Healthcare Business Setup in Dubai, UAE

The health care sector in Dubai has been on the path of growth with support from the governmental authorities. The policy revisions for obviating delays in the establishment of medical facilities have augmented the development in the subject field. The land welcomes both expats and residents for healthcare business setup in Dubai with open hands. Our association would be of immense benefit to you to pursue the process without any ambiguities. Understanding the subtle aspects of how to start a healthcare company in Dubai will be essential to avoid unwarranted issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Healthcare Business Setup in Dubai

  • Is it profitable to start a healthcare business in Dubai?
    • Dubai has a large populace, with the majority of people with high per capita income. Moreover, the emirate offers world-class infrastructure. Starting a healthcare company in Dubai is advantageous in several ways and hence a profitable option.

  • Is DHA approval a mandatory requirement for healthcare business in Dubai?
    • Yes. In addition to DED approval, the approval from Dubai Health Authority is a mandatory requirement. The authority will assess the firm’s capability, including the qualification of the personnel and infrastructure proposed, before approving.
  • What are the minimum capital requirements for a healthcare company in DHCC?
    • There is no minimum capital requirement for starting a branch of a foreign or UAE company in DHCC. The capital requirements for a commercial entity and clinical firm in DHCC are AED 50K and 300K respectively.
  • How much is the corporate tax for a medical company in DHCC?
    • Nil. Companies in DHCC are exempted from corporate and personal tax.
  • Which are the types of companies permitted in DHCC?
    • One can start a Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC), or branch of a foreign or UAE company in DHCC. The company could be in sole ownership, individual + corporate ownership or corporate ownership.

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Open a Healthcare Business in UAE

Starting a healthcare company in Dubai is a simple and quick process. The emirate has even established an exclusive free zone for firms considering healthcare businesses. Dubai HealthCare City (DHCC) Free Zone offers exclusive infrastructure and a productive atmosphere for starting a successful healthcare business in Dubai.

DHCC offers two options for starting a healthcare company in Dubai, viz. Wellness Community and Medical Community.

Wellness Community

This zone is dedicated to firms and agencies offering services to maintain health, undergoing therapeutic treatments, centres providing health and nutrition guidance and so on. The wellness community is basically the special zone in DHCC that is directly related to the health and physique of a person rather than healing or curing ailments. Hospitals are not intended to be in this (approx.) 19 million square feet wide area.

Medical Community

The (approx.) 4 million square feet space in DHCC, named as Medical Community, is earmarked for hospitals, medical centres and clinics. The clear division between both spaces is beneficial for the businesses in the health sector in Dubai.

People are often confused about how to start a healthcare company or establish a medicine business in Dubai. Hiring us to support you would be the ideal thing for company formation in the business sector. Our experienced professionals will submit the documents to the authorities and follow up with the process on behalf of you. Relieved from the task, you may continue with the formulation of business development activities.

You can start a branch of an existing healthcare company or Free Zone Limited Liability Company in DHCC. The documents required would depend on the type of company you are planning to establish. The firm in the healthcare sector could be owned by the ex-pat, expat/ resident in association with corporate shareholders or in sole ownership of a corporate entity.   

Documents Required for Healthcare Business Setup in Dubai

The essential documents that are to be submitted for starting a healthcare company in Dubai are:

- Duly filled application form

- Board resolution for establishing a Free Zone LLC in healthcare

- Article of Association (AOA)

- Memorandum of Association (MOA)

- Copies of Passport

- Copy of visa

- Passport size photographs

- Additional documents sought by the authority

Procedures Involved in Starting a Healthcare Company

The process of starting a healthcare business in Dubai begins with choosing a company structure, and deciding a name for the healthcare company and culminates with the issuance of a business license for the healthcare company in Dubai.

- Decide the company structure, i.e. you can start an FZ-LLC or branch of a foreign or a UAE company

- Fix a company name, according to the laid down regulations, and register it at the Department of Economic Development (DED)

- Identify the location for your healthcare business in Dubai and obtain office space

- The next step involves approvals from the DED and the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). DHA is the authorized body to approve company formation in the healthcare sector. An exhaustive examination of the documents and detailed analysis of the firm’s reliability will be undertaken by DHA, before approval

- Submit the documents and obtain approval to commence business activities

Benefits of Business Setup in DHCC

As you have understood how to start a healthcare company in Dubai, let’s have a look at the benefits offered by the business setup in DHCC.

- 100% ownership to ex-pats

- Perfect infrastructure that suits companies in the healthcare business

- Exemption from income tax, corporate tax and customs duty

- Offers excellent medical care

- Designs that can be custom-tailored to meet your needs

- Supportive authority

- Optimal growth prospects 

Kiltons for Healthcare Business Setup in Dubai

Kiltons is committed to render you with the best support for starting a healthcare business in Dubai. Established in 1999, we have been successful in providing company formation support, guidance on business set up in Dubai and other emirates in the UAE, and customized services according to the requirements of the clientele. Our exceptional services have been pivotal in making us the leading business set up services in Dubai/ UAE for the past twenty-two years.

We assure you unparalleled efficiency in making your dream come true. With the cordial relationship with the ruling royal family and top echelons in the authority, we are able to conclude company formation formalities in the shortest time.

To know more and assign us a healthcare business set up in Dubai or any other region in UAE, contact us now. 

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