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Consultancy is a growing business field, offering great expansion possibilities. Dubai is the land of entrepreneurs and enterprises. It has countless business entities operating in a plethora of business fields. One of the most important support they require is advice on varying aspects and guidance in specific matters. That’s where a consultancy plays a pivotal role. A consultancy license in Dubai can be advantageous for you in several ways. 

Obtaining a consultancy license in Dubai possesses great growth prospects. All you need to have the expertise or expert professionals, who have a proven record of accomplishment. Once you set up a consultancy business in Dubai, you can generate goodwill and cement your identity through valuable consultancy services to firms. 

Every ex-pat, as well as, the resident must pursue the laid down procedure for getting a consultancy license in Dubai/ UAE. It will entail the submission of requisite documents, a properly filed application, and approvals, as necessary. Kiltons Business Setup Services has been providing the best professional support for setting up a consultancy business in Dubai, including completing all the official formalities for company formation. 

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Frequently asked questions on Consulting Business License in Dubai

  • How can I contact you for a consulting business set up in Dubai?
    • You may contact us on +971 52 240 7111. We will progress the project from there.
  • How much does a freelance visa cost in Dubai?
    • The costs for a freelance permit, establishment card, and freelance visa are different. It ranges from AED 4960 to AED 6340. The charges are subject to change with time. You may reach out to us to know the present costs.
  • Do I need a local Emirati sponsor to start a business in Dubai Mainland?
    • The visionary leadership has amended the requirement of a local Emirati sponsor, who will hold 51% of shares. Presently, an ex-pat can start a business with 100% ownership. You may contact us to know more about this provision.
  • Is it easy to set up a business in Dubai?
    • Dubai is an investor-friendly destination. Therefore, it is comparatively easy to form a company in this emirate. You must know the process of company formation in Dubai and must have all the documents. Then, you can complete the setup process without any hassles.
  • How can I start a consultancy business in Dubai?
    • You can submit the application along with the documents proving your identity and experience, obtain the business license, and start the consultancy business in Dubai. It’s an unfussy process and a rewarding business field.

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Benefits of Consultancy Business in Dubai

Dubai welcomes entrepreneurs with open hands and hearts. Consequently, the emirate witnessed a high turnout of ex-pats for setting up a business in the region. The number of companies that started here is one of the highest in the world. Business firms need additional support regarding various business-related matters in Dubai. A consultant or business consultancy, with the in-depth knowledge they have about the business criteria in Dubai, can of great help to the new business entities. 

Thus, making it a win-win situation for the business and the consultancy. Several benefits await a consultancy business in Dubai. A few of those are:

Boundless Growth Prospects – The growth prospects are directly proportional to the number of businesses available in a particular region. Since the region has already several businesses operating. And countless business organizations and individuals arriving daily, a business consultancy is benefitted optimally. As most of the new businesses and the existing ones require support on various matters.

Operate on Your Wish – The business consultancy service can be a full-time job or a part-time one. You can also think of turning a freelance business consultant. Whatever way it is, this field of business is rewarding. 

Diverse Field of Operation – You can be a business consultant depending on your expertise and experience. Alternatively, recruit specialists from different fields and provide consultation on varying business activities. The unlimited possibilities add color to this field of business. Be current with the changes happening in your focus industry and advise the clients accordingly, to keep your credibility intact.

Simple Set-Up Process – The process for setting up a consultancy business in Dubai is simple. You may get confused regarding the procedure if you are an ex-pat new to this emirate. You may consult us to provide you the best support for setting up your business consultancy firm in Dubai.

Procedure for Obtaining a Consulting Business License in Dubai 

The basic procedure for a consultancy license in Dubai is similar to other license issuance processes. We are elaborating on the steps for obtaining the Business license in Dubai here for your understanding. 

1. Select the Business Activity

Decide your consultation field, based on your experience of the professionals you will be recruiting. It is advisable to have a business setup service to support you from this stage itself. The business setup services in Dubai will have a detailed idea about the wide options available. And they can guide you to choose the best options depending on your capabilities and objectives. The advice will have a remarkable effect in making your firm a significant player in the field. 

2. Register a Trading Name

It may appear a simple thing if you are not aware of the naming regulations of Dubai. Yes, the authority has laid down certain stipulations regarding the business or trading name. You should not propose names that have political or religious references. That is the most paramount feature concerning naming. There are also some additional taboos. You may contact us to know more about registering the trading name and the names that are prohibited.

3. Submit the Application

Apply for a business consultancy license in Dubai. Don’t miss out on attaching necessary documents and certificates stating your qualifications, identity, nationality, visa details, and residence details etcetera. The authority is strict about the completeness of documents. Consult our experts to cross-verify your application if required. Else, you can assign us the task of business set up in Dubai. We will complete all the activities quickly for you to commence business operations in the land at the earliest.

Documents Required for Consulting Business License in Dubai

The essential documents that must accompany the application for a consultancy license in Dubai are:

- Copy of Passport

- Copy of Visa

- Photographs

- Qualification Documents

- Document of Experience in the Relevant Field

- No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Current Employer (if required only)

Why Kiltons for Consultancy Business License in Dubai?

Kiltons Business Setup Services has been the guiding light for several ex-pat and resident entrepreneurs since 1999. We are happy to be contributory in realizing the business dreams of numerous individuals for more than two decades. You can consider it as your right hand for all the business set up formalities. Renowned for reliability and commitment, our expert professionals will ensure that you have fruitful experience in the field of business in Dubai.

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