How to Start a Daycare Center in Dubai?

The fast-paced life in Dubai offers little or no time for young parents to be with their young children all the time. With their busy jet-setting and fast-paced lifestyles, working parents may find it difficult to arrange care for their children during work hours. Here is where the prospect of daycare centres comes in. 

Dubai being the land of opportunity, there is great scope for a thriving and essential businesses like daycare centres. Keeping the needs of people in mind, the time is right for opening a daycare centre in Dubai, with the help of business setup service consultants like Kiltons. We are here to help you with the formalities involved in opening a daycare centre in Dubai.

Before we go into the steps involved in opening a daycare centre in Dubai, here are a few essential matters to keep in mind:

You need to undertake sufficient due diligence before you start a daycare centre business in Dubai, with regard t

  • Safety and security 
  • Qualified Administration
  • Safety of building
  • Essential equipment
  • Reputation & good standing

All these will ensure that your daycare facility in Dubai complies with the UAE’s health and safety codes. 

Steps to Start a daycare centre in Dubai

Draft a Business Plan

The first step in setting up a daycare centre in Dubai is to frame a business plan. The plan should include many facets of the business, including but not limited to location, the age category of children, the area to be targeted, market strategy, medical facilities, education structure and philosophies.

Obtain a License and Certifications

Before you start any business in Dubai, including a daycare centre, you need to obtain the necessary licenses and certifications as required by law. For a daycare centre, you would be required to have a business license to operate the daycare business as a legal entity. You might also need certifications from the Directorate of Civil Defense, Dubai Municipality, and the Public Health Department to start a daycare business in Dubai.

Finding a Daycare Facility

The next important thing to do is to find the right location and facility for your daycare centre in Dubai. Whether you decide to conduct your business from your house or lease out a property for the same, you need to ensure that the facility complies with all the health, safety and hazard compliances. Regarding location, you have the liberty to choose between Freezone, Mainland and Offshore for setting up your daycare centre business in Dubai.

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Get Insured

Creating a safe environment for children is one of the most important aspects of any daycare centre. Parents would only be comfortable sending their children to a safe daycare centre which complies with all insurance formalities against potential risk factors. With this in mind, one of the most vital things is to secure insurance for your daycare centre against all possible hazards.

Hire Staff

You need to hire the necessary staff to manage your daycare centre in Dubai. Ensure that you only hire staff after rigorous background checks so as to avoid any skeletons in the closet later on. Being a business that caters for children, it would be prudent to hire staff who have a friendly and pleasant disposition. Keep in mind the possibility of hiring more staff as the business grows, so make sure you allocate a sufficient budget for the same as well.

Documents Required to Setup a Daycare Business in the UAE

For setting up a daycare centre in Dubai, you need to have the following documents ready to be submitted before the relevant authorities:

  • Police clearance certificate
  • Municipality and Civil Defense Approval
  • Attested educational certificates and degrees of business owner/partners
  • Appointment letter of a UAE/GCC National as the daycare manager
  • Copy of Passport of the owner and Emirati partner
  • The location and drawing for the proposed daycare centre
  • Photos of the business owner

If you are interested in starting a daycare centre in Dubai, connect with the most prolific and professional business setup service provider for a hassle-free experience. You need to have the support of someone who is familiar with the business environment in Dubai and who has experience in helping entrepreneurs set up their businesses. Connect with Kiltons, one of the leading business setup service consultants in Dubai, who has extensive experience in the field of setting up businesses in the country. Talk to our expert consultants here and get your dream business off the ground in no time!

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