How to Set Up an Educational Institution in Dubai?

One of the fastest-growing cities in the world, Dubai offers matchless growth prospects. It has been an investor’s heaven since long. Expatriates and residents try different business options that can deliver results. Setting up an educational institution in Dubaiis undoubtedly one of the most promising options.    

Benefits of Setting up an Education related Business in UAE

Unparalleled benefits await those investing in the field of education in Dubai. Choose your educational domain, location and set up an educational organization for optimal growth. You may reach out to us if you want guidance or undertake the setting up of educational institution in Dubai, on behalf of you.

1. Growth Prospect

This is the biggest advantage or benefit of starting an education related business in Dubai. The number of people arriving in Dubai, for different requirements, is increasing with every year. Almost 80% of them bring their family along. With the number of children/ students, increasing each year, the need for educational entities also has been increasing.

The authority in the emirate is strict regarding the education-related firms/ institutions being set up. Therefore, you must abide by the regulations and pursue all the guidelines during the establishment. Otherwise, it will be difficult to get approval for the institution.

2. Unfussy Setting Up

Once you follow the policies related to setting up of the educational institution, the process is uncomplicated and quick. The authority will confirm the safety, health and security concerns of the education-related organization. As the regime wants to ensure that, the children or youngsters are being nurtured in the right environment.

 You can submit the application along with all the necessary documents, for approval of the institution. Our support during the process would be helpful to resolve all the queries and issues, whatsoever. Contact us in case you want any help for forming the institution in Duba.

3. E-learning Possibilities

You can add e-learning centres as part of the institution. This is an added advantage to earn more profit through the education related organization. The setting up of e-learning facility is cost-effective and you can canvas more students to join you to continue the education sitting at the comfort of his or her home.

4. 100% Foreign Ownership

 The best part is that you can own 100% of shares in the educational institution.

5. Exempted from Export and Import Duties

You don’t have to pay the import or export duties while transferring equipment required for the school, college or other educational institution in Dubai.

6. Multiple Currency Transactions

You can transact in several currencies as permitted by the Dubai regime.

7. Free to Recruit Personnel

You can recruit teachers and professional tutors, including ex-pats, on your choice. The government will not interfere in your freedom to choose the personnel. Hence, you can recruit the most qualified from the country of your choice.

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How to establish an Education Business in Dubai?

The process of establishing an educational business in Dubai is straightforward. You don’t have to run around if you know the complete procedure thoroughly. Lack of awareness regarding the complete requirements may land you in trouble. As there are different departments and ministries are involved in the process. We advise you to avail our service to complete the setting up of the education-related institution at the earliest, without any complications.

The steps during the establishment of an education business in Dubai are:

  • Select the location where you want to set up the institution. Choose the right location, after a detailed analysis.
  • Confirm the type of educational firm you want to start.
  • Registration at the authority. This will involve a set of paperwork.
  • Submission of application along with all the necessary documents.  The documents must have details of authorized persons, their qualifications, the curriculum vitae pertaining to them etc.
  • Obtain approval for starting an education-related business in Dubai from the authority.
  • Pay the fee once you have completed the procedure and commence the activities.

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Why Kiltons for Setting up an Educational institution in Dubai?

Kiltons Business Setup Services has been the uncrowned king among the business set up agencies in Dubai and the other emirates in the UAE, since 1999. Our relentless efforts and trustworthy services in Business setup in Dubai for more than two decades have won us laurels from our clientele. We will be the right agency for setting up an educational institution for you in Dubai.

Our professional team will undertake a feasibility study for your project and ascertain the best location that can get you a fruitful output. Starting from the initial analysis till completion of setting up ad commencement of full-fledged operations, we will assist you 24x7.

To set up an educational institution in Dubai, UAE and enter into the world of success, contact us now.     

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