Mainland Company Formation in RAK

The United Arab Emirates have undoubtedly been one of the most promising business locations. Every emirate in the country has formulated policies that are constructive for businesses. Expatriates and residents were quick to identify the benefits offered. It has resulted in a business boom. Although Dubai will be the first name that comes to anyone’s mind while thinking of business in UAE, other emirates too possess equally good possibilities for commencing business.  

Ras Al Khaimah is one of the emirates the businesses are looking forward to. Mainland Company in RAK has abundant growth prospects. Sharing its border with Oman, Ras Al Khaimah is one hour away from Dubai. Business entities can utilize the positive aspects of the location optimally, to reap the best result. You can set up a business in RAK mainland by following a hassle-free process. We have experienced professionals, who can assist you in completing the formalities for company formation in Ras Al Khaimah. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Mainland Company Formation in RAK

  • What are the advantages of mainland company formation in RAK?
    • The advantages of Mainland Company in RAK include the following:

      -          Constructive policies

      -          Ease of setting up of the entity

      -          Supportive laws

      -          Limitless options to promote and sell products

      -          No personal tax

      -          Advanced infrastructure facilities

  • Being an expatriate, can I hold 100% shares on an LLC?
    • Yes, As per the new rule, The UAE government has allowed for 100% foreign ownership for the businesses located on the mainland.
  • What are the types of license available in Ras Al Khaimah?
    • The type of business license are:

      - Commercial License

      - Industrial License

      - Professional License

      - General Trading License

      - E-Commerce License

  • What are the types of business entities in RAK mainland jurisdiction?
    • The business entities in RAK are:

      - LLC

      - Joint Venture Firm

      - Partnership Company

      - Representative Office

      - Branch Office

  • Can I have a bank account in different currencies?
    • Yes. You are permitted to transact in other currencies too.

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RAK Mainland Business Set Up Requirements 

The federal government in the UAE has laid down policies and regulations for setting up a business entity in RAK. You have to abide by the subject rules to conclude the process of company formation in RAK without any complications. Identifying the right business activity for you and the type of license you need will play a pivotal role in making your venture a success.  

The business license and the procedure for obtaining the same will depend on the type of company you are starting. The business entity can be a Limited Liability Company, Joint Stock Company (JSC), Public Joint Stock Company (PJSC), Partnership Firm, Branch Office, Representative Office, Professional Agency or Industrial Establishment.  

The UAE government has allowed for 100% foreign ownership for the businesses located on the mainland. Earlier, the  business owners were only allowed to own a maximum of 49% ownership of their business while the remaining 50% share belonged to the Emirati sponsor.

A brief regarding the process for mainland company formation in RAK is given below:

- Decide the business activity

- Confirm the location

- Finalize the type of license 

- Find a local sponsor

- Formulate the legal structure of the firm

- Submit an application for company registration

- Fix a trading name and obtain approval

- Prepare Memorandum of Association (MOA) and notarize 

- Obtain approvals from the Department of Economic Development (DED), Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Municipal Authorities and other departments depending on the type of business activity

You must know the procedure and official formalities for obtaining initial approval and subsequent trade license immediately. And that’s where Kiltons will help you. Our professionals, well-versed with the documentation aspects, will process the application and conclude everything in a short time.  

RAK Company Formation Procedure

Kiltons is there to support you during the entire process of company formation in RAK. We will look after the whole process judiciously. You can remain unconcerned about company formation and concentrate on other activities related to business.   

The procedure for establishing a business entity in RAK is elaborated in the succeeding paragraphs.

Type of Business – The category of license, the location that is ideal for the business and the approvals necessary for commencing the business activity will depend solely on the type of business you are planning. Therefore, you need to finalize the type of business before we begin the company formation process.

Trade Name – The initial approval and approvals from various departments and ministries will be issued on the company’s name. You must finalize a trade name and obtain approval. The authorities have promulgated guidelines about do’s and don’ts concerning trade names. Select a business name accordingly and register it with the authority.

Initial Approval – The Department of Economic Development (DED) in RAK issues initial approval for company formation. Further, the issuance of a business license is also entrusted with the DED. Approvals and authorizations from the departments and ministries associated with the type of business will be necessary before applying for a trade license. 

Legal Structure – The legal structure, Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Article of Association (AOA) have to be formulated and notarized. 

Corporate Bank Account – Open a corporate bank account. The banks have stipulated criteria for opening a corporate account. You need to submit requisite documents for starting an account in the name of the business.

Trade License – Obtain the final license, complete the incorporation formalities and commence the business. 

Documents Required for Mainland Company Formation in RAK

The documents necessary for processing the request for mainland company formation in RAK are:

- Copies of passport of shareholders, directors and other responsible persons

- Copy of passport and family book of the local sponsor

- Formulated business plan

- Copies of the visa of the shareholders and directors

- Bank documents

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