Professional License in Dubai, UAE

Getting an appropriate license is vital for starting a business in Dubai mainland. Trade licenses in Dubai/UAE are classified based on the type of business. And a valid license is the major prerequisite to start a business in Dubai. Based on the type of Business, Licenses are issued under 4 categories and they are:

Professional License

Commercial License

Industrial License

Tourism License

Professional license in Dubai, UAE refers to the type of license which permits professionals to start a business in the Emirates. Unlike other trade licenses, a professional license holder can do business in particular types of industries; Carpentry, Artisanship, Consultancy services, Printing and Publishing, Beauty saloons, Repair services, etc come under the professional license services in Dubai and UAE. 

In short, a professional license is given to an individual or a single-ownership company to do any profession in which he/she delivers services based on their intellectual or artistic talent. However, if the business has more than one owner, it will be called a civil company. At Kiltons, we offer services to get a professional license in Dubai.

You might have a lot of doubts regarding the professional license cost in Dubai, issuance, formalities and all. We have been helping clients to set up professional entities at the location of their choice. Additionally, our team of professionals will share their expertise and experience with the clients to reap the best benefits of the professional company. This will be instrumental in deciding the area to establish the firm, renting of space and obtaining cordial support from the official authorities. By maintaining a strong relation with the authorized governmental agencies and officials, we have been ensuring that you get professional license in UAE without any delays.

  • What is meant by a Professional License?

    The purpose of a Professional License is evident from its name – Yes, it’s meant for the professionals and the companies that deal with professional or service-oriented activities. The license is issued to an individual or a company where there is scope to display or provide one’s intellectual or artistic capabilities. Yes, it can be a skill displayed in a particular trade or industry, for example, artisanship.

    You must have a professional license in UAE to establish a professional firm extending service to the customers. It could be a professional tuition centre, an art centre, or any similar entity. The license will mean that you are officially authorized to carry out the said activities officially. Your firm will also be included in the documents of the authority. Besides, it will be helpful in case of any legal complications or disputes.

  • Professional License – facts

    When it comes to Ownership rights of a Foreign investor, Professional License has a clear advantage over Commercial and Industrial License. Foreign investor enjoys 100% Ownership of the business and this makes one entitled for Sole Proprietorship. Professional Licenses in UAE are issued by confirming the educational entitlement and skill area of the applicant. Thus, preventing the individuals without any adequate qualification setting up a professional business in the UAE.

    The number of expats opting to start a professional firm in Dubai/ UAE has grown manifold in recent times. Optimum growth possibilities offered by one of the most advanced cities in the world, Dubai, have been the main factor leading to this. Additionally, the supportive policies by the visionary government of the country have been creating winners over the years. 

    Even if the investor enjoys 100% ownership rights, getting a local service agent is mandatory to fulfil the legal formalities. The local service agent has no claims or rights regarding the equity or functioning of the company.

    The investor is liable to pay the annual service charge for availing the services of the agent.

    Matters related to the processing and issuance of the Professional License in Dubai and UAE is carried out by the Department of Economic Development (DED). Contact DED for all your Professional License requirements in Dubai, UAE. Our team of professionals will be able to process the request in quick time and get the professional license issued. We will also render you suitable advice that will help you in reaching productive decisions.

  • Civil Company

    If the ownership is shared by more than one individual, the company is designated as a Civil Company. Here are some services or trades that require a Professional License for functioning in Dubai.

    Although the service offered by the companies fall in the category of professional services, the number of professionals involved makes it to be considered a civil company.

    Web design and development


    Security services



    Printing and Publishing services



    Medical services

    Photocopying and Typing


    Cleaning services

  • Initial approval for Professional License

    To get initial approval for a professional license in Dubai, prepare a precise description of the business activity involved. Assign a service agent to perform the official formalities in a timely and systematic manner. Now you are in a position to get the initial approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED). Find a relevant trade name for your business and reserve it. DED gives final approval after document submission.

    Here, you must abide by the regulations regarding naming of the trade. The authorities have stipulations about naming your professional entity. Political inclination and religious references are not permitted in the trade name. If you intend to use your name as the trade name, it should be in an expanded version, without any abbreviations.

  • Documents needed to attain Professional License in Dubai

    Application form duly filled Passport copy of the owner/ partner Naturalization book of partner (copy) Expatriate partners require sponsor’s NOC. (Not applicable if the partner is on Tourist/ Visit Visa – UID number is sufficient) Based on the business activity and operation, the concerned authorities issue the Initial Approval.

    You have to submit the application to the DED, along with the certificates and documents proving your professional qualification and experience (if any). The officials at DED will peruse the certificates and other documents before issuing the professional license in UAE.

  • Professional License in Dubai – Cost involved

    The total cost involved in acquiring Professional License in Dubai is AED 10,310. The professional license cost in Dubai may change from time to time. The total cost includes various service charges and they are as follows.

