How to Open a Software Company in Dubai?

The Internet has become an inevitable part of human life. Nowadays we turn to the web world for everything including bill payments, travel ticket booking, information on various subjects, entertainment and whatnot. It has intruded into our life silently and became a part of it. The growth of IT-related entities has been phenomenal over the last couple of decades. 

Can you think of a day when you can keep away from the internet, mobile app, or any other IT-based application?

It’s impossible!

This makes the importance of software technology vivid in every sector. You can expect your cash register ringing if you have a software firm that offers credible services. Opening a software company in Dubai amplifies your growth probabilities. The emirate with numerous enterprises and professionals ought to have bright prospects, after all. 

Are you looking to open a software company in Dubai, UAE?

We believe that it is the best path to riches. With relentless efforts and hard work, you can reap great benefits in Dubai. Let’s see the various requirements for IT Business Setup in Dubai, the land of fortune hunters.

Requirements to open a Software company in Dubai

The authority has laid down a hassle-free process for company formation in Dubai. Understanding the requirements for opening a software company in Dubai will help you in preparing the documents if you decide to proceed with the formalities by yourself. However, our professionals will guide you accordingly in case you assign us the task of completing the official formalities on behalf of you. 

The necessities and factors regarding opening a software company are:

  • You can choose Dubai Mainland or Free Zone for setting up a software company. The Mainland Business setup in Dubai and Free zone company formation in Dubai has some regulations and procedures. The decision could be based on your observations/ needs. Discuss your objectives with us, to help you with the right decision.
  • Dubai offers different types of companies, including Limited Liability Company (LLC), Free Zone Company (FZC), and Free Zone Establishment (FZE). Opting for the legal structure correctly also matters.
  • Prepare Article of Association (AOA) and Memorandum of Association (MOA) and notarize it with an approved notary. 
  • Register the trading name, decided in accordance with the stipulations, with the authority.
  • Register the company under the specified authority.
  • Register the company for VAT.
  • Obtain a business license in Dubai
  • Commence full-fledged operations.

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Obtaining a professional license for establishing a Software Company in Dubai

As in the case of any other region, you must have a professional license to start an IT or software company in Dubai. The process will involve registering the trading name, filling up an application, arranging all the necessary documents, and submitting it to the authority. The Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai issues the professional license. They will scrutinize the application and associated documents prior to issuing a business license to commence the operations.

Assigning Kiltons the task of completing all the formalities for the software company formation will be helpful for you in many ways. Our professionals will carry out the official formalities for setting up the company, including registering the company and obtaining a professional license. You can concentrate on other requirements for the development of the company while we handle all the requirements for the company formation. We will also provide you expert guidance on all matters related to business in Dubai.

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Documents Required for Software Company Formation in Dubai

Attach all the mandatory documents with the application to avoid chances of rejection. The documents required are:

  • Copies of passport of the ex-pat and resident partners
  • Copy of naturalization book (if you have a resident partner for the business)
  • No Objection Certificate from the Current Employer (for a resident partner only)
  • Pay the Initial Approval Fee
  • Pay the Security Deposit
  • Signed Partnership Agreement (In case you are starting the company in partnership, an agreement has to be concluded and it has to be signed in presence of a notary)
  • Tenancy Contract with the Owner of the Property, in which the Company is Located

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Why Kiltons for setting up a Software Company in Dubai?

Assistance and guidance from a credible business setup service would be fruitful while forming a software company in Dubai. Who else can ensure you that more than a company, which has more than two decades of experience and has been instrumental in realizing the entrepreneurial dreams of countless expats? 

Kiltons Business Setup Services was established in 1999 and has been attaining great milestones since then. Our expertise is not limited to any particular type of company. We have professionals with an excellent record of accomplishment, to help our clients in the most optimal way. Reach out to us to help you achieve greater heights in Business. 

To know more about software company formation in Dubai and Business Setup in Dubai, contact us now. 

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