Things to Know before Starting a Medical Business in UAE

UAE is one of the leading business destinations in the world. The major populace in investor-friendly emirates including Dubai and Abu Dhabi consists of expats working in multinational companies. They observe a busy work/life schedule leading to health issues and medical ailments. The country offers advanced medical facilities, diagnostic centers, and multispecialty hospitals. The country witnesses a constantly increasing population, owing to the arrival of immigrants in search of employment and business.  There is an evident gap in the need and availability of medical centers, clinics, and firms offering medical supplies. In this section we will discuss the things to know before starting a medical business in the UAE.

Starting a medical business in the UAE could be a viable option for those focusing on this field. The process for setting up the medical business doesn’t have much complicacy. However, necessary approvals have to be obtained from the authorities including the ministry of health. Contact us to know more about healthcare business setup in Dubai. We can undertake all the formalities on behalf of you, for medical business set up in UAE in the emirates including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and Ras Al Khaimah. 

Requirements to Start a Medical Equipment Manufacturing or Distribution Business in Dubai, UAE

The establishment of a medical equipment manufacturing and distribution company would necessitate approval from the ministry of health and prevention in the UAE. On the other hand, the Department of Economic Development (DED) is the authority that issues the license for business operations in the country. The DED would approve the application and issue a license only if approval from the ministry is available. Although there are different types of companies, an expat can set up a Limited Liability Company (LLC) only.

The Ministry of Health and Prevention in UAE maintains a list of medical equipment and pharmaceutical products. The medical company can manufacture or import such approved items only. Moreover, the approval will specify the list of items. Importing or manufacturing pharmaceutical products or medical equipment, which are not mentioned in the approval is not permissible. Such activities can lead to legal troubles. 

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Documents Needed to Register Your Medical Equipment Trading Company

Every company planning to operate in the medical sector or to start a medical business in UAE must have proper approval from all the authorities. Since it is directly linked to human life, a thorough verification would be undertaken by the Ministry of Health and Prevention and other associated departments before issuing approval. The application has to be filled up properly and all the necessary documents must be attached with it. Talk to us in case you want any clarification regarding the application or need support from our business setup services.

  • Approval from the Ministry of Health and Prevention in the UAE. The approval would indicate the equipment authorized to import
  • Warehousing license from the Ministry of Health and Prevention. The warehouse must meet the dimension requirements and must have the facilities for the safe storage of medical equipment and pharmaceutical products. The officials will inspect the warehouse and issue a certificate stating that it could be used for storing the subject items.
  • The medical devices must be approved by the ministry of health, drug registration, and control department. 
  • The application for a business license in Dubai may be submitted to the DED, with the approvals from the Ministry attached. It may be noted that an official intimation would be provided to the individual in case of rejection of the application. Subsequently, the ex-pat or resident entrepreneur can make necessary corrections and resubmit the application for approval.
  • Notarized valid ISO 13485 certification
  • Copy of passport of the expat business owner
  • Company profile
  • Legal and valid manufacturing license for the products indicated
  • Tenancy contract or Ejari

Once all the documents are correct and formalities completed, the ministry issues approval for 05 years. The medical business in UAE is prospering with the increased requirement of facilities and equipment due to the increased population. You can consider starting a medical business in UAE and make it a success by observing productive business methodologies. Reach out to Kiltons if you want professional support for company formation in UAE.

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