Five New Features of New Emirates ID

UAE has been introducing timely modifications to the services offered, to keep with the global trends. Embracing the latest digital developments, it could remain competitive in the international arena. A highly promising country that is known for red carpet welcome to expats and entrepreneurs, UAE continues to be the favorite hub of fortune hunters.

Innovative concepts have been pivotal in gaining popularity in the international sphere. The introduction of a new and enhanced Emirates ID card is such a change. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) rolled out a modified Emirates ID on Saturday. Equipped with advanced features, the card is expected to be safe, and secure, besides ensuring privacy to the cardholder.

Emirates ID is the identity card issued to all UAE residents. It is essential to hold this ID proof and attach a copy of the same for varying official requirements in company formation in Dubai, UAE.

The ICA had introduced the car through their official mobile app initially, before promulgating the same the last Saturday. In fact, the modification is not limited to Emirates ID. UAE passports or Emirati passports also will undergo a massive change. The modifications of both were approved in November previous year.

Cabinet assembly chaired by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, in November 2020 perused the proposals and approved the changes. The associated process has been going on since then. Having a wide effect, the replacement of Emirates ID with the modified variant would be a massive process involving different departments, requiring exhaustive coordination of activities.

Features of New Emirates ID

The new Emirates ID has advanced safety features, to protect the citizens from fraudulent activities and loss of personal data. The five new features of Emirates ID are:

1. Protection of non-visible data assured: Data will be read through the "e-link system"

With the new Emirates ID in place, the personal data would not be visible to any third-party persons or entities. The data will be read through the e-link system of ICA only.

2. Advanced Technical and Technological Characteristics

Higher chip capacity and non-touch data reading features- The Wi-Fi-enabled chip in the Emirates ID will help in non-touch data reading. Having strong technical characteristics, the ID will have better functionalities than the previous one.

 3. High-Quality Card with longer service life: Polycarbonate helps to extend the service life of the card to over 10 years

Forget the frequent replacement due to the defects in the Emirates ID. The newly introduced card is made of Polycarbonate materials, which is a lightweight material with high durability and longevity. It is known for withstanding the weather conditions, rough handling, and other external forces remarkably well.

4. 3D Photograph: Laser printing authenticated with Date of Birth

A 3D vision of the cardholder’s photo will be another feature of the new Emirates ID. The image having a 3D visualization will be useful for improved recognition of the individual. The photograph would have the date of birth laser printed on it, for enhanced authentication.

5. Inclusion of Additional Fields and Codes Definition

Information like professional data, issuing authority and population group is added to the card

Another exclusive and helpful attribute of the modified Emirates ID is the inclusion of additional fields. The authorities examining the card will get a good detail about the person in a single click itself. As the card has all the info about the profession the individual is related to, the authority that has issued the ID, and the population group to which the person belongs.

Advantages Offered by the New Emirates ID

With time changes the technology and the method of working. Consequently, the types and methodology of fraudulent activities, threats, and complications also change. We are living in a transparent world, where IoT is handling our day-to-day life. Even minor personal data, shared online, can create chaos in life.

Advantages or state-of-the-art factors that are offered by the new Emirates ID are:

  • Digital safety elements to prevent any hacker getting access into the personal data of the individual
  • Invisible data processing. The data visibility is limited to the ICA officials through the e-link system
  • Reduced paperwork, with the chip-card containing all the relevant data concerning the cardholder
  • Provides confidence to the Emirates ID holders to conduct national or international travel, without any worries about the paperwork associated with the journey   
  • Safety features to prevent identity theft by miscreants and frauds
  • Usage of Emirates ID for a wide variety of purposes, since the card has all the requisite information pertaining to the person

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The Brief

The new Emirates ID has been prepared after meticulous study and preparation. It is a futuristic card that amalgamates security features, convenience, and longevity.

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