Business Setup in Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP) Free Zone

Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP) Free Zone is the epitome that highlights the visionary leadership of the country. DKP is the only Human Resource Free Zone in the world. This factor augments the importance and makes the jurisdiction a knowledge-powered economy. With a large pool of qualified and experienced professionals available, business setup providing talented individuals, technocrats, consultancy support and many others, DKP offers excellent growth possibilities. Company formation in DKP can be completed through a systematic and easy process. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Business Setup in Dubai Knowledge Park

  • Can the business setup process in DKP be completed without the presence of the ex-pat business owner in the UAE?
    • No. The business setup process could be completed in the presence of business owners only. 

  • How much are the custom duty and other taxes for the companies in the jurisdiction?
    • A business in Dubai Knowledge Park Free Zone (DKPFZ) doesn’t have to pay any duties or taxes.
  • Which are the types of office spaces available in DKP?
    • There are four types of office spaces available in DKP, viz. Shared Office, Open Office, Executive Office and Executive Suite.
  • Can a business operate outside DKP, with the business license in this jurisdiction?
    • No. The companies with a business license in DKP can operate only inside this Zone.
  • Can an ex-pat business owner in DKP sponsor a family?
    • Yes. The authority allows sponsoring the spouse and family.
  • How many employee visas are authorized per company?
    • The number of visas permitted per company in DKP depends on the size of the company working office. A business can obtain one visa per 80 sq ft of working space.
  • Can a business license from another Free Zone in UAE be transferred to DKP?
    • Yes. Transferring a business license is permitted. You may contact Kiltons to know more about the process and proceed with transferring.
  • What is the validity of a business license in Dubai Knowledge Park?
    • Every business license in DKP is valid for one year. The owner needs to process the renewal of the license on an annual basis.

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Permitted Activities in Dubai Knowledge Park Free Zone (DKP)

 Ex-pat or resident entrepreneurs can choose from a set of approved activities in the DKP Free Zone. Our professional support and meticulously designed methodology will help you attain DKP business setup, goals and become one of the prominent businesses in the area. 

The activities approved to be undertaken in DKP include the following:

- Training and Courses of Fine Arts

- Skill Development Courses

- Software and Hardware Courses

- Human Resource Consultancy Firms

- Research Institutions

- Freelancing Professionals

- Professional Courses Training

- Management Courses 

Advantages of Setting up a Business in DKP

 Boundless benefits and several advantages await the businesses in DKP. Advantages of  Dubai Knowledge Park Business Setup include:

- 100% repatriation of capital and profit

- Zero corporate or personal tax

- Advanced infrastructure with world-class amenities

- Strategic location conducive for growth and development of business

- Packages for different types of businesses and freelancers

- Commercial and official spaces available at competitive rates 

Types of Company Setup Permissible in Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP)

 Three types of companies or businesses for Business Set Up in Dubai Knowledge Park Free Zone.

 Free Zone LLC (FZLLC) – The authority has laid down specific norms for Free Zone Limited Liability Company formation. It has specifications concerning the number of owners and shareholders as well. The capital requirement for starting an FZLLC will depend solely on the type of business activity you plan to conduct.

Branch of a Foreign Company or UAE Company – Foreign companies and those from the UAE are authorized to establish their branches in the DKP Free Zone. The legal structure of the parent company will have a direct implication on the formation of the branch.

Freelancer – Begin working as a freelancer if you have the qualification and experience to perform. The certificates proving the qualification have to be submitted whilst applying for a freelancer license. Let us know your requirement and we will help you establish yourself as a freelancer in the jurisdiction 

Why Kiltons for Business Setup in DKP?

 We are the number one choice for business setup for ex-pat and resident entrepreneurs not only in Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP) but also in other jurisdictions. Kiltons, established in 1999, has been the significant business setup services in Dubai, which has been successful in turning dreams into reality, for several businesspersons.

 As our caption says, we have been crafting entrepreneurs since 1999, guiding them through the difficult path beginning from setting up the company. Constant and relentless support, reliable guidance, trustworthy advice and time-bound completion of all the process, have been the exclusive features that distinguish us from other business setup services in UAE. 

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