Why start a Business in Dubai?

Business startup Dubai has always been encouraged in Dubai. The reasons to start a business in Dubai are umpteen. To name a few, the world-class infrastructure, skilled workforce, active transportation, easy access to billions of people, urban amenities, cosmopolitan culture are some of the major reasons why investors start a business in Dubai. Dubai has undergone a steady metamorphosis from a Petroleum dependent economy to an innovation and technology-driven business haven. And there are evident reasons why you should start a Business in Dubai. Here they are:

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Why You Should
Start a Business in Dubai

World-class, flawless infrastructure

In short, Dubai showcases what you really need to build your business from the very basics. The 3rd busiest airport in the world, full-fledged seaports, high standard road networks, ample power resources, widespread telecommunication networks etc depicts Dubai’s infrastructure greatness.

Hassle-free business

Based on the studies conducted by the World Bank, UAE enjoys the 11th ranking in the Ease of Doing Business category. It is predicted that within a few years Dubai would get into the top 10 Ease of Doing Business rankings. You may start a business in Dubai within 7 days, provided the documentation and other prerequisites are accomplished. Investors enjoy other benefits like tax reductions, free zone benefits, control over assets etc.

Free trade policy

Dubai promotes free trade and therefore governmental control and restrictions over private business entities are insignificant. Private business entities are free from Income tax regulations. The Employment-related rules and regulations are investor-friendly and therefore the employer can recruit employees from any country.

Geographical location

Due to its peculiar geographical location, Dubai attracts investors from all across the globe. All major airline companies operate in Dubai. Dubai has the most modern seaport facilities too.

Improved living standards

Dubai offers a high standard of living compared to other emirates. The major chunk of the population comprises the expatriates. The residents of Dubai enjoy modern housing facilities. Dubai is famous for its real estate market and improved medical facilities. Due to stringent laws in Dubai crime rates are low.

Future readiness in 2019

Dubai has acquired the 1st position among the Arab nations in Future readiness 2019 index. And Dubai stands 11th internationally in the same category. The “Future readiness” index is measured on aspects like emerging local talent, future readiness and inviting global talent. The Department of Economic Development in Dubai has launched Engage DXB, Future readiness Study, Future economy lab

World happiness index

Based on the 2019 World Happiness Report, UAE acquired the very first ranking in the Middle-east. This indicates that the expats living in the UAE are the happiest individuals among the Arab countries. The increasing Happiness index works in favour of foreign investment and trade.

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