    License Fees

    Administrative service charge

    Agent fees

    Trade name fees

    Market fee based on tenancy

    Government cultural fees, etc

  • Instructions to get a professional license in Dubai

    Prepare the local service agent agreement that assigns a UAE national as your company’s service agent from a legal translator. Get the service of a notary to attest the agreement form. In case if the agreement is in Arabic, you don’t require the seal of a legal translator.

    Prepare the Memorandum Of Association(MOA) with the local service agent.

    The sponsor has an annual fee, indicate the same in the agreement. An additional application form is required when it comes to Civil Company License requirement. Get it filled and attested from the Notary.

    The owners or partners shall sign the Court agreement before the notary. Tenancy contract approval is issued by the Municipality. Acquire approval. Submit the attested forms, owner’s passport copy, and NOC (if needed) at the Department of Economic Development.

    Remit the License fees and collect the payment voucher. Service providers, specialists and professionals receive a lot of appreciation and support in Dubai. You may easily attain a professional license in Dubai, UAE with the guidance from an experienced business setup consultant. If you are in the quest of setting up a professional business in Dubai or UAE, Kiltons Business SetUp services is all set for your assistance.

    Extending our wholehearted support to clients since 1999, we have been instrumental in successful establishment of many professional agencies across the UAE. By providing reliable and trustworthy services, Kiltons have become one of the most dependable business setup services in the country.

    We provide quality Professional License services in Dubai and the UAE. Our wide range of professional license services includes getting approval from concerned authorities, finding a local service agent, preparing MOA with the agent, handling all documentation formalities, and more. Reach us if you require a professional license in Dubai; we'd be really happy to help. We also provide Professional License renewal service in Dubai and UAE. Do let us know.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Professional License in Dubai

  • What are the activities covered under professional license?
    • The business activities that you can carry out with the professional license include the following:

      Beauty salons


      Professional tutoring


      Book publishing

      Security services

      Repair service providers

      Designing services

  • I want to commence professional service in Dubai. Can I establish a Limited Liability Company and start professional services?
    • No. LLCs are authorized to undertake commercial and industrial activities only.
  • What is Ejari?
    • The online registration system initiated by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency is called Ejari. You must complete Ejari registration to rent a space in the UAE. This will legalize the tenancy and prevent tenant/ owner disputes.
  • How can I get a Professional License in Dubai?
    • DED is the authorized agency to issue professional licenses. You have to submit an application together with supporting documents to get an initial approval for a professional license. On receipt of initial approval, you will have to go through the stipulated procedure to get a professional license in Dubai.

  • How can I amend the business activity or trade name of a firm, for which initial approval has been obtained?
    • You have to submit an application quoting the same and paying the approval fee.

Professional license in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is the right place to kick-start your professional career. A prominent business and investment destination, it holds a plethora of opportunities for those willing to explore. Obtaining a professional license in Dubai is the first step to entering this rewarding arena.

Hiring us for a professional license in Dubai would make it easier for you to comply with the regulations without any hassles. Whether you are looking to set up your professional firm, start a freelancing service, or initiate company formation formalities, you may connect with us.

Business Activities Under Professional License in Dubai

More than qualification, knowledge, skills and experience, the will to win and optimistic attitude are what deliver results. Those looking to set up their professional career in UAE must have the traits to face challenges and go ahead firmly. Professional license cost in Dubai is quite reasonable, in fact minimal, when considering the growth prospects it offers.

Professional license in Dubai is mandatory for offering services in the fields including:

  • Carpentry
  • Medical services
  • Artisanship
  • Various consultancy services
  • Repair services for mobile phones, electronic items and other items
  • Beauty parlours and associated services
  • Printing services
  • Publishing activity
  • Security services
  • Computer graphics and designing services
  • Documentation services
  • Legal service support
  • Advisory services
  • Technical services of systems like HVAC, Mechanical Components etc.
  • IT services
  • Web designing and launching services
  • Software development services
  • Networking solutions

The professional license cost in Dubai and other relevant fees would depend on the service specialities and the additional approvals required. Kiltons Business Setup Services offers exclusive support and assistance for professional licenses in Dubai. Our executives will handle the complete procedure on your behalf and help you gain the license in a minimal time. You can start the professional service without waiting much or being involved in the intricate licensing procedure.

How to Get a Professional License in Dubai?

Expats or resident professionals can set up a firm or work in their individual capacity to deliver professional services anywhere in the UAE. The standard professional service fields are tourism, auditing, accounting, legal, educational consultancy, IT and designing, architecture, and development. If you are a qualified and talented individual with enough experience in a specific field, you must get a professional license in Dubai and embark on your dream journey.

