Best Business to Start in Dubai With Low Investment

Dubai has been a welcoming arena for entrepreneurs. Countless expatriates have turned millionaires and billionaires with investment in prospective business fields in this emirate. Many a time, people misconstrue that a large amount has to be invested to reap optimal benefits. It will be surprising info for those dreamy-eyed expats and residents that you don’t have to have a hefty amount in hand to set up a business in Dubai or any other emirate in the country.

This article is intended to give you some info about low investment business ideas in Dubai. Approaching Kiltons Business Setup Services in Dubai and discussing your objectives will be fruitful to have a plethora of startup business ideas opened up in front of you. In turn, it will be simple for you to form a company in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi or elsewhere in UAE and get great benefits.

List of Low investment Business Opportunities in Dubai

Here we provide you with the list of low investment business ideas in Dubai. Opt for the one that suits your tastes and business acumen.

1. Food Business

Restaurant business has always been in the limelight as one of the most profitable businesses in Dubai. With countless bachelor, as well as, single immigrants working in Dubai, the food business will deliver quick ROI. However, a restaurant will necessitate a high initial investment. Therefore, we are suggesting you affordable alternatives to the restaurant business.  

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a. Catering Service

You don’t require a dedicated shop if you are establishing a catering service. It only needs sufficient space at your home for the preparation of food. You can publicize the business through social media, without spending even a single penny. Further, you will get the optimum word of mouth publicity by delivering good quality food and prompt service.

b. Bakery Production

Reach out to bakeries around your location in Dubai. Talk to the owners regarding providing good quality bakery products at competitive rates. Try to keep some samples at the bakeries for checking the sales. Once your product attains an identity among the bakery products, you can augment production and increase the number of bakeries to deliver the items. Create an identity about your products through quality and taste, to grow further.

c. Food Delivery from Home

Start food delivery from home. Tasty food that has quality will be accepted by society rather quickly. With many youngsters working around Dubai, plan to prepare food according to their taste. Use social media platforms, your friend circle and other available resources to market your business.

2. Consultation Service

People lack information and awareness of many things. They want someone with in-depth knowledge about that to advise them. That’s where consultation service becomes important. You can choose this business idea in Dubai if you are a qualified and experienced individual, who knows in and out of a particular field. Consultation Service is one of the best businesses to start in dubai with low investment.

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a. Legal Consultant

Citizens and business firms will need various types of advice regarding legal issues, policies and federal laws. They may require assistance in representing them at the authority for legal formalities. A legal consultant doesn’t require a specific office. An individual can commence a legal consultation firm at home, after obtaining necessary approval and license.

b. Business Consultation

Expat and resident individuals with entrepreneurial goals will require guidance and support through the process. You can set up a business consultation agency without much expenditure, in case you have a comprehensive idea about the process. Business consultation agency has great possibilities in an investor-friendly emirate like Dubai.

c. IT Consultation and Digital Marketing

Information Technology has transformed the world. Nowadays, the company that doesn’t have a digital presence may not succeed in its ventures. Therefore, almost all the business firms use services of IT consultants and digital marketing experts. Think of starting the same if you have knowledge about the nuances and subtle aspects of the digital world.

3. Content Writing and Copywriting

Digital marketing firms and companies with a web presence are facing a shortage of content writers and copywriters. Start providing contents for websites, blogs, and social media posts. Once you have cemented your identity, make a group of content writers and copywriters for providing contents for companies and digital marketing agencies. With credibility and timely delivery, you can grow to greater heights. Content Writing and Copywriting is considered as a low risk high profit business idea in Dubai among the list.

4. Real Estate

Real estate agencies can turn a profitable venture in quick time. Aim at providing trustworthy services that will elevate your value among the clients. Don’t forget to focus on one particular field, which is your niche in the beginning. Spread out to other real estate segments only after gaining a grip in the particular area. Obtaining a real estate license in Dubai is the first step. You can slowly expand your business by recruiting employees subsequently.

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The Conclusion

The above-mentioned are some of the low investment business ideas in Dubai. With dedication and commitment, you can turn your small business into a bigger one in a very short time. The atmosphere in Dubai is conducive to the growth of businesses. And you can channelize it to benefit you.

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