COVID-19: India-Dubai Travel - Covid Vaccination, Quarantine Rules, Other Details

The world is not free of the COVID-19 scare until now. News is coming from different parts of the world about the appearance of new Coronavirus mutants with faster spread possibilities and vaccine-resistance capabilities. Human beings have the strength to recover quickly from setbacks and the capacity to strike and win over visible and invisible enemies. We will overcome this unforeseen quandary as well. In this section we will explain the Covid 19 new rules and updates on India-Dubai travel, covid vaccination, quarantine rules, and other aspects in detail.

Travel regulations are still existing in many regions around the globe. Countries have announced strict travel regulations in a bid to reduce the spread and protect the country from new variants of the virus.  

The second wave of Coronavirus spread pushed India on the back foot and caused a furor across the country. Inadequacy of medical Oxygen, lack of sufficient medical facilities, plagued medical infrastructure and shortage in medical supply elevated the criticality.

Viewing the scenario, the government of UAE had suspended flights from and to India. Causing ambiguities and raising concerns on numerous expats who were planning the return to UAE. The restrictions have jeopardized the dreams of many job seekers, entrepreneurs, and their families.  

The good news is that UAE is commencing the flight operations anytime soon. There may not be full-fledged flight schedules initially. Normal flight services, as in earlier, are expected to start in the near future.

Rules and Regulations for Those Planning to Travel to UAE

The authority has stipulated quarantine requirements, vaccination, and other directives for the individuals traveling to the UAE. Any person intending to return to the UAE must abide by the instructions. Initially, it was mentioned that they must carry the documents with respect to vaccination and COVID negative certificate from an approved agency.

With an aim to ease the travel of Indian expatriates, the UAE government has revised the rules for those traveling to the emirate recently. The travel bans are not lifted completely, the flights are being operated in an air-bubble arrangement as agreed by India and UAE.

The bullet points about the documents and requirements for those traveling to UAE are:

  • Passengers who have taken the complete doses of approved vaccines for COVID-19 can only travel to the country.
  • Residence visa holders, who wish to return to the country, must register their details, including the Emirates ID of self and sponsor on the website of Identity and Citizenship (ICA)
  • Don’t miss out on including the vaccination details in the relevant column, which would help in receiving additional benefits from the authority
  • The good news for those expatriates from the Emirates of Dubai is that they will not require a vaccination certificate. That means you can travel back to Dubai even if you are not vaccinated. Note that, this provision is only for Dubai and not applicable to any other emirate in the country.
  • The passengers must carry a COVID negative certificate taken not more than 72 hours before the travel.
  • Indian ex-pats residing or working in Dubai should undergo another RTPCR test at the Dubai international airport.
  • If Dubai is a transit point for going to any other region, the RTPCR test result that is not more than 72 hours old, can be used. Such individuals need not undergo the COVID test at Dubai airport.
  • Visa holders can obtain approval from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA). Apply online for pre-entry approval through the GDRFA website.
  • Etihad Airways has started flight services between Abu Dhabi and New Delhi, Kochi, Trivandrum, Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Mumbai.

Reopening of UAE

The vaccination drive in UAE is progressing in full force. The country is expecting to achieve 100% vaccination shortly. With a significant percentage of the vaccinated population, the reopening of public places, entertainment centers, parks, etc is being undertaken in a phased manner.

Abu Dhabi was the first emirati to allow the reopening of public places. It allowed residents’ entry into public places with effect from 20 Aug. All those, who have been vaccinated, are permitted to enter such spaces.  

The Emergency Crisis and Disasters Committee has scheduled the opening of shopping centers, malls, restaurants, fitness centers, recreational facilities, sports centers, resorts, museums, parks, universities, academies, institutes, private schools, and theme parks in the first phase.

The remaining centers, places, and organizations would be opened in the subsequent phases. Depending on the scenario. We expect life in the UAE to return to normalcy very soon. With the successful vaccination of 100% of the population, except kids. 

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Returning of UAE Residence Visa Holders

The latest revision in the travel regulations has made it possible for UAE residents to return to the country and restart their jobs/businesses. A ray of hope for many entrepreneurs who have been stuck in India. With an aim to support as many expatriates as possible, the Dubai government has removed the requirement of vaccination for traveling back. Incidentally, the emirate has been the home for many Indian entrepreneurs. Therefore, the decision would help them the most.

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