Dubai, the city that never sleeps couldn’t have had a better opening after a seemingly slow and prolonged Covid lockdown period. Dubai Expo 2020 is another milestone in the trajectory of the Emirate which has been creating spell bounding wonders for decades. And now with Dubai Expo 2020, Dubai has notched the game quite interestingly.

After a period of closing down the entire country, the first time since Dubai became a central game changer and one of the world’s most flamboyant tourist spots Expo 2020 is bringing in a swath of tourists from different countries.

What is Dubai Expo 2020?

It is the first time in the history of the Expo, that every participating country is getting a pavilion of their own. With 192 countries participating,  Dubai Expo is structured around the theme ‘Connecting Minds and Creating the Future’. It focuses on building ties and opening opportunities through sustainability and mobility. It stresses the idea that progress and development are not possible without joint efforts. Countries need to come together to lead the world of innovation and open opportunities for each other.

Major Attractions & Events for Audience

Apart from the 192 pavilions, there are also organization pavilions where international organizations and civil society are trying to address and bring the global challenges to the limelight. There are also partner pavilions and special pavilions that are vital to the success of the same and are showcasing the nuances of advancements through innovation and world-class expertise.

Each pavilion holds a different spectacle for the visitor and is also highly informative for the youth and adults. The Expo 2020 comes with a wide range of entertainments and activities that are sure to keep the kids engaged. Each pavilion is rooted in the general themes of sustainability and opportunity. The Mobility pavilion creates connections that can carry the world ahead by breaking down the barrier between the real and virtual world. There is a wide range of areas to explore including sports, architecture, food and well-being, arts and entertainment, and innovation and technology. There are also programs such as ‘Programme for People and Planet’ that stress the importance of reimagining the world with more dignity, equality, and universal respect. There are also entertainment programs like the Al Wasl Opera that bring out the traditions of the UAE in a soulful melody. 

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Dubai Expo 2020 is an attempt to inscribe the idea that innovation can come from anywhere and to anyone who has the eyes for it. By bringing in innovators in various fields, Expo is marking the dawn of a new sustainable era. 

Dubai Expo 2020 which was inaugurated on October 1 2021will be running live for six months up to 31 March 2022. It is open seven days a week from 10:00 to 00:00 on Saturday to Wednesday and 10:00 to 02:00 on Thursday and Friday.

Where is Dubai Expo 2020 Situated?

The Dubai Expo 2020 is situated in the Dubai South district. It is also close to Dubai International Airport, Abu Dhabi International Airport, and also within the easy reach of Al Maktoum International Airport. 

Expo 2020 also has a dedicated public bus service, which you can board from several parts of Dubai as well as other Emirates. You can board the bus to get back to your place after having a great day at Expo 2020. 

How Much Does a Ticket Cost?

There are several ticket categories that visitors can choose from based on their convenience. Below are some of it.

Season Pass

It is valid for the whole of six months. Once you buy a season pass, you can use it to visit the Expo at any time between these six months. It is free for kids, senior citizens, students, and people of determination. However, for adults ranging between 18 and 59 years, it costs AED 495 (INR 10,766.50).

Multi-Day Pass

The Multi-Day pass can be used for thirty consecutive days from the first day of use. It can be useful to people who want to pay a visit on weekends, or on other alternate days. As one day is not enough to study and understand the magnificence of Expo, paying multiple visits is surely worth it. Multi-Day pass is also free for kids and youth between the age of 6-17 years, people of determination, and senior citizens. It costs AED 195 for adults between 18 and 59 years which approximates to INR 4241. 35.

1-Day Ticket

As the name rightfully suggests, the pass is valid for a single entry. It is best suited for tourists and people running a tight schedule who don’t want to miss out on the splendour of Expo 2020. They can use the pass to visit their favourite country pavilion, try out the eateries and various entertainments offered. It costs AED 95 for adults (INR 2019.99) and is free for the rest of the category.

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Premium Experience

Get guided tours, five entries to the Premium Lounge, Access to the Expo B2B App and unlimited entries for the six months. If you are a business person and are looking for a chance to network and grow, then this is your opportunity. With this pass, one will get the opportunity to access and attend selected business events. It costs AED 1,750 (INR 37,562.35)

What are the Covid Restrictions at Expo 2020?

 Those who suffer from any health symptoms related to Covid-19 are restricted from attending the Expo. Also, those who have been in close contact with anyone who tested positive for Covid-19 or is under quarantine are also requested to keep away from visiting the Expo.

If you’re vaccinated, you must produce the proof for the same. And if you are not vaccinated, then you are supposed to produce the result of a negative PCR test that was conducted at least 72 hours before. It is ideal to take a PCR test one day before attending the Expo.

Those who carry 1-Day Ticket and Multi-Day-Pass are eligible for a free PCR test at the DHA Expo 2020. People carrying a Season Pass or Premium Experience are not eligible for a PCR test. People who are either fully vaccinated or are partially vaccinated with one dose are also ineligible for PCR tests. Face masks and social distancing are recommended while visiting pavilions. 

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