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Dubai World Central Free Zone has been renamed as Dubai South Free Zone indicating the location of this prominent free zone. This strategically situated Free Zone has been one of the most productive jurisdictions for businesses focusing on varying sectors including aviation, logistics, health, leisure, and tourism. Situated in proximity to Al Maktoum International Airport and Jebel Ali Seaport and connected with those through an exclusive logistic corridor, the trade and businesses established here have optimal growth prospects. You have taken the right decision if you have considered DWC Company Setup. 

DWC company setup process is a simple one aimed at attracting expatriates for business set up in the domain. Our professionals can coordinate or undertake the complete activity of Dubai South company set up in case you need expert assistance and guidance. A business in the DWC or Dubai South Free Zone can connect easily with GCC, Middle-East and other foreign countries seamlessly. Thus enhancing the business operations remarkably.

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Frequently Asked Questions on DWC Company Setup

  • What is the Dubai South Free Zone?
    • Dubai South is the new name given to Dubai World Central Free Zone in 2015. It is located near Al Maktoum International Airport.

  • Are multiple licenses allowed, for a single entity, in DWC?
    • Yes, if the company is undertaking different activities, which require different licenses, it can obtain multiple licenses.
  • Can a single person handle the roles of the shareholder, director, and company secretary?
    • Yes. A single person, who is a shareholder of the company, can be nominated as director and company secretary. He can also be the general manager if he is a UAE resident.
  • What is the minimum capital required for a DWC-LLC company setup?
    • The minimum capital required for a DWC-LLC business setup is AED 300K, which may change with time.
  • Does the company secretary of the business in Dubai South need to be a resident of the UAE?
    • No. The Company Secretary need not be a resident of the UAE. However, the nominated, or designated, General Manager must be a UAE resident.
  • Does a business setup in DWC require a local Emirati sponsor?
    • Not at all. A Free Zone Company in the Dubai South Free Zone can be established on 100% ownership of the ex-pat.
  • How many directors are mandatorily required in a DWC-LLC business setup?
    • The number of directors can be anywhere from 01 to 07. At the same time, at least one director must be available at any given time.

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Types of Licenses Available in DWC

Choose the Business License In Dubai that is necessary for the business activity you are planning. The licenses available for DWC business setup are:

Professional License – Professional or Service License is a mandatory requirement if you are professional planning to offer your services. The certificates and documents indicating your qualification and experience will have to be included when you apply for a professional license.

General Trading License – General trading license has to be obtained for business operations that involve exporting, importing, re-importing, and trading. You can trade on multiple products after receiving the trading license. 

Industrial License – Are you planning industrial activities like manufacturing, assembling, or moulding? Then, you must have an industrial license issued on the company’s name. An industrial DWC Business Setup has extensive possibilities of growth. 

Education License – Get an educational license for starting an educational institution in Dubai South Free Zone.

Logistic License – A DWC logistic business setup must have a logistic license to carry out storage, and transportation of goods and material. 

Procedures for DWC Company Setup

UAE, especially Dubai, has always been an investor-friendly nation. It has regulations and policies supporting entrepreneurs. It, exactly, has been the reason for the influx of countless expatriates to the country for realizing their entrepreneurial dreams. Dubai World Central business setup has an uncomplicated process that enables expats to pursue it without any impediment. 

Although a hassle-free process, assistance from our experienced professionals will be conducive for establishing the right company and commencing full-fledged business operations at the earliest. The procedure for DWC business setup, in brief, is appended below:

- Gain initial approval for the DWC business setup after submitting the requisite documents and an application in the specific format. The application must consist of three proposed names of the company (according to the policies of the Free Zone authority), copies of passports of the shareholders and the manager, business plan, and personal info of the responsible members. 

- Prepare an Article of Association (AOA) and Memorandum of Association (MOA) and notarize it by the authorized notary.

- Company registration formalities have to be completed at the registrar’s office. The registrar will issue a certificate of incorporation after perusal of the application and receipt of the specified fee.  

Benefits of DWC Company Setup

Setting up a business in DWC offers several advantages. The major benefits of business setup in the DWC include:

- 100% repatriation of capital and profit

- Nil personal or corporate tax

- Flexibility in leasing 

- Quick and easy company setup process in the DWC

- Advanced infrastructure facilities

- Easy connectivity to Al Maktoum Airport and Jebel Ali Seaport

- Smart business solutions

- A plethora of business activities to choose from

Documents Required for DWC Company Setup

The basic documents required for Dubai South company setup are:

- Duly filled application

- Copies of passports of shareholders and designated manager

- Article of Association

- Memorandum of Association

Kiltons Business Setup services in DWC

Kiltons Business Setup Services will extend optimal help to you in Dubai South business setup. Our expert professionals have immense experience in concluding the business setup formalities in DWC in quick time. Kiltons has been the first choice of entrepreneurs since 1999. Our sincere and committed efforts have been the mainstay in turning dreams into realities for many expats and residents. 

Reach out to us for Dubai World Central Company Setup and commence our journey towards prosperity at the earliest. 

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