Business Setup in Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates have been accepting businesses with open hearts since the formation of the country. Each of its emirates has exclusively formulated policies that are constructive towards the establishment and growth of business entities. The business-friendly atmosphere has paved the way for countless foreign nationals investing in the country. Many of them turned UAE residents eventually.

The capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi, has all the elements to set up and grow your business venture. The visionary leaders of the emirate have always been at the forefront in deriving the best solution for attracting investments. The foreign investment makes an inseparable part of the financial structure of Abu Dhabi. Business setup in Abu Dhabi is an uncomplicated process even for the debutante businesspersons.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Business Setup in Abu Dhabi

  • What are the types of business licenses available in Abu Dhabi?
    • There are 5 types of business licenses available in Abu Dhabi. You have to obtain the license according to the type of business activity you are envisaging.

      · Commercial License

      · Professional License

      · Industrial License

      · Tourism License

      · Occupational license

  • Please tell me the type of businesses in Abu Dhabi?
    • The types of business firms in Abu Dhabi are:

      · Limited Liability Company

      · Sole Proprietorship

      · Private Shareholding

      · Public Shareholding

      · Partnership

      · Foreign Branch Office

      · Representative Office

      · Joint Ventures

  • I want to start a business in Abu Dhabi. What is the minimum capital requirement?
    • Luckily, there’s no minimum capital requirement for starting a business in Abu Dhabi
  • How much will it cost to setup a business in Abu Dhabi?
    • The fees and payments change from time to time. Hence it is difficult to indicate the exact fee. The charges for business set up will include the following:

      · Legal charges

      · Fee for incorporation

      · Payment to the Sponsor

      · Visa fees

      · Government taxes and other charges

  • Is there anything called a Free Zone permit? How to obtain that?
    • The permit along with residence visa issued for Abu Dhabi Fee Zone is called Freelance visa or Free Zone permit. Initially, you have to apply for provisional approval for the same. Subsequent to initial approval, fill the application form and apply for a permit in the prescribed format.

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Types of Business Setup in Abu Dhabi

You can consider the formation of a business entity in Mainland, Free Zone or Offshore jurisdiction in Abu Dhabi. The procedure for each domain differs with each other. You can seek help from us for identifying the right business activity, the type of license that can accrue maximum profit and hassle-free setting up of a business. While you focus on business plans, strategies and other necessary aspects.

Mainland Company

Company formation in Abu Dhabi mainland has several benefits. The mainland entity can carry out business operations across the markets in Abu Dhabi, without any restrictions. The type of entity could be any of the following. 

Limited Liability Company (LLC) – This is the most common type of business across the UAE. The foreign investor (s) can hold 49% of shares in the company. The local Emirati sponsor will own a 51% share in the company. 

Foreign Branch Office – It is the extension of a foreign company. 100% shares in the foreign branch office can be held by ex-pats. Nonetheless, it necessitates the appointment of a local service agent. 

Representative Office – Although similar to the foreign branch office, the representative office has many differences with that. The parent organization of the representative office can be located in either UAE or any other country.  

Free Zone Company

There are 08 Fee Zones in Abu Dhabi. Starting a company in the Free Zone ensures that ex-pat shareholders can own 100% share. It requires neither a local sponsor nor a local service agent. Besides, Free Zone offers additional advantages to companies in the domain that are conducive for the growth. The convenient policies of Abu Dhabi Free Zone authority make it easy for companies to set up business in the Free Zone. 

Offshore Company

Companies can start operating in Abu Dhabi offshore jurisdiction with a certificate of incorporation. For Offshore Company formation in Abu Dhabi, they are not given with a trade license to undertake the business activities. Offshore companies are not authorized for assembly, manufacturing, moulding and other production processes. The companies are exempted from all types of taxes. Lenient regulations are another advantage. Those who plan to utilize the maximum tax exemption benefits offshore companies. 

Types of Business Licenses in Abu Dhabi

You have to obtain a license for conducting the business in Abu Dhabi. The type of business license will depend on the type of business activity you are pursuing. 

The types of business license are:

Commercial License – This is necessary for carrying out commercial activities including real estate, trading, and construction business etcetera.

Industrial License – Industrial license authorises you to mould, manufacturing, assembling and other production processes. 

Professional License – The professionals as if artisans, tutors need to possess a professional license for establishing a professional business in Abu Dhabi. 

Tourism License – Tourism license is required for undertaking travel and tourism businesses. This type of license is further subdivided according to the area of operation. 

Occupational License – The individuals, who are envisioning to use their intellect in business must obtain an occupational license.

Benefits of Company Formation in Abu Dhabi

Exceptional advantages await for business formation in Abu Dhabi. The authorities extend the best support to businesses for attracting more investments. The benefits of company formation in Abu Dhabi are:

· Locate business at any location in Abu Dhabi, as per convenience

· Free to carry out business at the market of your choice, without many limitations

· investor-friendly policies

· Flexible company ownership and visa regulations

· A plethora of options concerning business activities

Procedure for Business Setip in Abu Dhabi

 Abu Dhabi has a stipulated procedure for setting up business. It is enumerated below for you to have an idea.

- Identify business activity

- Confirm location, where you want to establish the business

- Decide the jurisdiction, i.e. Mainland, Free Zone or Offshore

- Get a reliable local sponsor

- Fix a trading name and obtain approval

- Formulate the legal structure of the business

- Obtain additional approvals from ministries and departments, as required

- Prepare all the documents necessary for license

- Apply in the defined format for a business license

Kiltons Business Setup Services in Abu Dhabi

Kiltons Business Setup Services was established in 1999. That means we have been serving the clients for more than two decades. We have played a pivotal role in the inception of many reputed business firms across Abu Dhabi. Credible and reliable services have been our identity since the beginning. 

We have a team of expert professionals, who will be there to support you at every juncture. Their unparalleled zest and zeal have fuelled our forward momentum till date. Presently, Kiltons is one of the leading business setup services across the UAE. We offer custom-tailored packages to our clients according to the requirements and availability of budget.

The founder, Riyaz Kilton, is an elite member of various organizations and an important personality in the business spectrum of UAE. He finds time to guide young entrepreneurs regarding setting up a business in this magic land. By maintaining a cordial relationship with the official authorities, we have been able to ensure a quick and trouble-free business set up of our clients. 

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