support for registering a trademark in the UAE in compliance with all legal requirements.

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  • The importance of a trademark

    Means of communication – Trademark conveys or communicates the symbol or representation of your brand to the general public. Trademarks are an excellent means of communicating an emotion connected with the brand. And the same “emotion” serves as the major driving factor of sales. For example- let us consider the trademark of the international brand named “Nike” – the renowned American athletic shoe designer. The Swoosh logo of Nike has international recognition and the particular logo enhances the brand value to a great extent. Another important aspect of the Nike Swoosh is that it’s not a name or a word but a logo. This gives Nike a universal acceptance. Words or names have language-based restrictions.

    Trademarks have value –The trademark maintained by a highly reputed business has high asset value. The worth of Nike logo amounts to several billion dollars.

    Enhanced visibility and attention and thereby brand recognition – A well-designed logo can help your business stand out from the competitors. If your business domain has too many competitors, an attractive logo always gets public attention. A quality product or service with a meticulously designed trademark always brings a large number of followers.

    Wards off duplicate, fake products – Fake products are always a threat to originals. Trademark protects your product from all fake and look-alike products. In another sense, the trademark protects the interest of the customers too. The customers who are aware of the original trademark can demand the original, reliable product. This gives an assurance to the customer and ensures value for money.

    Aids in business expansion – Once the company establishes its name in the market and has earned a respectable reputation, the trade name helps the company diversify into other business domains.

    Enhances social media reach – Businesses can effectively use the trademark to increase the company presence on various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Strong online and social media presence enhances the credibility of the company.

  • Class system in UAE trademark registration
    A class system is employed in the UAE trademark registration process. The various categories of products and services are assigned to a particular class. There are altogether 44 trademark registration classes available in the UAE and the businesses are allowed to register the product or business in any of the 44 classes. For registering a product or business in a particular class, the applicant needs to file an application. For a different class, the applicant is supposed to file a separate application. Therefore, having a clear understanding of the type of business or product and the class they belong to is crucial in trademark registration. Registering in an inappropriate class can be sheer wastage of time and money. Kiltons Business Setup Services undertakes the task of class assigning with utmost responsibility and precision.
  • Cases of trademark infringement

    As a trademark is intellectual property, it grants certain protections to the legal owner of the trademark. Any infringement in any form may attract legal consequences. Here are the various scenarios connected with trademark infringement.

    Unauthorized use – If any individual or entity displays a registered trademark on a product devoid of any legal authorization.

    Act of forgery – if a person imitates the originally registered trademark with the intent of deceiving the public or with the intention of ruining the reputation of the brand.

    Sale of counterfeit products – If a person involves in the trade of a product or commodity that carries a forged trademark with the intent of making a profit.

    The aforementioned scenarios are considered as offences and the offender if proven guilty is liable to face imprisonment and a financial penalty of a minimum of AED 5000.

    Trademark registration validity in Dubai,UAE

    A trademark registered in the UAE is valid for 10 years. When the validity expires the business establishment is required to renew the trademark for another 10 years.

  • Documents needed for registering a trademark in Dubai,UAE

    The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Economy is the government authority in charge of trademark registration in UAE. Once the trademark is registered under the UAE Ministry of Economy, the registration is legally valid in all the 7 Emirates. The registration tasks can be accomplished within a period of 10 months in normal scenarios.

    Trademark registration application

    Trade license of the business establishment

    Details about trademark logo or name

    Fee payment acknowledgement

    Power of Attorney

    Priority Document (copy)

    Details of products and services that come under trademark

    Passport copy of the applicant

    Applicant’s contact details

  • Symbols, Logos and marks that cannot be trademarked

    The UAE trademark law has certain restrictions regarding the type of logo or designs that can be employed for the purpose of registration. Those restrictions are listed below.

    Designs or symbols that go against public norms and morals cannot be trademarked.

    Flags, symbols, emblems of nations, organizations and other international bodies cannot be trademarked.

    The emblems or logos of International Organizations like Red Cross is not allowed.

    Signs, symbols and logos that are related to any religion in some way cannot be used for trademark registration.

    Names of places and other geographical regions are not entertained.

    Use of logos or marks of another entity without prior consent

    Trade names that are mere imitations of others, those that are likely to be misinformation, or deceptive in nature are not allowed.

    Trademarks that resemble coins, notes of countries, and other authorized symbols are prohibited.

    Though trademark registration in Dubai, UAE is a simple procedure, there are chances for committing errors in the application form or during the submission of the document, which may result in the rejection of the trademark. Kiltons is a team of experienced business consultants who are well informed of the Trademark Registration Process in the UAE. Till now Kiltons team of experts have accomplished more than 200 trademark registrations and several other trademark renewals of our esteemed clients. Trademark registration task requires considerable experience and extensive market knowledge. Get in touch with our team for a hassle-free registration.

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What is a Trademark?

UAE has known for visionary decisions. The country has been instituting adequate measures to reaffirm the faith in the regime and enhance the confidence of the investors. The trademark registration regulations have been initially promulgated in 1979 in the country.

