Technical Services License in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is the land of opportunities for entrepreneurs. Witnessing unparalleled influx of expats in search of jobs and establishing business entities, the emirate has been the most developed one in UAE. Any business in the region can reap you a fortune in quick time with the will to work dedicatedly. You can set up business in your favourite field and work towards riches. Obtaining a technical services license in Dubai is the prerequisite if you want to provide technical support and services.

Kiltons can be your guide and support for setting up a technical service business in Dubai or other emirates in UAE. Our proficient professionals will process the licensing requirements and undertake the activities for technical services License in Dubai and company formation in Dubai.

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Frequently asked questions on Technical Services License in Dubai

  • How Can I contact Kiltons?
    • Kiltons business setup services is always at your service. You may contact us on +971 522 407 111 or +971 4 392 0111. Alternatively via email on [email protected]
  • Can I choose a trading name according to my choice for the technical service entity in Dubai?
    • You can select a trading or business name according to your choice. Nonetheless, you must abide by the regulations regarding the name. Some of the main regulation are:

      - No political affiliations evident in the name

      - No religious reference

      - It should not be the abbreviation of your name. If you are using your name, use the full version

  • Do I require a local Emirati sponsor for company formation in Dubai?
    • Local sponsorship was a mandatory requirement earlier. The local Emirati sponsor used to hold 51% of shares in the company. However, the same has been amended with effect from 01 Dec 2020. Now you can start a business in Dubai without a sponsor. Therefore, you will have 100% ownership in the company.
  • What are the advantages of technical services license in Dubai?
    • The advantages of a technical services license in Dubai include the following:

      - No personal or corporate tax

      -  100% repatriation of capital and profit

      -  100% ownership of the company

      -  Establish technical service company anywhere in Dubai

      -  Quick and easy business set up

      -  Hassle-free company formation procedure

      -  Exempted from audit

      -  Optimum growth possibility

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Permitted activities in Dubai technical services

The field in which you want to set up a technical service firm will solely depend on you and your aptitude. You can consider a business set up in Dubai, providing various technical services or think of serving the client yourself, with your expertise. The former one will require recruiting employees and skilled labours for the smooth functioning of the firm.

Note that, Dubai is one of the most developed cities in the world. The people or potential clients here will be busy professionals, entrepreneurs or highly paid employees. They will need a quick response from your end and early resolution of their technical issue. Formulate a flawless plan and be proactive to make sure that your technical service business setup in Dubai turns successful.

 The permitted activities in Dubai technical services include the following:

 -  Electric works – Installation of electric items, equipment and fixtures, repair, replacement and laying of electrical cables

Installation of a/c  – Split a/c, air-conditioning plants and ducting installation, repair and periodic servicing

Construction Works – Carpentry, concreting, flooring, tiles fixing, ceiling works, gypsum board installation and other similar works  

Cleaning – Cleaning services in multinational companies, corporate entities and residential enclaves

Plumbing – Plumbing, sanitary and pipeline installation and repair works

Solar Systems – Installation of solar panels and associated components. Periodic servicing, corrective and preventive maintenance

Contract Jobs – Obtaining contracts for whole technical services of corporate organizations

Plastering – Plastering and cladding works in offices, shops and residences 

How to get a technical services license in Dubai, UAE

To begin with, it is advisable to get our professional support. It will help you in focussing on other aspects regarding the business, while our experts work on obtaining a technical license and other formalities for setting up technical service firm in Dubai.

Let’s see the process involved in technical company formation in Dubai.

 1. Choose the Location

Decide the location where you want to establish the business. Tell us your objectives and we will guide you accordingly. The business jurisdiction is of paramount importance. It must be selected depending on the type of business activity you plan. Thereby garnering optimum output. Select Dubai Mainland or Free Zone jurisdiction and move ahead. Dubai mainland company formation and freezone company formation in Dubai has advantages over others. 

2.  Select a Trading Name 

The federal authorities have laid down a set of regulations concerning the trading name of entities in Dubai. You must abide by it whilst choosing the company name. You may forward at least three options. Check if the name has already been registered by any other entity. In that case, the authority will reject the application. 

Remember that the authority in Dubai doesn’t accept names that indicate political or religious inclinations. Abbreviation of your name is unacceptable as well. However, you can use the full version of your name as the business name. Please go through the stipulations about company trading name before deciding the name. 

3. Obtain Initial Approval 

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the authority for issuing a business license in Dubai. You can obtain initial approval for commencing the procedure for issuance of technical services license in Dubai. 

4. Complete the Documentation Part 

The documentation part will include the preparation of Memorandum of Association (MOA), filling out the application for a business license in the specific format, formulating Article of Association (AOA), No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the current employer, notarization of MOA and AOA etcetera. 

5. Issuance of Technical Service License

Submit the completed application, with all the documents and approvals attached, for issuance of technical service license. You can commence the operation of your technical service business setup in Dubai post receipt of the trading license.

Documents Required for Starting a Consultancy Business in Dubai

The documents required for a technical consultancy or service business in Dubai is:

-  Duly filled application form in the stipulated format

-  Copy of Passport

-  Passport size photographs

-  Notarized Memorandum of Association (MOA)

-  Notarized Article of Association (AOA)

-  No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the current employer

Why Kiltons for obtaining technical services license in Dubai

Kiltons Business Setup Services established in 1999 has been the guiding light for entrepreneurial dreams of many ex-pats and residents. Our team of expert professionals will process the complete formality for company formation in Dubai and other emirates in the country. We became the leading business setup services in Dubai through dedicated efforts on behalf of our clientele.

We will help you to establish a technical service company in Dubai. For a business set up in Dubai, you may talk to us now.

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