How To Set up a Clinic in Dubai?

Compared to full-fledged hospitals, clinics are easier to operate and their running charges are less. Therefore many healthcare professionals and investors prefer setting up a private clinic in Dubai. Investors consider both Dubai mainland and the free zone for setting up a clinic. The free zone named Dubai Health Care City is a free zone in Dubai that specially focuses on meeting the ever-increasing medical needs of Dubai and UAE as a whole. Setting up a clinic must be done after conducting enough market studies and consulting with professionals in the industry. Here is how to set up a clinic in Dubai in terms of business setup perspective. 

Step by Step Instructions to Set up a Clinic in Dubai

Trade name reservation – the very first process in connection with setting up a clinic in Dubai is the trade name reservation. Visit the official website of the Department of Economic Development, Dubai and fill the trade name application form. After filling the application, submit the same. 

Get the Initial approval – Trade name reservation is followed by getting initial approval from the Department of Economic Development. For acquiring the same, the applicant is required to submit an additional application to the DED. Include a copy of the applicant’s passport. 

The clinic’s architectural plan with the necessary drawings has to be sanctioned by the Dubai Municipality. Therefore, this process requires separate approval.

DHA approval - The most important document that you require is the letter of consent from the DHA or Department of Healthcare Authority. DHA is the government body that regulates and monitors the overall health-related facilities in Dubai.

The applicant is supposed to file the following documents to acquire the DHA approval.

  • Copy of the passport, visa and Emirates ID (both applicant and the partners)
  • Trade name reservation document approved by DED
  • The owner-signed DHA agreement
  • Plan approval document
  • Affection plan issued by Dubai Municipality

Preparation of documents followed by submission - The documents required for submission are listed below.

  • MOA
  • Lease agreement 

DED Final Approval – Submit the following documents and the necessary fee involved in the registration process to the DED.

  • Initial approval (copy)
  • The owner has to appoint a Medical Director (MD). Owner’s NOC is required for the same. 
  • Information regarding MD and health professionals
  • Building agreement

The DED provides the business license after scrutiny of the submitted documents. 

Issuance of DHA license – Visit the official website of the DHA and generate an account. Apply for the DHA license. Submit the information regarding the healthcare personnel who are employed in the clinic. The DHA issues the license after scrutiny of all the documents and approvals.

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Advantages and Scope 

The UAE government is always keen on providing outstanding healthcare facilities to not only the UAE nationals but the large majority of the foreign population residing in different Emirates. The Dubai government has always played a crucial role in encouraging investors and healthcare professionals to set up various healthcare facilities and research centres in Dubai. In order to facilitate these services, the government provides concession and monetary benefits to healthcare ventures irrespective of business jurisdiction.  Let us see some of the major advantages and scope of establishing a clinic in Dubai.

The huge benefit of medical tourism in Dubai - Clinics that provide world-class treatments focussing on specialist sectors can benefit from foreign clients. The Emirate has already evolved into a medical tourism hub. Dubai is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Asia and Europe.

Growth of healthcare sector – The increasing number of expatriates, an increase in the number of non-transmissible diseases in the population, the introduction of compulsory health insurance have positive implications in the growth of the healthcare sector.

Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model – The PPP model is successful in many countries. The government is ready to endorse the PPP model to satisfy increasing medical requirements. And this promotes the participation of private healthcare ventures in the healthcare sector.

Guaranteed income – Setting up a clinic in Dubai is a prerogative of learned professionals. And at the same time, this business undertaking comes under the category of public utility. This offers guaranteed and steady income for the investors.

Things to Remember Prior to Set up

  • Setting up of a clinic is an initiative that is entitled only to medical professionals who hold a valid degree. Other than this option, the person involved in the business formation should be a Director with all the necessary credentials. 
  • A DED issued professional license is necessary to set up a clinic in Dubai.
  • The investor should appoint a UAE national as a Local service agent (LSA) because the private clinic is a service-oriented business that requires a professional license. 
  • A private clinic may deal with different medical specializations like gynaecology, cosmetology, urology or dentistry.
  • The Dubai Healthcare Authority approval is crucial in connection with establishing a clinic in Dubai. 
  • Establishing a dental clinic has a slightly different set of procedures.

The registration of a private clinic in Dubai can be a bit confusing for a new investor. The process involves liaising with multiple government agencies and the submission of vital documents. Any discrepancy in providing information or errors regarding document submission can delay the entire business incorporation process. Please get in touch with Kiltons advisors for additional guidance and support to set up a clinic in Dubai.

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