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Futuristic visions are the catalysts for growth. Any country that has visionary leadership would grow leaps and bounds. The economic stability and sustained development will strengthen the core of the country. That is the exact reason for UAE becoming one of the most prosperous countries in the world. An investor-friendly regime with a broad perspective has been introducing policy amendments to attract promising expatriates to the country. Green visa is such an initiative intended to drive more professionals, entrepreneurs, and bright students to the UAE. The Green Visa in UAE allows expats to work without company sponsorship or sponsoring of an employer.

The immigrant can sponsor his or her family, including children up to 25 years of age. Earlier the sponsorship for a dependent son was limited to 18 years of age. The move will boost the arrival of skilled professionals, efficient entrepreneurs, and brilliant students to the country.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Green Visa in UAE

  • What is a Green Visa in the UAE?
    • UAE Green Visa is the newly introduced visa provision. Expatriates with skill and talent in business, or profession can apply for the Green Visa without the sponsorship of a company or employer. 

  • Who all can apply for a UAE Green Visa?
    • Skilled professionals, entrepreneurs, and students or postgraduates with excellent grades can apply for the Green Visa in UAE. The expat can set up a company or work as a freelancer in the UAE with the UAE Green Visa.
  • How long will it take for the Green Visa in UAE to be issued?
    • We can help you expedite the formalities for UAE Green Visa. Our experienced professionals with cordial relationships with the authority will get you Green Visa in UAE in the shortest time possible.
  • Can I pursue freelance jobs with UAE Green Visa?
    • Yes. An expatriate is allowed to opt for freelance jobs with the Green Visa in Dubai/ UAE. You can work independently with the UAE Green Visa.
  • What if the Green Visa holder loses the job in UAE?
    • A UAE Green Visa holder can stay in UAE for up to 3 months/ 180 days even if he or she loses the job. The expatriate can utilize the time for finding another job.
  • Can a Green Visa in UAE allow sponsoring the family?
    • Yes. A Green Visa in UAE allows the expat to sponsor the family. Moreover, children up to 25 years of age, who are dependent, can also be sponsored.
  • Can a son above 18 be sponsored as a dependent by a Green Visa holder?
    • The person having a Green Visa in UAE can sponsor his or her son up to 25 years of age. The earlier limit of 18 years of age has been amended to 25.
  • Are Golden Visas and Green Visas in the UAE the same?
    • No, the Golden Visa and Green Visa in UAE are two different concepts.
  • Does a Green Visa necessitate sponsorship by a company or an employer?
    • No. A Green Visa in UAE can be obtained without the sponsorship of a company or an employer. The Green Visa in Dubai/ UAE is issued solely based on the merits of the expatriate.

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Why is the UAE Green Visa introduced?

The UAE government targets a leap in the availability of qualified individuals from a spectrum of sectors in the country. It would eventually be bolstering the economy and paving the way for a solid alternative to an oil-based economy. The availability of a wider group of individuals with expertise in their respective fields would turn the guiding force for the country’s economy.

Option to work freelance or independent of any company will make the career dreams more promising. People with an ambitious attitude and ideas that can work wonders will choose the UAE Green Visa instead of working under an employer.

The formalities involved in obtaining sponsorship were deterring many individuals from coming to the UAE. Before the introduction of the UAE Green Visa, the employers had to submit requests to the Ministry of Human Resources for work permits and the recruitment of expatriate employees.

An additional facility has also been introduced as part of the Green Visa in UAE. Expats will now get a grace period of up to 180 days if he or she loses a job and will have to find another one.  Instead of 30 days earlier.  The Green Visa in Dubai/ UAE is going to boost the arrival of talented and experienced professionals, entrepreneurs, and students to the country. 

Benefits of UAE Green Visa 

Green Visa in UAE will be the most promising channel for arriving at the country for work or business. Individuals with knowledge and skill can make use of this opportunity to achieve great levels in life.

Benefits of Green Visa in UAE are:

 - Opportunity to work in a rapidly growing economy

 - Make use of the excellent infrastructure that can accelerate your personal and professional development

 - Work on your own without the need of a sponsor

 - Obtaining UAE Green Visa is easy, with fewer formalities and documentation

 - Green Visa in Dubai/ UAE allows you to sponsor family, including children up to 25 years of age

 - One can stay in UAE for up to 180 days for finding another job in case they lost the job

 - You can go for freelancing jobs with the UAE Green Visa

 - A pleasant, joyful and prosperous life guaranteed, with your skill and  dedication a

Who Can Avail the New Green Visas in the UAE? 

The changes in circumstances have been the basic reason behind the introduction of the new policies and promulgation of Golden Visa and Green Visa in UAE. The new Green Visa in Dubai/ UAE will open the doors for all the dreamers with a positive approach and innovative concepts. This would eventually help the country from shifting focus from an oil and gas-based economy. It also reduces the reliance on petro-dollar.

Are you an expat wanting to apply for a UAE Green Visa?

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You can apply for the Golden Visa in UAE if you are:

 - A highly skilled individual with excellent talent in a specific field

 - An entrepreneur with experience or a debutant with a superb business plan

 - Planning to invest in a specific business sector and be a part of the growing economy

 - A student with excellent grades, or a postgraduate with outstanding scores

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