Beauty Salon Setup in Dubai

Welcome to Dubai, one of the top business destinations in the world. The investor-friendly regulations and policies have turned the emirate the prime spot for entrepreneurs. It has a great populace of expats belonging to the high per capita income segment. Offering great prospects for beauty salon setup in Dubai.

The process of setting up a beauty salon in Dubai is simple and quick. Just choose the location, process the company formation formalities, and obtain a business license. Commence full-fledged operations to attain a fruitful outcome. Choose us to be your reliable partner for performing the formalities for starting a beauty salon. Our experienced professionals will extend comprehensive support, as well as, deliver expert advice for you to scale the summit of success. Read on to understand how to start a beauty salon in Dubai.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Beauty Salon Setup in Dubai

  • Which is the best business in Dubai?
    • Dubai offers a plethora of business opportunities. You can consider any legal business, depending on your taste, and make it successful.

  • Can an expat own 100% ownership in a business in Dubai Mainland?
    • Earlier the expat entrepreneurs needed to have a local Emirati sponsor for starting a business in Dubai Mainland. However, subsequent to the amendment that came into effect from 01 Jan 2021, expats can have 100% ownership in the businesses. You may reach out to us to know more.
  • Are there any additional approvals necessary for starting a beauty parlor in Dubai?
    • Yes. Approval from the Planning Department and Health and Safety department in Dubai Municipality (DM) is mandatory for obtaining a beauty parlor license in Dubai.
  • What is the corporate and personal tax levied in Dubai?
    • There is no corporate personal tax in Dubai.
  • How much the expat has to pay on the repatriation of assets?
    • Nil. The expat doesn’t have to pay anything to the authority on repatriation of funds.

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How to Start a Beauty Salon in Dubai?

An expat arriving in Dubai with a thought to start a beauty salon in Dubai may not be aware of the procedure or the right location to establish one. Besides a marketing strategy, location is of paramount importance for a successful beauty salon setup. The lack of in-depth knowledge about the location and legal structure of the beauty salon setup in Dubai can affect the business performance adversely.

An investor can consider either Dubai Mainland or Free Zone for starting a beauty salon. An assessment of the market needs to be undertaken prior to deciding upon the jurisdiction. Not to worry at all. Kiltons can guide you regarding everything related to beauty salons set up in Dubai and other regions in the UAE.

Let’s see the steps involved in the setting up of a beauty parlor.

Obtain Initial Approval 

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the authority for approval of beauty parlor setup and issuance of business license in Dubai. Initial approval for the business has to be obtained after submitting the copies of the passports of the owners and the requisite documents sought by the organization.

Register the Trading Name 

Finalize the trading name according to the extant naming regulations. Register the name with the authority. All the correspondences and documents would be in the trading name of the Dubai beauty salon setup.

Rent a Space

Rent a space at the ideal location, that could be productive for your firm. The finalization of the business location is crucial when you think of how to open a beauty parlor. We can assist you and get you the best space at competitive rates. Tenancy contract or Ejari has to be concluded. Ejari is one of the documents to be forwarded to the DED for issuance of a business license.

Approval from Dubai Municipality

Approval from the health and safety and planning divisions of Dubai Municipality (DM) is mandatory for starting a beauty parlor.

Prepare Memorandum of Association

Prepare the legal structure and Memorandum of Association (MOA) for setting up the beauty parlor.

Get a Business License

Submit application and documents/ approvals to the DED for a business license. Start full-fledged operations post receipt of the business license for the beauty parlor setup.

Types of Beauty Salon License in Dubai

The Dubai beauty salon license is divided into two types, i.e. Men’s salon license and women’s salon license.

The men’s salon license holder can start a beauty parlor exclusively for men. They can offer varying services including beauty treatment, hairdressing, hair care, manicure, pedicure etcetera.

The women’s salon license is issued to beauty parlors intended for women. The entry of men would not be permitted in women’s beauty salons. Women’s beauty parlors can offer all the beautification services to women, including facial, hair treatment, hair removal, pedicure, and manicure.

Requirements for beauty salon setup in Dubai

The authority in Dubai has stipulated certain compulsory requirements for beauty parlors in the region. Hopefully, the awareness of the basic requirements would help you understand how to start a beauty salon.

-         Approval from the Planning, as well as, Health and Safety Divisions is mandatory for starting a beauty salon

-         The lighting, seating arrangements, and other arrangements in the salon must be according to the specifications

-         The salon space must meet the approved dimensions

-         Earmarked areas must be allocated for special treatments

-         The infrastructure must be set to meet the requirements of a beauty salon

Kiltons Business Setup services for beauty salon setup in Dubai

Kiltons Business Setup Services can help you with formalities for setting up a beauty parlor in Dubai. Established in 1999, we have been the mainstay in turning dreams into reality for numerous ex-pat and resident entrepreneurs. Dubai is a land of magic. It offers excellent growth opportunities for the growth and development of business. All you need is support from a reliable business setup service that has immense experience and expertise.

We have been one of the leading business setup services in Dubai for more than two decades. Our trustworthy and professional services would help you grow and achieve your aim.

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