The federal law for registering trademarks in UAE came into effect in 1992. With the subject laws in force, companies could undertake trademark registration in Dubai or any other emirate comfortably. The trademark registered in any of the emirates is applicable in all the seven emirates. Subsequently, in 2000 the federal la for trademark registration in UAE was modified to suit the change in business scenarios.

You can register the trademark of the company irrespective of the business sector you are in. Let it be commercial, educational, industrial, service-oriented, handicraft, freelance, or professional. Trademark registration services in Dubai will help you comply with the extant policies.

The Federal Law 32/ 1992 regarding trademark registration in Dubai, UAE states that brand identifications including logo, slogan, hallmark, packaging exclusivities, title, words used, signature, graphics, symbols, design patterns, colour combinations, announcements, names, figures and seals that are distinctive to the brand as a trademark.

A trademark not only denotes the brand but also unifies the team and motivates them to work together towards the goal. Undoubtedly, a trademark is an essential factor for every brand.

Trademark System in UAE

The UAE has a well-defined class system for trademarks. You must confirm the class to commence the procedure to register your trademark in UAE. Undertaking the formalities for the wrong class would lead to unwanted financial loss and wastage of time.

There are 45 classes stipulated for trademark registration in Dubai. It has been divided based on the products and services. Out of the 45 classes, the entrepreneur is authorized to register the trademark in UAE in any of the 44 classes. Hiring a trademark registration service in Dubai is ideal for avoiding wrong applications.

What are the Other Intellectual Properties?

Trademarks are one of the intellectual properties associated with a brand.  Brand name, logo, slogan, design etc. can be registered as a trademark in UAE. The other intellectual properties include:

1. Copyright – Copyright is claimed for artworks, literary pieces, music and other forms of creativity. Copyright infringement is a serious crime.

2. Patent – Inventions, concepts, technical ideas, formulated processes, etc. can be patented by individuals to confirm the authority. This would help claim ownership in the case of disputes.

Trademark Registration Process in Dubai, UAE

Trademark registration in Dubai would require a service agent if you are an ex-pat or a foreign company. The agent would comply with the procedure for registering your trademark in UAE.

Fill out the Application

Make sure that the application is filled out correctly. You need not be concerned about it if you have hired an experienced and trusted firm as your agent. Confirmation that a similar trademark is not registered by anyone else is also important. Research has to be undertaken in this regard prior to finalizing the trademark.

Perusal by the Concerned Authority

The trademark registration services in Dubai would forward the application to the authority. It is the duty of the authorized body to examine the trademark to affirm that it is according to the laid down regulations.

Acceptance Order

The registrar will issue an acceptance order if the trademark submitted is according to guidelines. In case of any anomalies or discrepancies, the application would be rejected.

Publication of the Approved Trademark in the UAE Official Gazette

Once the trademark has been accepted by the registrar, it would be published in two Arabic newspapers. The applicant has to pay the fee for this as well. Thirty days from the publication date is considered an opposition period. Anyone, who has disputes with the trademark can raise objections during this time. Trademark registration in Dubai would be smooth if no one raises any opposition to the published trademark. Any similarities with the already approved trademarks can lead to objections from entities and individuals.

Final Registration Fee

On completion of 30 days, from the date of publication in the official gazette, the trademark registered becomes matured. There wouldn’t be any further intimation from the authority regarding the same. The company of the individual has to pay the final registration fee for the trademark, within 30 days from the last day of the opposition period. This is the final stage to register your trademark in UAE.

Issuance of Trademark Registration Certificate

As all the formalities have been completed, the trademark office in Dubai would issue the trademark certificate. The certificate is issued as and when you pay the final registration fee. 

You can register your trademark in any of the emirates in UAE. Trademark registration services in Dubai offered by trustworthy agencies are the best way to conclude the process in the right time.  Trademark registration in Dubai is valid for 10 years from the date of application. Post that, the trademark can be renewed for another 10 years.

The renewal of the trademark has to be undertaken within three months from the date of expiry. Note that, it is ideal, as well as, financially beneficial to renew the trademark before expiring. As each month will cost a fine of AED 1000.

Trademarks Law in the UAE

Strict trademark laws in UAE prevent any immoral, unauthorized, blasphemous, unethical use of trademarks. The limitations imposed by the trademark laws in the UAE include:

. Trademark submitted for registration in UAE should not hurt religious sentiments.

. It should not be against morality.

. None of the public symbols including the national flag, emblem and insignia can be used.

. It prevents the usage of names or titles of third parties.

. Red Cross and Red Crescent emblems should not be a part of the trademark.

. Translation of renowned trademarks are not permitted.

You may reach out to our trademark registration services in Dubai for a detailed discussion regarding the trademark laws.

Why Kiltons Business Setup Services For Trademark Registration in Dubai?

Kiltons Business Setup Services has all the business-related services under one roof. Offering trusted services since 1999, we have become the top trademark registration service. Our proficient professional team undertakes the trademark registration in Dubai judiciously.

Having a prominent presence in the business spectrum, we have been pivotal in transforming many business dreams into reality. Consistent and proven support would be paramount to overcoming impediments and establishing a promising business.

We assure you of constant committed support for setting up a business, registering trademarks, obtaining office space, and all the other company formation activities. 

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