Everything to Know About DED Professional License in Dubai

For anyone who wishes to start a business in Dubai, the most indispensable requirement is obtaining the requisite trade license from the Department of Economic Development or DED. From manufacturing activities, commercial or industrial entities to professional services, every kind of business has its own specific DED license, without which no person or company can run their business in Dubai. 

The DED has devised an administrative system for the smooth processing of different types of licenses. A DED professional license is mandatory for undertaking professional or service oriented activities in Dubai.

What constitutes professional service? 

If you are an aspiring businessman seeking to undertake any of the below mentioned activities in Dubai, you would be required to obtain a DED professional license:

  • Artisanal or carpentry works
  • Beauty salon
  • Teachers and educational professionals
  • Consultancy services
  • Lawyers
  • Medical representatives
  • Accounting/auditing professionals
  • Document clearing
  • Security services
  • Printing and publishing services
  • Internet and web designing
  • Entertainment artists, etc.

Procedure to apply for DED professional license in Dubai

In order to apply for a DED professional license in Dubai, there are certain steps to be followed. Here is the procedure for applying for DED professional license in Dubai:


The first thing you need to do is finalise the jurisdiction of your business. There are two major locations for any business setup in Dubai - Mainland and Freezone. This is because the rules and license requirements are different for operating business in Mainland and Freezone in Dubai. If you wish to set up your business in Mainland, you would be required to obtain a professional license only from the DED. However, if Freezone is the location of your choice, then you would also be required to obtain a license from the respective higher authorities concerned.

Type of Business

The legal entity of your business is the next important thing you need to finalise. You can start your professional service business in many forms in Dubai, including but not limited to, sole proprietorship, LLC, One person company, SME, Private or Public Share Holding Company, Partnership, Branch of a foreign company, Representative office, Intelaq, etc. to name a few.


You need to get all the necessary documents in order to apply for a DED professional license in Dubai. The steps involved in paperwork are as follows:

  • Duly filled application form
  • Certificate of validity for the company
  • Certificate of initial approval
  • Lease approved by Dubai Municipality and certified by RERA (Ejari)
  • Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association
  • Agreements with local service agencies 

Engage Business Setup Service Provider

To obtain a DED professional license from Dubai is no easy feat. Only a certified and experienced business setup service provider would be able to ensure your application process right from jurisdiction to finally obtaining the license and starting a business is smooth and hassle free. This provides that the best way to ensure you get success in obtaining DED professional license is to engage an expert business setup service provider like Kiltons Business Setup Services LLC, who are familiar with the processes and has the necessary liaising skills with the DED for obtaining professional license. 

Why should you choose Kiltons?

With our years of experience and skill in helping businesses obtain DED professional license to carry out their professional/service related activities, we have managed to create a name for ourselves as the most sought after business setup service provider in the UAE. Our team of professionals are qualified and knowledgeable on all matters related to DED professional license in Dubai. We can assure you of a seamless and hassle free process in obtaining your professional license at the most affordable rates and the shortest waiting time. Connect with us here to meet all your DED professional license needs in Dubai.

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