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UAE has been the dream destination of business entities and individuals aiming extensive growth. The investor-friendly atmosphere created by the growth-focused regime has been the fundamental aspect that made UAE an investor’s haven. 

We have observed that people are many often apprehensive about hiring office space. Many often, the business persons are confused about the location for the office, the type of office they need, the right dimensions for a particular entity and so on. Kiltons can provide you with office space in UAE, depending on your requirement and business activity you plan. Office space in a strategic location can turn the game in favour of you.

Benefits of Getting Office Space in UAE

Infrastructure Facilities – Well-designed office spaces with adequate infrastructure facilities will help you start the business operations from the first day itself. The budget-friendly internet, electricity and other resources in the office spaces in UAE will be advantageous for seamless business operations. 

Supportive Regulations – The formalities for hiring an office space in UAE is lenient and supportive in nature. Thus making the renting process easy, simple and quick. 

Strategically Placed Locations – The office space in a strategically perfect spot will be productive for the development of your business. With all the requisite elements available in proximity, the business activities will be more effective. It will be a boon for your business firm. 

Options to Choose – You can choose the type of office space, renting period and other terms according to you. We have office space available across the UAE. You can opt for the ideal one for you based on your budget and the space requirements.

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Business Centres

Getting full-fledged office space for rent in Dubai is not at all an uphill task with the prompt guidance and assistance of Kiltons Business Setup Services. Kiltons has to offer office spaces that suit the diverse requirements of the clients. We offer office spaces in the most happening and strategic locations of Dubai.

Virtual Office

Dubai is an already-established technology and innovation hub in the middle- east. The business community in Dubai and UAE has always adapted to the changing trends, innovation and technological upgrades. A fine example of such an innovation is a Virtual Office.

Flexi Desks

The business community in Dubai refers to Flexi Desk as Smart Office or simply “Desk” facility. Flexi-desk comprises of a desk and a chair set up and the facility is provided for a business registered in a free zone jurisdiction. The Flexi desk facility is devoid of any cabin, wall or enclosure of any type.

Rent A Cabin

Work-from-home is a great choice for start-ups or sole entrepreneur establishments. But if you are very particular about having a professional ambience to the workplace, working from your home may not be the best option.

Rent an Office

The past decade witnessed the inflow of a large number of expatriate investors and businessmen from diverse business domains to Dubai. A good majority of the investors belonged to the technology sector, particularly the most-modern technology sectors like Artificial Intelligence, E-Commerce etc.

Find an Office Space

Getting an apt location for your business is one of the most essential aspects of business setup in Dubai. The type of business that you are in to and the business purpose are the two factors that you need to consider before opting for an office space. Here are the most relevant factors that you should consider.

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In the past two decades, Kiltons has served clients from a wide range of business domains. We have provided Business setup related services in the Emirates to investors around the world, from sole proprietorship firms to big business houses and industrial concerns.


Frequently Asked Questions on Office Space in UAE

  • I am planning to start a freelance firm in UAE. Which type of office will be suitable for me?
    • You can rent a coworking space in the region of your choice. It is both cost-effective and ideal for a freelancer. 

  • Do you provide office space for rent in Sharjah?
    • Yes. Kiltons has been serving business firms across UAE. We have office space available for our esteemed clients not only in Sharjah but in other emirates as well.
  • How much time will it take for hiring an office space?
    • Hiring an office space in UAE is quick and easy. Contact us and let our representatives help you to rent an office space in the region of your choice in UAE.
  • What are the types of office spaces available in the UAE?
    • The types of office spaces available in the UAE are:

      - Executive office space

      - Virtual office space

      - Shared office space

      - Co-working space

      - Meeting room

  • Will a shared office space have enough space?
    • Of course. The shared office space we provide has enough space for you to operate comfortably. It will have enough privacy and confidentiality for you to function unconcerned.

Office Space Options in UAE

You can select from a variety of office space options in UAE. It is advisable to consult our professionals to confirm which type of office will suit your business. 

The office space options available in UAE are:

Virtual Office Spaces – A few types of business may not require a permanent office space. Virtual office space will be a cost-effective solution in such a scenario. Kiltons assists business firms in renting virtual office space at competitive rates, across UAE. 

Executive Office Spaces – Executive office space will have an elegant and enticing appearance. It will elevate the morale of the employees and the overall efficiency of the organization. We provide executive office spaces with all the excellent facilities installed including meeting room, CCTV security cameras at key spots, internet, Free DEWA, Pantry room, restrooms, reception area and premium working space. 

Talk to our team for renting executive office space in premium locations around UAE. We will conclude the Ejari formalities and hand over the executive office space to you. 

Shared Office Spaces – Of late, this type of office space has been trending in the UAE. Shared office space is both budget-friendly and premium. There will be more than one company operating in the same building/ same floor. However, the perfect division between offices will ensure utmost privacy and confidentiality. 

You will have space available for brainstorming sessions and discussions. Since the shared office is premium, as well as, cost-effective, many companies opt for the same. 

 Meeting Room – Some companies may require a completely equipped meeting or conference room. The meeting room at a well-connected location, which could be reached easily, is essential. The amenities available in the meeting room are also important. Many a time, many important personalities and clients will be attending the meeting. The meeting room must meet with all the necessary requirements for the comfortable and effective conduct of the meeting. Contact us to hire a meeting room for a few hours or days, depending on your requirement. 

Co-working Space – Freelance professionals, freelance firms, new entities, and temporary setups opt for co-working space. Although co-working space is a cheaper version of compared to other options, Kiltons provide exclusively designed co-working spaces that have assured privacy and confidentiality. You can focus on your project without the fear of data theft or disturbance in the office in UAE provided by us. 

Cost of Office Space in UAE

The cost of hiring office space will depend on many factors including the emirate, region, location, type of office space, additional amenities required, and similar aspects. You may reach out to us to discuss the type of office space you require, the additional amenities that would be conducive for your business and the renting cost.

Our professional team will resolve all your doubts and confusions. Rest assured, we will provide you with elegantly designed office space in UAE with all the amenities available, at the most affordable rate.  

Why Kiltons for Office Space in UAE?

Kiltons has acquired the image as one of the most reliable business setup services in UAE through constant performance according to client requirements. Established in 1999, we have been serving the clients with utmost dedication for the past twenty-one years.

We have every type of office space available in all the strategically important business locations. Renting at the prime spots will amply amplify the chances of success of your business organization. Besides the excellent customer support and the most affordable office spaces. 

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