Rules and Regulations on How to Choose a Business Name in UAE

Business names must instantly hook the customers and have to be easily memorable. For the business name is what creates an initial impression to the client. Entrepreneurs choose a company name after exhaustive studies and thorough research. Consultation with professional agencies and experts, who have naming experts is another way pursued by organizations.

The United Arab Emirates have been attracting investors with their business-friendly policies since long. The amendment in the rules to allow 100% of foreign ownership has been the icing on the cake. The country is expecting to witness a surge of foreign entrepreneurs with this latest attraction. Needles to say, the country can be the best place to invest in the business.

Getting back on the topic, we will be discussing the rules and regulations to choose a business name in UAE. Yes, the country has some stipulations regarding the company names. You cannot name your company as you wish, rules and regulations should be followed before selecting a Business Name in UAE. Go through the laid down regulations about the business name before you forward the chosen options for registration. Alternatively, you can consult Kiltons for expert advice on reserving company name, name guidelines for company and undertake complete business set up formalities for you.

Strict Restrictions on Company Names in the UAE

The country has strict restraints concerning the usage of some social and religious aspects. Let’s have a look at those company name rules initially.

  • Religious references are not permitted to use.
  • Your political affiliation should not be evident from the business name.
  • God’s or deity’s name in any language is not permitted.
  • Abbreviations are not authorized. If you are using your name as the company name, it must be in the expanded format.
  • The company name should be registered neither by some other firm nor by a copyrighted one. Confirm the name you propose doesn’t belong to somebody else by checking online and the official documents.

Business Names that Should Not be Used

The UAE focuses on ensuring a transparent and honest business venture. The authorities believe that the business name should not misguide the customer. This customer-oriented approach, in turn, helps businesses to grow optimally. Your company name should not indicate regions, where you belong to. Neither should it confuse the client regarding your business activity. Such names are:

  • The company name you choose should reveal the type of business operation you undertake. Note that the name should not be ambiguous or lead to misunderstanding among people.
  • The name should not be racist, regressive, abusive, or indecent. It should not be hurting personal or religious sentiments of a person or a group.
  • Name of a continent, country, region, places, or districts in the UAE or any other country should not be used in the business name.
  • The business zones or area of origin should not be indicated in the company name. For example, the business name Global Middle-East Enterprises will not be permitted.
  • Names of none of the political or religious establishment should be included in the business name.  

The Business Name of the Company in the UAE Shouldn’t Resemble Any Government Organization

The people or your potential customer should not misconstrue the business as a government organization. The authority will reject such names or abbreviations. That business name will be rejected outright.

  • The names similar to business organizations or entities will not be approved.
  • Use of names of emirates, cities, regions, and provinces in the UAE is not allowed.
  • Avoid using abbreviations that appear as if any government department in the UAE.

Names that Indicate Business Operations 

Some emirates and registration authorities approve operating names for companies for specific purposes. It may be noted that not all registration authorities permit the same. All the approvals will be on the approved company name. The operating name could be used to reflect the international organization associated with the firm in the UAE. The restrictions and regulations concerning operating name are:

  • The operating names should not use restricted terminologies, i.e. religious, political or obscene terms.
  • Your operating name should be relevant to the business activity of the firm. Neither it should contradict business name.
  •  The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the authorized organization for regulating and approving the registration process. It also issues a final business license. The operating name should not be similar to the organization or any of its subsidiaries.

The points we elaborated on are some of the broad aspects of regulations on business names existing in the UAE. More factors are examined by the official registering authority before approving the names. You may reach out to Kiltons Business Setup services to have a detailed discussion on the rules and regulations on how to Choose a business name in UAE and the complete Company name rules for UAE.

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