The steps for obtaining a professional license in Dubai are:

  • Submit the necessary application to the Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) and obtain initial approval for a professional licence. Formalities can be initiated post-receipt of initial approval only.
  • Register a name for the professional service firm. The business name should meet the naming standards. Blasphemous, politically or religiously inclined or personal names with abbreviations will not be allowed.
  • A civil company will require a specific registration and the same has to be attested. The expense for the registration and attestation must be added to the professional license cost in Dubai.
  • If your professional service firm requires commercial or official space, it has to be hired at the right location. Ejari or tenancy contract has to be concluded with the property owner. The subject contract has to be registered in accordance with RERA regulations.
  • The copies of all the documents have to be attested by an authorized person.
  • Copy of the passports of the owner as well as partners have to be attached with the application for a professional license in Dubai.
  • Forward the application and the necessary documents and pay the professional license cost in Dubai.

The license will be issued by the DET in a few working days. Make sure that the documents and certificates attached with the application for a professional license in UAE are proper in all respects. Discrepancies can lead to rejection of the application.

Documents Required to Get a Professional License in the UAE

Once you have hired us, we will undertake all the official formalities for a professional license in Dubai on your behalf. Therefore, you need not worry about the documents to get the license or the complexity of the procedure. Our specialised professionals will undertake the documentation and approvals in a systematic manner, avoiding possible lacunae.

Established in 1999, we have been the trusted business setup services in UAE for about two and a half decades. We are fortunate to be the instrumental force behind the successful setting up of many professional firms in Dubai, UAE. The cost-effective business setup process EXCEPTIONAL GROWTH PROSPECTS and affordable professional license cost in Dubai make it a highly preferable choice to start a professional firm here.

The documents required for a professional license in UAE include:

  • Copies of passports of owner and shareholders
  • Passport size photographs of owner and shareholders
  • Attested Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • Completed application for a professional license in Dubai
  • NOC from the present employer if the professional is already employed in UAE and is on the payroll
  • Approvals and permissions necessary from departments like Dubai Municipality, Dubai Health Department, etc.

The professional business holder may have to get a space for establishing the firm. In this scenario, a tenancy contract must be finalized with the property owner. The documents for the same can also be considered as the documents for a professional license in Dubai:

  • Business name registration certificate issued by the DET
  • BR1 form, which is the application form for tenancy contract registration
  • Initial approval issued by the DET
  • Rental contract finalised and concluded with the property owner
  • Ejari registration certificate

Once you have all these documents ready, you are well set to go ahead with your professional firm in Dubai, UAE. At the same time, you need not run around arranging all these documents, approvals and certificates. Kiltons has highly qualified and trained professionals to serve you in the best possible way.

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Cost to get a professional license in Dubai

The professional license cost in Dubai that we mention here may be considered as a yardstick only. The license cost is subject to revision from time to time, depending on the scenarios, inflation, etc. If you are new to the Dubai business world, you may consult us to know the exact professional license cost in Dubai presently. The cost for a professional license includes fees for different services including administrative service charges, license fees, trade name fees, government cultural fees, market fees, local fees and so on.

The total professional license cost in Dubai, UAE is approx. AED 16,000. This includes all the aforementioned charges and fees.

Kiltons can help you get a professional license in Dubai, UAE

Kiltons Business Setup Service in Dubai is a proud company formation service support firm, with a famed legacy of about two and a half decades. We have served and supported numerous ex-pat and resident professionals and business entities over the years. It gives us immense pleasure to find the professionals and businesses that we helped to set up their businesses scaling heights of success.

The significant factors that make us the best firm for obtaining you a professional license in Dubai are:

  • Commitment: Committed to our clients, we go to any extent to offer end-to-end comprehensive support. Our team of handpicked executives are trained to extend optimal support. They are well-versed in the formalities and documents. Therefore, we are able to render fault-free and systematic services.
  • Affordability: We charge reasonably for the services we offer. Therefore, you can set up your business and get a professional license in UAE cost-effectively. Forget the hassles that you might have to face if you are undertaking all the activities by yourself. Our proficient team would comply with the regulations on your behalf and help you kick-start the business activities quickly.
  • Transparency: Trust is what keeps us ahead of the competitors. We acquired a credible image owing to the untainted legacy we have. By delivering everything we offer, without hidden charges or additional expenses than what we said initially, we gained matchless acceptance among our clients. Transparency is the core identity that makes us preferable to any other firm for a professional license in Dubai.
  • Honest: We share every info with our clients. Let it be the professional license cost in Dubai or any other potential information, we convey the same to the client. So that, they are clearly aware of the requirements, expenses, procedural impediments, etc. We do not hide anything. We understand that the relationship between the client and us is of paramount importance. In fact, the word-of-mouth publicity we gained through honest dealings has been the key to our growth. Our customers have been acting as the brand ambassadors promoting our firm’s name and fame.
  • Services: Whether you want comprehensive services for a professional license in UAE or tailored services that suit your specific requirements, Kiltons Business Setup Services can help you. We are here to help you with the best possible support. Let us know your requirements related to a professional business license in Dubai. We would offer the service accordingly.

Are you planning to start a professional business firm in Dubai? Are you a professional thinking of launching your services in the UAE? Do you want a professional license in Dubai? Are you concerned about professional license costs in Dubai?

For any info, service or support regarding professional license in UAE, call us right away.