How to Start a Software Company in Dubai?

Dubai, UAE has been on a path of reformation for the past couple of yards. The emirate that has been the genesis for countless successful entrepreneurs, has been introducing novel concepts and policy amendments in respect of visas and company formation.

Termination of local Emirati sponsorship for business setup in UAE was one of the prominent steps in this direction. With this milestone initiative, expats can now start companies with 100% of ownership. The only exclusion is the strategically important sectors including oil, gas and telecommunication industries.

The launch of Green Visa and Golden Visa facilities have been another promising move. These visas are expected to attract talented and qualified foreign citizens to the country for professional employment as well as entrepreneurship. Furthermore, the country has attractive plans for coders and other digital experts. In all probability, Dubai, UAE is going to be the epicentre of the digital revolution.

Having the growth-centric policies and a support regime, a software company set up in Dubai is going to be your ticket to prosperity. The software business setup in the right location can bring great opportunities for growth.

Steps for Starting a Software Company in Dubai

Unlike most of the other regimes around the world, Dubai has a focussed approach towards entrepreneurs with an intention to support them optimally. You would find all the policies and regulations designed with this concept at the centre point. A software company set up in Dubai is a simple process with bare minimum steps.

Create a Portfolio for Your Software Company

In a highly competitive business environment, your company must have a prolific profile to showcase. The works you have undertaken, the qualifications of the professional team, the package you offer etc have remarkable significance in the performance of the company. Your software business should stand out among the companies and hook the client instantly.

Marketing and Sales Pitch

As Dubai is one of the best business destinations in the world, software companies from around the globe have a campus here. The fact is that everyone has plenty of opportunities for growth. The size of your software setup in Dubai doesn’t matter as far as you can deliver the promised result. Every firm, irrespective of its size, is turning digital by implementing innovative software technology and creating digital footprints. You must understand the peculiarities of the market and formulate the marketing campaign accordingly. Sales pitch also has to be designed methodically.

Choosing the Name of the Software Company

Although the famed English playwright William Shakespeare had stated, “what’s in a name?” The company name is of paramount importance in the case of business. Dubai authorities have already laid down specifications regarding the naming of a company. Any company title violating the extant policy will not be allowed. Further, you must coin an engaging title for your software company, to compete with the existing entities.

Jurisdiction to Set Up the Software Company

You can start a software business in Dubai Mainland or Free Zone. Go ahead with a firm plan for setting up, after choosing the ideal jurisdiction for your company. We can assist you in identifying the jurisdiction for your software company in Dubai. The Department of Economic Development is the license issuing authority in the case of a company set up in Dubai Mainland. The respective Free Zones will issue the license in the case of a Free Zone company. The procedure for software company setup also will differ accordingly.

Why Open a Software Company in Dubai?

Many advantages make Dubai the right location for starting a software company. We are listing here a few of the benefits for a software company set up in Dubai. Rest assured, your company would grow to achieve great heights if you are able to plan and execute the right marketing methods and deliver results to the clients.

Let’s see why you should open a software company in Dubai:

  • Ease of doing business
  • Hassle-free business setup
  • 100% of company ownership to ex-pats, without the requirement of local Emirati sponsor
  • Quick setting up of the software company
  • Advanced world-class infrastructure
  • Supportive political regime
  • A high population of wealthy people and a plethora of companies requiring software support, lead to extensive opportunities
  • No corporate taxes
  • The best connectivity

Where Can You Open a Software Company in Dubai?

Dubai is set to become the global digital hub by the year 2030. The political regime is implementing policy amendments with this aim. The land is going to be the home of highly qualified IT experts from across the world. With all these positive things, you can set up your software company in any of the jurisdictions you want and reap the best results.

The location and jurisdiction of the software company set up in Dubai would ideally depend on your plans and future objectives. You can set up the business in Dubai Mainland jurisdiction or in any of the Free Zones below.

  • Dubai Silicon Oasis
  • Dubai Internet City
  • Dubai Media City
  • Dubai Knowledge Village

What are the Requirements to Open a Software Company in Dubai?

As the company owner, you must be sure about the fundamental characteristics of the software company you are planning to set up in Dubai. Either you can decide it yourself in consultation with your team or reach out to us for guidance in this regard.

The requirements to open a software company in Dubai include;
  • Decision on the jurisdiction of the software company in Dubai
  • The company structure of the software business setup
  • Registered business name of the company
  • Formulated Article of Association (AOA) notarized by an authorized notary
  • Registered Ejari or tenancy contract
  • VAT registration

Cost to Start a Software Company in Dubai

The cost to start a software company in Dubai will include the cost of the business license and the office rent. The business license fee for different jurisdictions, as well as, Free Zones is different. Similarly, the office rental charges also would depend on the location and the type of office.

  • License Fee Dubai Mainland – AED 11000 (approx..) + 2.5% of the annual rent of the office
  • License Fee Dubai Free Zones – AED 12000 (approx.) + 2.5% of the office rent (the license fee and office rent would vary as per the Free Zone)

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