What is Ejari? How can we Register for Ejari?

Ejari is an Arabic term that translates to “My Rent”. It is the regulation introduced in real estate or property rentals by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA). Law 26/ 2007 states the mandatory requirement to comply with the directives.  Ejari stipulates the contract between the landlord and the tenant. It prevents the possibility of disputes between both parties. Furthermore, Ejari would help resolve the issue even if one arises.

Ejari registration is done through a dedicated portal. The legal process makes an essential part of renting or leasing official space, commercial property, etc. It offers transparent dealing between the parties. All the terms in the agreement would be bound by the legal procedure through Ejari. We can help you with Ejari registration in Dubai, handling the complete process on your behalf.

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What is the Ejari System?

The Ejari system is a tenancy contract process as detailed in the preceding paragraphs. The tenant is the person responsible for undertaking the necessary steps for Ejari registration. You can use agencies offering Ejari registration services in Dubai or the emirate where you belong.

The tenant should initiate the Ejari registration procedure once the contract with the property owner has been concluded with the public notary. The online registration can be undertaken through the advanced Ejari portal set up exclusively for this purpose.

Major Benefits of the Ejari System

Ejari registration is of paramount importance for both the owner and the tenant. It eliminates the ambiguities concerning lease or rent regulations, period of tenancy etcetera. The benefits of Ejari registration are:

  • Maintaining transparency between the owner and tenant
  •  Easy and early resolution in case of disputes
  • The tenant can do a background check of the landlord if s/he wants
  • Obtain historical data on the property if required
  • Prevents usage of fake documents or backing out from the prior agreed-upon terms
  • Stoppage of illegal activities in real estate rental sector
  • Creates a cordial relationship between the landlord and the tenant

Registration Process for Ejari System in Dubai

These long explanations might have caused you confusion on how to register Ejari online. Ejari registration services provided by reputed business setup services like Kiltons are the best and effortless method to register Ejari. Alternatively, you can undertake the Ejari registration process by yourself.

Consider following any of the three methods available for Ejari registration in Dubai/ UAE. The first one is through the approved Ejari registration centers. The second method is to register Ejari via the online portal. The third one is to use the Dubai REST app introduced by the Dubai Land Department.

Ejari Registration Via Centers

You can approach the approved Ejari registration centers in Dubai/ UAE under the Dubai Land Department. The registration would be facilitated by the officials at the center after evaluating the documents and uploading the same to the website.

You, as the tenant, will have to pay a stipulated fee for the registration. The fees for the same are:

  • Ejari Registration Fee – AED 155 (+VAT)
  • Knowledge Fee – AED 10
  •  Innovation Fee – AED 10
  • Service Center Fee (including VAT) – AED 219.75

The documents required for Ejari registration through the center are:

  • Tenancy Contract
  •  Copy of Emirates ID
  • Passport
  • Power of Attorney
  • Letter from the Owner
  • Electricity meter number (in the case of shared electrical connection)
  • Commercial License (on a required basis)    

Ejari Registration Online

The second method is to register the Ejari through the online portal. However, the catch here is that a tenant cannot register Ejari through the Ejari portal. Only the landlord (or representative), the companies involved in a project, or the real estate agent can use this facility.

If you belong to any of the above-mentioned groups, you can sign up in the portal, upload the requisite documents and register Ejari online.

Ejari Registration via Dubai REST Mobile Application

Registration of Ejair via the Dubai REST app, developed by the Dubai Land Department, is quick and easy. It is cheaper than Ejari registration at physical centers. The Ejari registration through the app costs just AED 175.

Let’s see how to register Ejari via the mobile app:

  • Download Dubai REST app
  • Select RERA in the “Services” segment
  • Click on “Register Ejari”
  • Enter the details
  • Upload the documents
  • Click “Submit”
  • Pay the fee online

When Do You Need an Ejari Contract?

Ejari registration is a mandatory requirement when you hire or lease a space in the UAE. It is the legal requirement stipulated by the authority. You cannot claim protection or authority interference in case of any misconduct from the landlord if the Ejari is not registered. You might be penalized in that case.

Furthermore, the tenant needs to submit a copy of the Ejari registration for receiving the essential services. You cannot apply for any of the following if you don’t possess a registered Ejari:

  • Telephone connection
  •  Internet services
  • Cable/ television services
  • Electricity and Water
  • Application, as well as, renewal of Residence Visa
  • Hiring of domestic support
  • Application for Commercial License
  • Alcohol License

Ejari registration in Dubai and other emirates in UAE has been introduced to streamline the process of renting and leasing. RERA is the authorized body for Ejari registration and provision of associated services. You can expect reliable legal support if you abide by the directives and register the Ejari without fail.

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