All you Need to Know about DHA License in Dubai

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) license is the documentary approval for starting a medical practice in Dubai. Any person, let it be a UAE personnel or an ex-pat, must obtain a DHA license for commencing the service.

Once you have received the license, you can set up medical consultation after obtaining the necessary approvals. The Health Regulation Department, which comes under DHA, peruses applications and issues licenses.

Who all are Eligible for DHA License?

Professional health experts like doctors, surgeons, etc are eligible for a DHA license. The authority has listed the personnel authorized to apply for a DHA license in Dubai.  

  • Medical doctors
  • Surgical specialists and surgeons
  • Dental surgeons and dentists
  • Specialists from allied health services
  • Traditional medicine experts
  • Alternative medicine specialists

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What are the Documents Required for DHA License?

The documents required for a DHA license are:

  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of visa
  • Passport size colour photographs
  • Experience certificate
  • Logbook or any other evidence indicating the qualification and adequate experience of the surgeon
  • Certificate of good standing
  • Those above 65 applying for full-time DHA should submit a medical fitness certificate
  • Medical practice license
  • Certificates of academic qualifications

Procedure to Get a DHA License in Dubai

procedure to get gha license dubai

The DHA has formulated clear and concise steps for DHA licensing. The well-defined steps entail self-assessment and subsequent processes. The step-wise procedure to get a DHA license in Dubai is elaborated here.

#1.  Assess Your Eligibility 

You can assess whether you are eligible for a DHA license by visiting Sheryan, the online licensing system for Health Regulation Department in Dubai, for the complete licensing process. For the self-assessment, you need to:

  • Visit the Sheryan website, self-assessment tab
  • Enter the info related to your qualifications and experience
  • Click on the submit button
  • You will receive a response whether you are eligible or not, post system assessment of the info you entered
  • If the system approves your eligibility, you can move on to the next step
  • No need to worry even if you are not approved by the system. In that case, you can opt for a manual review of your eligibility. It may take up to 10 days for the manual review. 

#2.  Account Registration for DHA License

Sheryan is the online portal for DHA licensing formalities. You must create an account in Sheryan for pursuing the further process. The simple ID creation process involves:

  • Open the DHA portal
  • Select the button “Register New Account”
  • Enter the info asked
  • Register

#3.  Primary Source Verification (PSV) and Computer-based Testing (CBT)

Post-obtaining the eligibility confirmed for a DHA license, the next step is PSV and CBT. Once you have got the PSV done, they should go for a CBT assessment. Nonetheless, CBT assessment is not required for all.

  • PSV examines the applicant’s educational qualifications, experienced and other relevant credentials. The authenticity of the applicant is perused diligently to prevent unauthentic persons from obtaining the DHA license.
  • The CBT assessment is necessary, especially for doctors, dentists and nurses. Through this testing, the knowledge, skills, and academic expertise would be evaluated. Qualifying the CBT allows you to the next step, registering for a DHA license.

#4.  Register for DHA License

You must register in the Sheryan portal for processing the DHA license application.

  • Click on the “Register a Professional” button in the web portal
  • Enter the required info
  • Upload the documents sought
  • Pay the DHA registration fee
  • The acceptance, rejection or return of the application for further clarification would depend on the PSV and CBT verifications

#5.  Oral Assessment

The authorities observe all the necessary steps to prevent the wrong person from obtaining a DHA license. That is the reason for these steps for licensing. The next step in the procedure is the oral assessment of the applicant. You can schedule the assessment on a date convenient to you, from the dates available in the portal. The license would be issued only if you pass the assessment.

#6.  DHA Professional License

Qualifying the previous step, i.e. the oral assessment, is the last hurdle for a DHA license. Once you pass the OA, you will be registered as a licensed medical professional. Now you need to activate the DHA license for pursuing the medical practice.

  • Apply for the activation of your DHA license
  • Submit the offer letter in the prescribed format
  • Forward the malpractice insurance certificate
  • Pay the licence fee, which varies from time to time (you may contact us to know the latest fee for your profession)

Upon conclusion of the above steps, you will receive an interim DHA license. It can be used until the original license is issued. 

For more queries on the DHA license and for support, contact us now.

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