How to Start E-Commerce Business in Dubai, UAE?

E-commerce platforms are gaining popularity across the globe rapidly. People have adapted to an easy and convenient method of shopping. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic made it a necessity to reduce moving out from home. In addition, the widespread popularity and availability of low-cost internet have augmented the growth. 

Dubai is the magic land to start businesses and give wings to your entrepreneurial dreams. Setting up of every kind of business has ample growth prospects. Setting up an online business in Dubai could be your way to riches. Just choose the jurisdiction, whether it is Mainland or Free Zone, set up a company, and start earning. 

Thinking on how to start an eCommerce Business in Dubai? Our professionals will help you set up an eCommerce company in Dubai or anywhere in UAE and earn the best benefit. Contact us today. 

Benefits of E-commerce Business in Dubai/ UAE

 The benefits offered by e-commerce venture in Dubai are:

  • Zero taxes, excluding 5% VAT
  • Zero additional fee for starting the business or during the business
  • Multiple currency transactions permitted
  • 100% ownership allowed to expatriates
  • No restriction regarding the withdrawal of capital
  • Low operation cost
  • E-commerce business owners can seek UAE resident visa
  • Exempted from import and export duties and taxes 

What is the Process of Starting an E-commerce Business in Dubai?

The simple and unfussy process helps ex-pats and residents to Set up an online business in Dubai with ease. You don’t have to be concerned about the red tapes. Therefore, you can concentrate completely on developing and promoting the business. Strive to create a credible identity and flourish.

 The steps involved in starting the e-commerce business are: 

  • Choose the jurisdiction, viz. Dubai Mainland or Free Zone. This is of paramount importance. Decide the jurisdiction depending on the product (s) you want to trade.  Mainland Company formation in Dubai and Free zone company formation in Dubai has regulations and process. You may discuss the same with us to have a clear idea about the jurisdiction for the business activity you plan to pursue.
  • Hire or lease office space in Dubai. Yes, the e-commerce business may not require a dedicated commercial space for operating in Dubai. However, a registered address in Dubai is necessary for obtaining a business license in Dubai
  • Register the trading name for your e-commerce business in Dubai. Don’t forget that the authorities have stipulated the type of names that are allowed/ not allowed. Abide by the regulations whilst choosing the business name. You may forward three options to the authority for registration. 
  • Obtain trade license for business operations. You will have to submit an application with the requisite license for a trade/ business license. Our professionals can undertake the process on behalf of you and get you the E trader license in Dubai quickly. Talk to us to know more.
  • Design and develop a perfect website that is free of technical glitches. The performance of the website is important. For that can affect your business. The e-commerce platform must be interactive, easy to browse, quick to respond, must be able to handle several customers simultaneously without crashing, and perfectly organized. 
  • Open a bank account. Although selecting the bank for opening an account is your choice, it is advisable to start an account in a bank in Dubai. The local banks provide great offers to entrepreneurs, which could be advantageous for you in many ways.
  • Add online payment gateways. You can provide different payment gateways, for the users to choose the frequently used one by them. The transaction line must be secure and encrypted to prevent phishing and other online frauds. 
  • Launch your e-commerce business and promote through different channels including social media. You can assign the task to a professional agency if the budget allows it. Kiltons Business Setup Services can facilitate matchless promotions to your business.  

What are the most Advisable Online Business Operations in Dubai? 

We are enumerating some of the online business ideas in Dubai. These are just for your reference. There are plenty of other options as well. 

  • Online tutoring
  • Online shops
  • Turn your identity into an influencer. Become a part of influencer marketing
  • Web development
  • Digital marketing
  • Jewellery
  • Clothing 

Why Kiltons Business Setup Services for Starting an E-commerce Business in Dubai?

Kiltons Business Setup Services was established in 1999. We have been serving clients honestly and supporting them to make their dream into reality for more than two decades. Our experienced professionals would work on behalf of you to establish your e-commerce business and guide you regarding the best business ideas.

Choosing us is the best step to open your path to riches. We assure you of committed and dedicated support during the setting up and commencement of operations of your e-commerce business platform.

To discuss the possibilities of e-commerce solutions in Dubai, the processes involved, the growth prospects, the jurisdiction to select, and all the other relevant aspects, talk to our professionals.

Kiltons expert panel will give more information on how to start an ecommerce Business in Dubai and guide you establish your dream company in Dubai.

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