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Setting up a business in Dubai is a crucial decision because starting your business at the right time with good resources is necessary. Dubai is an international business hub and has a dynamic, business-friendly economy. Dubai enjoys the status of a highly diversified economy. A large chunk of revenue earned by UAE and other Middle-east countries comes from Petroleum trade. But Dubai is exempted from this Petroleum dependency due to its rich, diversified economy. Dubai economy is a mix of multiple sectors like tourism, business, trade, transportation and finance. About 55% of the total GDP of Dubai is linked to Finance, Tourism, Business and Trade sectors combined. Therefore, a depreciation in the price of petroleum will not affect Dubai’s economy.Dubai has a unique position or consideration in geopolitics. It is located in a strategic geographical location very close to the continents of Africa and Asia. Dubai serves as an international gateway that connects 3 major geographical locations – Asia, Africa and the Middle East – thanks to Dubai’s world-class air and water connectivity. Dubai International Airport enjoys the status of being the 3rd busiest Airport in the world. When it comes to modernization in cultural perspective, UAE has made a giant leap by inculcating and implementing women empowerment. There is no gender disparity in the UAE and the UAE constitution guarantees the same. Literacy rate of women is 95% and is on par with men. More than 75% of women in the UAE opt for higher studies after school. There are mandatory laws that ensure the representation of women in the top hierarchy or board level of an organization. Several women have enjoyed Ministerial or Cabinet rank in the UAE. UAE women have proved their mettle in various prestigious, international agencies like the United Nations. Dubai guarantees various tax concessions for investors. The Free zone areas offer special rights and protection to investors and this, in turn, inspires entrepreneurs around the world to invest in the region. In the last decade, Dubai has witnessed a tremendous inflow of tech-based professionals from around the world. Now Dubai has the right mix of the workforce too.

Kiltons Business Setup Services LLC offers Dubai business setup guide provides every kind of help for those who are planning to start or expand their business in Dubai and UAE. We help you make a strong decision regarding where to start, how to start and why you should start a business in Dubai.

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Both economic and political stability plays a vital role in the overall progress of any region or country. Dubai has a very professional approach to banking systems and industrial relations. And the liberal policies adopted by the government are business-friendly.


You have a plethora of business investment opportunities in Dubai. One of the major prerequisites that every investor or entrepreneur should perform before investing is RESEARCH. The investor may opt for a Mainland company option or select from a list of Free zone regions.


Dubai has undergone a steady metamorphosis from a Petroleum dependent economy to an innovation and technology-driven business haven. And there are evident reasons why you should start a Business in Dubai.

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