Scrap Metal business in Dubai

The UAE has been a constantly evolving and growing economy. Every business sector holds higher growth prospects than anywhere else in the world. Scrap business in Dubai is such a prospective investment arena. With an estimated Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of above 5%, metal scrap companies in Dubai can expect prolific growth.

Many ex-pat and resident entrepreneurs have recognized the investment opportunity. It has eventually led to more enterprises being established concentrating on scrap business in Dubai. Nevertheless, Dubai is a large market that has space for any number of entities.

You might be searching for dependable support for starting a metal scrap company in Dubai. We can assure you that your search for a reliable business setup service in Dubai ends here. Kiltons would be your guide, mentor, and business support specialist for starting a scrap business in Dubai.

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Scrap Companies in Dubai

A diverse set of options await those planning to set up a scrap company in Dubai. Focussing on eco-friendly concepts, the authorities also promote recycling and reusing all possible items. Waste metals, plastic, batteries. electronic waste, paper, and whatnot, the scrap business in Dubai can be started by reprocessing, reusing, or recycling all such scrap materials.

The metal scrap companies in Dubai pursue business in the following metals:

  • Aluminum: It is a non-ferrous metal and is a commonly used one.
  • Iron/ Iron Alloys (Including Steel): The majority of scrap companies in Dubai, UAE have specifically assigned divisions for handling this most common scrap metal.
  • Copper: Copper is costlier than Iron and Aluminium. It is a common scrap extracted from electrical devices, electrical cables etc.

Documents Required for Setting Up A Scrap Metal Company in Dubai

The procedure for starting a scrap company in Dubai is simple and hassle-free. Nonetheless, a company formation specialist by your side would be advisable. To progress the scrap metal company formation seamlessly, in the desired timeframe. The documents required are:

  • Copies of passports of owners/ shareholders
  • Registered Ejari or tenancy contract with the property owner
  • Duly filled application for trade license
  • Necessary approvals from the ministries
  • Company name registration
  • Duly attested LLC documents

How to Start a Scrap Business in Dubai?

The steps for setting up a metal scrap company in Dubai are explained here.

  1. Finalize the Type of Scrap Metal Business

Starting a scrap metal company in Dubai without in-depth analysis and assessment of the market, as well as, competitors would be suicidal. A detailed study would be necessary for identifying the markets that can be explored and the strategy to pursue. Finalizing the sector of focus is the first step for scrap metal company formation. An experienced business set-up company in Dubai, we can also guide you regarding setting up a scrap company in Dubai. The different types of scrap businesses include:

  • Export of scrap collected locally to other countries
  • Import of scrap material and sales to companies looking for the same
  • Recycle the scrap and sell it to firms seeking recycled materials
  1. Determine the Jurisdiction, Register the Business Name, and Obtain Initial Approval

The scrap business in Dubai can be established in Dubai Mainland or any of the free zones. Confirm the right jurisdiction after evaluating the pros and cons, as well as your objectives. The best way is to consult our professionals for obtaining guidance in this regard. Initial approval for establishing the business and commencing the licensing process must be gained from the authority. You also need to register a trading name for the scrap company in Dubai. Be sure to abide by the naming regulations while forwarding the name for approval and registration. The initial approval as well as all the business documents would be issued in the business name.

  1. Prepare a Business Plan

This may be the first step even before beginning the set-up process. Study the metal scrap companies in Dubai, identify your strengths, and prepare the business plan accordingly. Meticulous planning and implementation are the keys to a successful venture, especially in a highly competitive business world like Dubai.

  1. Commercial and Office Spaces for the Business

Commercial space with an adequate area is necessary for setting up a scrap company in Dubai. You would need ample space for storing, segregating, and processing the scrap materials required. Prepare the tenancy contract or Ejari with the property owner and register it at the authority. Pick the type of office space you prefer, based on the business goals, budget available, jurisdiction and location of the business, etc.

  1. Apply for a Business License

For the metal scrap company in Dubai or any other business, it is not permissible to operate without a business license. All the permitted business activities would be indicated in the license issued. The Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai is the authority for scrutinising the applications and issuing a business license in Dubai Mainland. Respective free zone authority will issue the license if the business is in a free zone jurisdiction. The license will be issued in a short time if all the documents are attached and the application is correctly filled out.

Benefits of Starting a Scrap Company in Dubai

Once you know the ins and outs of the scrap metal business in Dubai, you can earn phenomenal profits through it. The benefits offered include:

  • A large market with significant scope for business, Dubai can be explored optimally.
  • Investor-friendly regimes support the business by offering supportive regulations and an easy setup process.
  • Ease of export and import is another prominent aspect of doing business in Dubai.

Why Kiltons for Setting Up Scrap Business in Dubai?

Kiltons has been a proud associate of several businesses since 1999. Our proficient professionals have been the mainstay behind the successful setting up of many renowned firms. By rendering proven service, assured by expertise in the field, we are able to guide, mentor, and support ex-pat and resident entrepreneurs.

We would be happy to extend business setup services in Dubai at reasonable rates for scrap business company formation in Dubai. We endeavour to deliver what we promise.

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