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UAE is a land of opportunities for entrepreneurs. The investor-friendly territory will provide you with ample space to establish, nourish, and grow. Home based business in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and the other emirates in the country opens such a possibility. To cement your identity in the world of business without spending exorbitantly during the initial company formation or business setup in Dubai. The authorities have promulgated a simple process for a home business license in Dubai, to get maximum entrepreneurs on-board.   

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Frequently Asked Questions on Home Business License in Dubai

  • Can a freelancing home based business setup be established in Dubai?
    • Yes. You are authorized to set up home based freelancing business. Talk to us now to get a detailed idea about the procedure for obtaining the license and other formalities.

  • Can a resident form a home based company in Dubai?
    • A resident of the UAE can form a home based company in Dubai. Only that the residence status will have to be changed to investor residency.
  • Can a person start a business of home-cooked food in Dubai?
    • A home-cooked food business can be started after gaining the requisite license. The authorities will inspect the food production area and confirm that the food is prepared in hygienic conditions and the employees are free from diseases.
  • Can an expat own a business in Dubai Mainland without a local Emirati sponsor?
    • The earlier requirement of a local Emirati sponsor, who will own 51% of shares in the company, has been amended. Now, foreigners can form a company in UAE Mainland with 100% ownership.
  • How to sell products online in Dubai?
    • You can set up an e-commerce platform, obtain an e-commerce license through a simple and unfussy process, and start e-trading.
  • Which is the authority for issuing a business license in Dubai Mainland?
    • The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the authority that examines the applications and the documents for business approval and issuance of a trading license.

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How to Start a Home Business in Dubai?

The easy business setup process for home based business in Dubai has been the main factor for the increase in many individuals opting for the same. Our support throughout the process will be of immense benefit to you. Matchless advice and productive concepts from our expert professionals will fuel your forward journey. And aid you in reaping the best benefits.

The steps involved in home business formation in Dubai are:

-          Identify and finalize the home business activities you plan to pursue. In addition to your taste and choices, the growth prospects also need to be ascertained. Kiltons will provide you with a comprehensive report on all the aspects with respect to home based business license in Dubai.   

-          Choose the jurisdiction where you want to establish the home based business in UAE. You can start a home business in Dubai Mainland or Free Zone domains. Confirm it only after discussion with our professional team. We will be able to render you significant guidance on the home business license in UAE.

-          Finalize a trading name for the company. The name should not have any political or religious affiliations. Further, the name should be according to the naming specifications promulgated by the authority.

-           Apply for issuance of the license. The authority that approves your application and issues the license will differ according to the jurisdiction. The procedure of home business setup also will be based on the jurisdiction you choose.

-          You may not require it if you plan a home based business in Free Zones in the UAE. However, you may discuss with us your planned business operations and objectives, to have detailed info.

How to Obtain a Home Business License in Dubai

Besides the above-mentioned steps, you need to submit the required documents to the authority for a business license in Dubai. The documents that should accompany the application for a home based business license in Dubai are:

-          Detailed info on the company and investors

-          Emirates ID of the individual and the partners (if any)

-          UAE Pass Account and Digital Signature

-          Expats must change residency status to investor residency

Permitted Activities for Home Business in Dubai

The business activities permitted in home based business in Dubai include the following:

-          Home tutoring

-          Online teaching

-          Vlogging

-          E-commerce

-          Web development

-          IT Consultancy

-          Freelancing Jobs

-          Fashion Boutique

-          Social Media Influencer

Why Kiltons for Home Business License in Dubai, UAE

Kiltons Business Setup Services has been aiding expat resident entrepreneurs to realize their dreams since 1999. Crafting success stories for dreamy-eyed investors, we became the top business setup services in the UAE. We have specialists for not just helping home based business setup in Dubai but also for other types of company formation in any jurisdiction of your choice.

Reach out to us if you are looking for a home business setup service in Dubai, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or any other emirate of your choice. With our excellent and proven support, you will be scaling the summit of success in quick succession.

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