Reasons Why You Should Setup a Business in Dubai

“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs,” said the famed American columnist, businessman, investor and motivational speaker Farrah Gray. A cursory glance around would reveal to you that it is the reality. People are toiling day in day out constructing someone else’s dreams. They don’t have the time or energy to look into theirs’.

It is not too late to start your journey towards your dream. After all, it is better late than never. Dubai, UAE is an ideal location to embark on your voyage towards your destiny, if you envisage being a successful entrepreneur. Yes, this land has some exclusive features that most business destinations lack. You can kickstart your company and take it to the shores of success quite effectively.

Let’s look into the reasons why you should setup a business in Dubai.

Impetus of Economic Growth

Dubai outshines almost all of the business hubs around the globe, with an outstanding growth rate. The emirate has been climbing the development charts by introducing innovative measures, under the capable and futuristic political regime. With the authority supporting ambitious entrepreneurs, it is the right place for investment in a plethora of sectors. You can pick the field of your choice and set up a business in the jurisdiction of your choice, without any limitations literally.

Diversification of Focus

Not only Dubai but also the other emirates in UAE have started focussing on sectors other than oil and gas. Dubai is a step ahead of others in this move. The introduction of Green Visa and Golden Visa, as well as, the introduction of an easy visa processing procedure has been decisive moves in this direction. Furthermore, the offering of visas to retired expats, long-term visas to coders, golden visas to prominent personalities and entrepreneurs etc have augmented the economic growth. Making Dubai the right place for company formation.

100% Ownership of the Company

Earlier, the business set up in Dubai, by an expat, required a local Emirati owner who would hold 51% of shares in the company. Undeniably, finding a reliable sponsor and getting into the agreement has been a daunting task. This has been deterring many expatriates from starting a company in Dubai. The latest regulations have waived off the requirement of local sponsorship for businesses set up in Dubai Mainland. Expats can setup a business in Dubai Mainland with 100% of ownership through the unfussy process. The amendment, which came into effect this year, has been a blessing for many. Notwithstanding, the restrictions are still extant in the oil, gas and telecommunication sector. You can start a company without any legal complications, if you have the required documents and the budget, in any other field of your choice.

Outstanding Infrastructure

None of the other global business hubs can challenge Dubai in the matter of infrastructure. The emirate can be called a place of tomorrow, considering the pace with which ultramodern systems and technologies are installed. The excellent public transport system, seamless connectivity, availability of energy and water, brilliantly designed office and commercial spaces are some of the things to note.

Unfussy Business Setup Process

Legal framework and business setup formalities are simple and straightforward in Dubai. You can start a business in a quick time if you don’t have any criminal background and your documents are intact. Unaware of the business setup formalities. No need to worry. We are there to help you with your business setup in Dubai. We have cordial relationships with the ruling royal family and other important members of the authority. That makes us the best business setup services in the country.

Tax Exemptions to Make More Profit

Tax is the main factor that affects the total profit earned by a company. How painful it is when a major percentage of your income goes as tax to the government! Dubai offers attractive tax packages. Further, the Dubai Free Zone jurisdictions are 100% tax-free. You can set up a business in the Free Zone of your choice and make the best profit.

Strategically Located Business Hub

Import and export are essential for business development. Dubai is strategically located, well-connected with three continents viz. Asia, Africa and Europe. This is another prominent point that makes Dubai the right business location. Undoubtedly, the location of the business has a significant role in growth. The constant flight operated from Dubai International Airport assures that your business is connected with the world perfectly.

Healthcare and Education

Education and health infrastructure may not be directly linked with your business. However, a strong health and education infrastructure are vital for a successful business setup. The employees, laborers and their families must have adequate healthcare, while their children receive a good education. Dubai may be one of the top 5 places in the world in healthcare and education.

Availability of Manpower

You can recruit qualified manpower from the country of your choice, according to the size of your company. Hiring a skilled and unskilled workforce, at the best pay package, will ensure better growth prospects for the business setup. The availability of manpower would be helpful in setting up an efficient company.

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