Why you Should consider Meydan Free Zone for your Company Formation?

Starting a business in the UAE free zone offers many benefits. Ex-pats and residents have been constantly establishing entities in the free zone jurisdictions to reap the advantages and gain optimal business growth.

Out of the many domains, Meydan Free Zone remains one of the most opted and highly beneficial ones in the country. It was established in 2099 with an intention to support foreign investors and thereby usher in more investments in the region.

The business set up in Meydan free zone is easy, comfortable and quick. Moreover, the cost-effectiveness, unique specialities, and higher growth prospects attract entrepreneurs to this jurisdiction.  

What Makes Meydan Free Zone Special?

Not one, but many factors make Meydan free zone the ideal location for starting a business venture. It has all the positive factors that would make your company grow excellently, without any kind of impediments or difficulties. A few reasons that make Meydan free zone special are:

  • Location: Meydan free zone located at a space well connected via air and road. Situated in proximity to Dubai's downtown, the free zone is just 15 minutes away from the Dubai International Airport.
  • Elegance: More than anything else, your business address matters a lot. Meydan free zone would offer you a notable address that would be key in engaging elite clients.
  • Connectivity: The free zone is so ideally located that the clients, customers, associated members, partners and shareholders can reach your campus easily. This helps in arranging meetings, conferences, special functions etc without any difficulties.

Benefits of Considering Meydan Free Zone for Your Company Formation

Many benefits make Meydan free zone beneficial for commencing your business. This free zone is preferable for those looking to extend their business operations to Dubai as well. You might reach out to us for knowing about the company set-up formalities in Meydan Free Zone.

The benefits that make Meydan free zone the best for business set up in Dubai are:

  • Business set-up in Meydan free zone is easy, quick, and convenient without any kind of hassles. The free zone authority is at your service supporting you in every way possible for company formation in the jurisdiction. With the authority’s support, it is convenient to network with other firms from the industry, obtain raw material and service support from companies, and deliver products to markets.  
  • Affordability is another key factor that has been making Meydan the first option for ex-pat entrepreneurs. You can choose the office space depending on your budget and convenience. Opt for a Flexi Desk if you want to limit the company formation budget. Multiple office space options are available, along with other reasonably rated services.
  • Growing a community of ex-pat and resident entrepreneurs make an enthusiastic environment augmenting your growth. Many firms from diverse industries are functioning in Meydan free zone. Their innovative skills, custom-designed services, futuristic concepts and core strengths can benefit your company as well. Support from a third party is vital for the smooth functioning of an entity. You can expect such seamless support in Meydan.
  • Different business set-up packages are available in Meydan for you to choose from. Multi-visa options are available by paying an extra amount. Choose the most affordable option based on your needs and go ahead with the company formation in Meydan free zone.
  • Meydan e-commerce is a special eCommerce option offered to the companies in the jurisdiction. Explore this facility to sell your products through the leading e-commerce solutions in the country. Such a move would eliminate geographical barriers to your business and aid you to reach out to far and wide corners of the UAE. The approval for eCommerce operation can be obtained after paying the requisite amount stipulated by the free zone authority.

How to Start a Company in Meydan Free Zone?

A hassle-free business set-up process has been established by the free zone authority for setting up a company in the domain. The steps involved in obtaining the trade license and company formation in Meydan free zone are:

  • Business activities authorized by the firm would be specified in the trade license document. Therefore, you need to determine the businesses and trade you are going to conduct beforehand. The trade license application should indicate the business activities planned. Your company would be authorized to conduct those activities only.
  • The company name should be registered with the authority prior to applying for initial approval. You might note that blasphemous, religiously or politically inclined, or abbreviations are not authorized. The authority would reject the trade name registration if the name proposed falls in any of these categories. You may reach out to Kiltons to know in detail about the naming regulations in the Meydan free zone (you can use your name as the company name, without any abbreviations).
  • Arrange all the documents and apply for a trading license in Meydan free zone. Assign us with the task for an optimal business set-up process. Our team would handle all the documentation and official formalities on your behalf. And would help you with an affordable business set-up. The documents required for the trade license application are:

                          1. Copy of passport of owner and shareholders

                          2. Passport-size photographs

                          3. Copy of visa

                          4. Copy of Emirates ID (only if applicable)

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