Abu Dhabi Free Zone Company Formation

Abu Dhabi remains one of the most opted destinations by investors. Expatriates play a significant role in fortifying the economy of any region. Recognizing this fact, the federal government in Abu Dhabi has formulated exclusive policies for Abu Dhabi Free Zone company formation. You can leverage the investor-friendly steps to set up your business in the jurisdiction, carry out extensive business operations and grow.

Kiltons has been fortunate to serve immigrants and residents in setting up companies in Free Zone, Mainland Company Formation in Abu Dhabi and to Set Up Offshore Company in Abu Dhabi. We advise the business entities the best way ahead and the type of business activity that can reap the best benefit each of the aforesaid domains. Our professional team is all ready to support you if you are considering Abu Dhabi Free Zone company formation.

There are eight Free Zone domains in Abu Dhabi including Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone (ADAFZ), Abu Dhabi Ports Company Free Zone (ADPCFZ), and Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD). Choosing the jurisdiction that will be ideal for your business plan is the first step for a successful business journey. Our expert team can help you to be on the right path from the beginning. 

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Frequently asked questions on Abu Dhabi Free Zone Company Formation

  • What are the types of entities permitted in Abu Dhabi Free Zone?
    • Four types of business set up are allowed in Abu Dhabi Free Zone, viz. Branch of Foreign Company, Branch of UAE Company, Free Zone Limited Liability Company and Freelance Permit.

  • How many Free Zones are available in Abu Dhabi?
    • There are 08 Free Zones in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone (ADAFZ), Abu Dhabi Ports Company Free Zone (ADPCFZ), Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD), TwoFour54, Abu Dhabi Global Markets, Industrial City of Abu Dhabi, Higher Corporation for SEZ and Masdar City Free Zone (MCFZ).
  • Is retail trading allowed in Abu Dhabi Free Zone?
    • No, retail trading is not allowed in Abu Dhabi Free Zone
  • How much time will it take for setting up a business in Abu Dhabi Free Zone?
    • Setting up a Free Zone Company in Abu Dhabi is quicker than other types of company formation. The authorities promote Free Zones companies. Hence, there are no red-tapism or other delays.
  • Is a Free Zone company authorized to conduct business anywhere in the emirate?
    • The Free Zone company can undertake business activity in the stipulated Free Zone jurisdiction only. Carrying out the business operation in the other market is not permitted. You will have to establish a mainland company for unlimited business activities across the country.

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Set Up Your Business in Abu Dhabi Free Zone

The visionary political leadership in Abu Dhabi envisages a quantum leap in the economy in a decade from 2020. All the focus has been given to identifying the growth prospects of different business regimes and formulating processes supporting those. 

Consequently, you will find the business set up procedure in Abu Dhabi Free Zone comprehensive and convenient. The authorities and departments will process the correctly filled applications without any delay. 

You can select the type of entity that will be advantageous for you from the permissible business setup in Abu Dhabi. The four types of companies that are allowed in Abu Dhabi Free Zone are Free Zone LLC, Freelance Firm, Branch Office of a Foreign Company and Branch Office of a UAE Company.  

We are detailing the generic procedure for setting up a business in Abu Dhabi Free Zone. 

Finalize the Basics

Before starting the process, you must be sure about the type of business activity, the Free Zone where you want to establish the business, the license you require and so on. There may be slight variations in the procedure or the approvals necessary. Once you have finalized these all aspects, you can proceed ahead. Assigning the task to Kiltons Business Setup Services will be a foolproof way ahead.

Reserve a Trade Name

The trade name has to be registered with the Abu Dhabi Free Zone authority. All the approvals and licenses will be issued in the name of the business. Apply for the trade name in the laid down format. The authority will approve the trade name only if it meets the stipulated regulations. Further, no other entity should have registered the same name.  

Form a Legal Structure

It is compulsory to have a legal structure covering the aspects including details of the shareholders, director board, authority provided to each member, business policies, and internal regulations. This will act as a constitution for the company. You need to submit this along with the application for initial approval.

Obtaining Initial Approval

Apply for initial approval with all the necessary documents including the approval for trade name. The Free Zone authority will peruse the documents and issue initial approval. 

Apply for Business License

All legal and administrative procedures have to be completed before applying for a business license. You can start full-fledged business operations post receipt of business license. 

Benefits of Business Set Up in Abu Dhabi Free Zone

The benefits of setting up a business in Abu Dhabi Free Zone are:

- 100% ownership of the firm permissible to expats

- Investor-friendly policies

- Easy and quick setting up

- 100% repatriation of capital and profit

- Zero personal and corporate tax

- Excellent infrastructure

- Conducive environment 

- Optimum possibility for growth

- Single-window approval process. Every government service and approval can be accessed through a single centre

Required Documents for Business Formation in Abu Dhabi Free Zone

The application for a Free Zone business license should be accompanied with adequate documents and approvals. The documents required are:

- Copies of passports of the shareholders

- Finalized trade name (may give 2 to 3 options too)

- Proposed business activity

- Firm business plan (for some of the Free Zone domains)

- Letter from the bank

- Address proof 

- Details of visa required

- Approvals obtained

- Additional documents sought from time to time

Cost of Setting Up a Business in Abu Dhabi Free Zone

The business setting up process in Free Zone jurisdiction involves a different type of cost. However, it is cost-effective and cheaper compared to other jurisdictions. The fees we mentioned are for reference purposes only. The actual charges may vary depending upon government policies. You may consult us to know more about the fee structure and the setting up costs.   


*Fee (in AED)

Registration of LLC


Registration of Branch Office


Refundable Deposit


E-channel Registration


Bank Guarantee


Employment Visa

2500.00 – 3300.00

* Approximate charges. For reference purpose only. 

Abu Dhabi Free Zone Company Formation with Kiltons

Nothing can replace expertise achieved through experience. Kiltons have been helping expatriates and residents to realize their business dreams since 1999. The experience we have achieved over two decades of persistent performance has been instrumental in making us the leading business setup services in the UAE.

We will provide you with a conclusive service according to your need. Our professionals undertake exhaustive studies and analysis before submitting you a comprehensive report. Thereby ensuring better growth prospects for your firm. If you are thinking of setting up a business in Abu Dhabi Free Zone, consult us today. 

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