HR Consultancy Setup in Dubai, UAE

A talented, qualified, and experienced workforce is the mainstay of any company. They will augment productivity and enhance the growth of the entity. Recruiting the right men for the right job is always a challenging task. HR consultancy set up in Dubai can help businesses to identify suitable candidates and recruit them.

Planning to start an HR consulting business in UAE? UAE houses a plethora of companies, owned by both residents and expatriates. A majority of them would be on the lookout for talents for hire. This scenario makes the human resource consultancy set up in UAE a profitable option. An HR consultancy license in Dubai can pave the way for a successful entrepreneurial journey. 

Kiltons Business Setup Services will manage the official formalities, help you rent the ideal office space, and handle all the requirements for obtaining an HR consultancy license in Dubai or any other region in UAE. We would be your perfect support for HR consultancy setup in UAE.

Start your HR consulting business in UAE with Kiltons. Reach out to us if you want to know how to open an HR consultancy in Dubai/ UAE or any other guidance/ support in this regard.

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Frequently Asked Questions on HR consultancy Setup in UAE

  • Is it good to start a recruitment company in Dubai?
    • A recruitment company in Dubai has extensive growth prospects. It is the best option to start a recruitment company or HR consultancy in Dubai.

  • Is it a complex process to open an HR consultancy in Dubai?
    • Setting up an HR consultancy in UAE is not a complex process at all. You may reach out to us to know the exact details concerning HR consultancy setup in Dubai/ UAE.
  • Can I start an HR consultancy service in Dubai in my name?
    • You can abide by the naming regulations in Dubai and start an HR consultancy agency. It is permitted to give your name to an HR consultancy setup in Dubai. However, abbreviations are not allowed.
  • How much is the license fee for an HR consultancy license in UAE?
    • There’s a nominal fee for starting a recruitment company in UAE. Contact us to know more about the fee.
  • Will you help in formulating the legal structure of the HR consultancy setup in Dubai?
    • Yes. We will help you with the complete setup and business licensing process of an HR consultancy company in the UAE.

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Services Allowed under HR Consultancy Dubai

HR consultancy service in the country is not limited to a recruitment agency. The HR consulting business in UAE can extend varying services related to manpower. The third-party support in managing and monitoring labor requirements would be advantageous for the companies that are hard-pressed with production and business complications. Therefore, starting a recruitment company after obtaining an HR consultancy license in Dubai/ UAE is a promising option.

Services allowed under HR consultancy setup in Dubai are:

Human Resource Management – You may start a recruitment agency in Dubai or else enter into full-fledged HR operations. Human resource management is a vital aspect for business entities and organizations. The UAE has proper Labor Laws that are to be observed by the companies in the country. The HR agency can abide by the promulgated directives and manage the manpower needs of client firms.

Strategized HR Resolutions – The need for workforce, the type of talents a firm looks for, and the total number of employees would depend on the company’s area of focus, mission, vision, and plans. HR consultancy in Dubai or any other emirate in UAE can offer HR strategy development and resolutions.

Restructuring and Administrative Planning – Restructuring an organization and administrative plans would necessitate the involvement of HR specialists. An HR agency in UAE can undertake the activity on behalf of a client company.

Human Resource Audits – Business entities including industrial firms might be facing low productivity even though it has an ample labor force. The root cause of this issue is improper manpower planning. An HR consultancy license in Dubai will permit the company to extend HR audit services to clients. Such an audit will be useful to eliminate lacunae concerning employees and their employment.  

Payroll, Employees Analysis, and Overall Evaluation – Once an entity hires an HR agency in Dubai for calculation and disbursement of the payment, additional perks, etc, it can concentrate completely on the business. The HR consultancy services in Dubai/UAE are authorized to manage payroll, evaluate overall performance and analyze employees to identify the weak links.

Procedures of HR Consultancy Setup

The authority has laid down a hassle-free process to start a recruitment agency in Dubai. Follow the procedure for HR consultancy setup in Dubai meticulously, and submit all the documents to avoid rejection of the application.

Two types of HR consultancy licenses are there in Dubai, viz. Brokerage License and Temporary Recruitment License.  One must determine the area of focus and apply for the relevant business license in Dubai accordingly.

A brief on the procedure for an HR consultancy license in Dubai is given in the succeeding paragraphs.

Finalize the Business Jurisdiction – You can start a recruitment company in Dubai either in the Mainland or Free Zone. The procedure would differ according to the jurisdiction chosen. The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the governmental body that issues a business license in the case of an HR consultancy setup in the UAE mainland.  The specific Free Zone authority is the approving body for the recruitment company in the Dubai/ UAE free zone.

Register the Trade Name – Select a business name before applying for a recruitment company license. All the documents would be issued in the business name. Note that, the name should be according to the naming specifications extant in the country.

Legal Structure – Formulate the legal structure of the HR consultancy setup and notarize it with an approved notary. The legal structure of the HR or recruitment agency in Dubai will stipulate the structure, policies, etc.

Application for Recruitment Agency License – You must obtain a business license to start a recruitment agency in Dubai. Once the application is submitted in the requisite format, the authority will issue a license without any delays.

Benefits of an HR Consultancy License in Dubai

Starting a recruitment company in Dubai and extending HR consultancy services to entities around the UAE would be beneficial in several ways. With a large number of business entities of different sizes, Dubai/ UAE is one of the top business destinations in the world. This fact itself underscores the growth prospects of an HR consultancy setup in UAE.

 - Optimal growth probabilities

 - Easy company setup process

 - Nil personal tax

 - Possibility to get maximum clientele

Kiltons Business Setup services for HR Consultancy Setup in Dubai

Kiltons Business Setup Services LLC, established in 1999, has been reliable support for many ex-pat and resident entrepreneurs. Our selfless efforts and trustworthy services have been significant in the formation of numerous companies from varying business sectors. Our cordial relationship with the ruling royal family and the higher officials also have aided us in extending exceptional services.

We will help you to set up an HR consultancy agency in Dubai. Our services will include:

 - Initial approval from the competent authority

 - Obtaining approvals as necessary

 - Arrangement of additional documents

 - Preparation of legal structure

 - Rent or lease of office space

 - Ejari or tenancy contract

 - Approvals from ministries and department

 - Application for a business license

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