Things to Know While Starting a Play School in UAE

A play school can be a social service as well as a means to earn a profit. You can consider different regions or emirates in the UAE, where you want to establish a play school in UAE beforehand. The feasibility study should provide you with ample ideas about the prospects of a nursery or playschool at the considered locality. Alternatively, you can consult us to undertake the analysis and deliver you with a report with the best locations to set up a play school in UAE. Our professional team will carry out a comprehensive assessment, to help you with the decision.  

License (s) Required for Starting a Play School in UAE

You must obtain a Nursery License from the Ministry of Education and Early Learning Centre License from Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) for starting a nursery or playschool in Dubai. However, you need only the Nursery License issued by the Ministry of Education in all the other six emirates in the UAE. 

The steps for obtaining the subject licenses have been promulgated by the relevant authorities. You are required to pursue the procedure, which entails submission of documents stating identity, qualifications, and experience, for gaining the license to set up a play school in Dubai, UAE. 

What are the Steps Involved in Establishing a Play School in UAE?

The playschool or nursery has to have proper infrastructure, qualified staff, child-friendly atmosphere, and a healthy environment. The authorities in each of the emirate are very strict regarding the facilities for children. As any lacunae can adversely affect the mental and physical development of the child. The officials will undertake a thorough inspection and audit of the playschool before issuing the license.

 The steps involved in establishing a play school in Dubai, UAE are:

Pre-Inspection – The officials will inspect the location, the building for designated playschool and the overall atmosphere during the pre-inspection. They will issue directives for improvements accordingly. It is crucial to have support from an experienced agency like Kiltons Business Setup Services to avoid observations that can turn detrimental for your plans to set up the playschool. 

Audit – The audit team will carry out a physical audit of equipment and infrastructure that are aimed at the physical and mental nourishment of children. They can ask you to modify the same if required.

Qualified Staff – The documents indicating the qualification and experience of the teaching, as well as, professional staff would be subjected to detailed verification. You must have well-qualified professionals for the playschool.

Documents – A large set of documents are mandatory for completing the approval and license issuance process smoothly. The collection and arrangement of documents can turn an uphill task for you. We are here to help you with the process. Do let us know your requirements. Our professionals are always ready to support you.

Location – The location of the playschool is important. A serene and healthy surrounding is mandatory for gaining approval for a nursery. Choose the location after in-depth analysis only. 

Plan of Operation – You need to submit your planned way ahead. This should indicate financial, educational, infrastructural and operational plans. Prepare the plan meticulously with the support from a professional agency only. The authority may turn down your proposal if the plan is not up to the mark.  

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Infrastructure Requirements for Starting a Play School in UAE

 The authority has specified the infrastructure required for setting up a play school in UAE. The basic specifications are:

  • Away from an industrial area, pollution and noise
  • Safe wiring and electrical installation standards
  • Usage of asbestos for construction or other purposes strictly prohibited
  • A strong concrete structure is necessary. No make-shift arrangements
  • Secure atmosphere. Proper set up to prevent intruders
  • Sufficiently ventilated classrooms, with adequate lighting
  • Hygienic surrounding
  • Sleeping space for children
  • Qualified staff to take proper care of the children
  • Hall with an adequate amount of toys
  • Separate sections for the children, grouped according to their age 

How can Kiltons help you with Starting a Play School in UAE?

Opening a preschool or nursery in UAE is a drawn-out process. You need to communicate with different departments and ministries to obtain approvals and authorizations. A detailed study will be initiated by the MoE and KHDA before going ahead and issuing you a license. The complex set of activities can turn you down and may affect your confidence in moving ahead. That’s where we can be of great help to you.

Established in 1999, Kiltons Business Setup Services has more than two decades of experience setting up in nurseries, businesses, and industries in emirates around the country. You can rely on us to undertake the complete activity on behalf of you and conclude in a stipulated time frame.  

To know more about starting a play school in UAE or to set up one, contact us now. 

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