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Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is the exclusive Free Zone established in 2004 by the government of UAE along with the emirate of Dubai. This exclusive financial zone offers excellent infrastructure to the business sectors providing varying financial services. It would be the entryway to a great fortune for entrepreneurs, with the Free Zone extending exemplary support and an atmosphere conducive to growth. Kiltons has been at the forefront since 1999, delivering trustworthy services in the region. We can assist you in obtaining a DIFC license in Dubai for your DIFC company formation to mark the beginning of a successful journey. 

To aid domestic and international investors, the DIFC follows English Common Laws. Therefore, the companies operating in this jurisdiction can formulate the legal and business structure according to the subject law. Helping them to perform exceptionally well both in the national as well as international markets. The disputes and legal issues will be resolved within the territory, through the effective intervention of courts and legal entities. All these aspects mark DIFC as an ideal domain for business set up and DIFC company formation is highly appreciated.

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Frequently Asked Questions on DIFC Business Setup

  • Which are the types of businesses authorized in the DIFC Free Zone?
    • DIFC is a financial Free Zone. It permits businesses in banking, insurance, asset management, share market, professional services including audit and accounting. Talk to us to discuss any specific financial business interest you have.  

  • What is the minimum capital requirement for starting a business in the Free Zones in Dubai?
    • Some of the Free Zones may direct the investors for a minimum capital requirement. However, many do not ask the same. Talk to us to confirm the capital requirements of the Free Zone you consider.
  • Is a business owner in DIFC authorized to sponsor his or her family?
    • Yes. The entrepreneur can sponsor the family. Apply to the authority, along with the documents, to obtain a visa.
  • How long does it take for a DIFC company setup?
    • Even though we cannot state a definite time frame, DIFC business set up can be completed in an average duration of 03 working days.
  • What are the charges on repatriation of capital in DIFC?
    • There are no charges or limitations on capital repatriation in DIFC. The Dollar dominated jurisdiction permits unlimited profit flows, without any currency exchange controls.
  • How much is the income and profit tax applicable to a company in DIFC?
    • Zero. The companies in DIFC do not have to pay any corporate or income taxes for forty years. Further, the double taxation treaty prevents additional taxing as well.
  • Is a local Emirati sponsor required for business set up in DIFC?
    • No. A local Emirati sponsor is not required to start a business not only in DIFC but in other Free Zones as well. The good news is that, as per the latest amendment, a local sponsor is not required for establishing a company in Dubai Mainland also, for a majority of business ventures. Contact us to know more.

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Benefits of DIFC Business Setup

 A business setup in DIFC can be beneficial in several ways. The first step towards riches, DIFC has been the starting point for the business journey of many renowned entrepreneurs. The benefits of DIFC company formation include:

-          Zero tax on income and profit

-          Nil tax on repatriation of capital 

-          Unlimited availability of skilled professionals

-          Outstanding infrastructure that will be productive for the company

-          Exclusive legal system, distinctive from UAE’s federal laws, to ensure better support to business firms in the jurisdiction

-          English Common Law to help the entities in the best possible way

-          Obtain investments locally as well

-          A simple and easy methodology for obtaining administrative support from the authorities.  

Process for Obtaining DIFC License in Dubai

 The DIFC Free Zone offers licenses in banking, insurance, and professional services related to finance and wealth management sectors and their subdivisions. Since the jurisdiction deals with financial transactions and economic activities, the two authorities handle different aspects related to the businesses. The Registrar of Companies is responsible for approving business operations, company incorporation, and subsequent activities.

On the other hand, the Dubai Financial Service Authority (DFSA) monitors, regulates and observes the financial activities in the region. The support from expert professionals in Kiltons Business Setup Services will help you complete the formalities quickly and commence the business without any delays. 

The steps involved in DIFC company formation are:

Finalizing the Sector – The financial sector you want to focus on must be finalized before pursuing further steps.

Trade Name for the Business – Go through the naming guidelines and decide on a trading name for the business. It has to be registered with the authority. The name that doesn’t meet the stipulations in the guideline will be rejected. 

Preparation of Legal Structure – The legal structure of the entity has to be prepared and notarized by an authorized notary.

Application for Incorporation – Apply to the authority along with the requisite documents for company incorporation and commencement of business activities. Instead of a DIFC license in Dubai, the company incorporation will permit you to begin the business activities.

The documents required for company formation in DIFC are:

-          Copy of passport of owner and shareholders

-          Visa copy

-          Passport size photographs

-          Copy of passport and visa of the designated manager, along with resume 

-          Resolution from the board of directors

-          Article of Association and Memorandum of Association (Those have to be attested in the home country and MOFA in the UAE)

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Kiltons Business Setup services for DIFC license

 Kiltons group was established in Sharjah in 1948. The group has been investing in diverse business ventures since then. Kiltons Business Setup Services commenced operations in 1999, intending to support and guide ex-pat and resident entrepreneurs in realizing their dream. Our more than two decades-long unblemished legacy highlights the committed and trustworthy services. 

We offer company formation services in DIFC and other jurisdictions across the UAE. Kiltons has offices around the country, to aid our clients in business setup in Mainland, Free Zone and business setup in Offshore domains chosen by the clients.

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