A Detailed Guide on How to Start a Restaurant Business in Dubai

If you are a foodie, Dubai is the best place to be in to try some of the most delicious and vivid delicacies that are available around the globe. Yes, you can have a plethora of European, Middle East, Asian, African and South-East Asian dishes all in one place. Restaurant or food business is a lucrative option in Dubai and UAE, provided you know certain basic necessities in terms of business and regulations.  Here is a detailed guide to start a restaurant business in Dubai.

Licensing for Restaurants

Reastaurant License in Dubai is an important aspect to start a restaurant business in Dubai. Acquiring the Trade and Food License is mandatory before starting your dream restaurant/cafeteria business in one of the most sought after business and travel destinations in the Middle East. The food license is issued by the Food and Safety Department. The trade license in Dubai is issued by the Department of Economic Development, Dubai and the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing. 

Acquiring both these licenses is paramount for starting and running a restaurant business in Dubai, failing to which you may end up with penalties or even a shutdown.  You should also ensure that the documentation part is flawless and verified by the relevant authorities. Even if you are experienced in conducting a Restaurant or Cafeteria business in other parts of the world, the business set up rules in Dubai is a bit different. Therefore, you may need the relentless support and assistance from someone who is already established in the field or a proactive business setup professional like Kiltons. Kiltons Business Setup Services  LLC has decades of experience and expertise in the field of business setup in Dubai and all the other Emirates. Starting your restaurant business right from the scratch is a humongous task (not at all an exaggeration) and may require other permits like Liquor Permit, Ramadan permit etc. 

Find An Apt Location For Your Restaurant Business

Finding the most suitable location serves as a deciding factor for the success or profitability of your business. Have a clear picture in mind regarding your customers and their taste. Based on the same, prepare the pricing for various food items. Let me explain in simple words. If your customers are not able to afford your foodstuffs, it might seriously affect the profitability of your business concern. For example, investing in an area that is home to the ordinary expat population, it would be wise to go for a restaurant that offers affordable meals. Bur Dubai, Deira and Karama are some of the most affordable residential areas in Dubai.  Whereas, the glamorous and expensive locations like the Palm Jumeirah or Emirates Hills are visited by tourists who prefer luxury. In these locations, you may consider a high-profile restaurant.  Therefore, the spending capacity of your customer is the key factor here. 

Another point to consider is the presence of competitors in your preferred location. If you have a good number of competitors it is always wise to consider a different location, unless you have something special (for example a delicacy) to offer for your customers. You may seriously consider the areas that are under construction, or the upcoming tourist spots or any particular locale that is sure to attract your target customers in large numbers. For this, you need to have reliable local assistance and support to determine the apt location based on the type, nature, and budget of your business.

Prepare A Detailed Business Plan

Your business plan should give priority to 4 essential aspects and they are listed below. 

  • Have a precise objective for your business.
  • Set aside money as a contingency fund to take care of unexpected eventualities.
  • Each and every dirham that you invest in the business should help you to enhance the profits.
  • As you climb up the ladder, do the best to safeguard your brand.

Food Code

In Dubai, a Food Code is pertinent to all the businesses that come under the food sector. The businesses that come under this category are restaurants, cafeteria, hotels, bakeries, grocery outlets, stores, food manufacturing units, food storage warehouses, catering units, canteens etc. Therefore the same Food Code is applicable for a restaurant business. The food code is a system followed to ensure food safety compliance.

Design and Layout

There are certain prerequisites to satisfy when it comes to the design and layout of the restaurant. The consent of the Food Control department is mandatory prior to the commencement of construction. Please contact Kiltons food sector advisors for the detailed design and layout guidelines.

Other Permits

You may have to acquire other permits if necessary like Vehicle Permit, Pork Permit, Liquor Permit etc.   

Now you might have got a hint of how tedious and time-consuming is the whole process of Restaurant Incorporation in Dubai. It is evident that only an efficient and experienced business setup professional with a precise understanding of the latest market scenario can manage the whole licensing and incorporation procedures. And that’s what Kiltons Business Setup Services do. 

Please let us know your requirements. We are always ready to help you.

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