Things to Know While Starting a Logistics Business in Dubai

A favourable business environment has been the main factor attracting investors to Dubai. An individual can choose from a plethora of business options here and commence their entrepreneurial journey without any hassles. Logistic support is of paramount importance for any business. The logistic firms will be rendering services including warehousing, shipment and distribution. Having such an important role, it is viable, as well as, advisable to start a logistics business in Dubai. 

Logistics Business in Dubai

 Dubai enjoys an advantageous geographical position. Enabling easy transhipment, export and import of goods to and from European and Asian countries, the ports in Dubai play a pivotal role in the business sector in the country. Consequently, Dubai has almost 50% share of the logistics business in UAE.

An entrepreneur with a foolproof operation plan and in-depth knowledge can maximize the gains from logistic business in Dubai. Substantial investment may also be necessary for gaining a foothold in this competitive business sector. Kiltons Business Setup Services in Dubai can help you with the logistic company formation process and provide productive guidance.

Main Logistics Business Hubs in Dubai

Identifying a progressive jurisdiction is the key to advance your business. Most of the Free Zone domains in the emirate offer logistic business license. Nonetheless, it will be beneficial if you can start the business operation in an ideal Free Zone. Established in 1999, we have been observing the business domains in Dubai/ UAE. We have identified three Free Zone jurisdictions in Dubai, the most helpful for logistics business in UAE. 

Dubai South Free Zone

Initiated by the Dubai government in 2006, the Dubai South Free Zone offers great infrastructure and outstanding governmental support. Located close to the coveted Al Maktoum Airport, the Free Zone has an area of 145 sq km. 

The planned Free Zone with high-tech warehousing facilities, and easy access to downtown Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Dubai South offers exceptional support to logistic business in Dubai. The government has made additional investments considering this as the highly relevant Free Zone of the future. Of late, it has emerged as the most-chosen jurisdiction by logistic companies in UAE.

Dubai Airport Free Zone

Registering a powerful presence in the global business arena, Dubai Airport Free Zone or DAFZA is another ideal location for a logistic business setup in Dubai. Being in the proximity of one of the world’s busiest airports, it opens up a trading route to Europe, Middle-East and Indian Sub Continent.  DAFZA company formation has many benefits.

 DAFZA homes more than 1800 companies and 15000+ professionals. The excellently designed infrastructure and matchless facilities make it one of the best domains in the UAE not only for a logistic company but also for a business in any sector. It is no wonder why some of the logistic conglomerates have their facilities situated here. 

Jebel Ali Free Zone

Jebel Ali Free Zone or JFZA was established in 1985. In more than three and a half decades, the Free Zone has grown enormously. It has more than 8000 entities functioning in the jurisdiction now. Offering end to end solutions and optimal growth prospects JAFZA became one of the top Free Zones in Dubai. Ex-pats or residents looking to start a logistics business in Dubai can choose JAFZA to set up the business. It attracts about 24% of Dubai’s FDI.  

How to start a Logistics Company in UAE?

 The procedure for a logistic company formation in Dubai is simple as any other business set up in Dubai. The setting up process commences with identifying the right Free Zone for you and culminates with the incorporation of the logistic company. 

Obtain Initial Approval – Submit the requisite application to the Free Zone Authority and obtain initial approval for starting the firm. You will have to attach the documents sought by the authority with the application. 

Registration of the Entity – The logistic firm you want to establish must be registered with the authority. It will necessitate the submission of necessary documents concerning the firm.

Submission of Business Plan for Perusal – The business plan, legal structure of the logistic company and other applicable documents have to be submitted for perusal.

Company Incorporation – You can start full-fledged business operations after incorporation of the company. Pay the fee, obtain an incorporation certificate from the registrar of companies, and commence the business activities. 

Why Kiltons Business setup services?

Kiltons Business Setup Services has a long legacy providing trustworthy services. Starting operations in 1999, we have been the first choice of resident and ex-pat entrepreneurs for more than two decades. We offer exceptional support to our esteemed clientele for business set up formalities in Dubai/ UAE. 

 Kiltons has a cordial relationship with the ruling royal family of UAE and the officials at the authorities. By pursuing the laid down rules meticulously, we will help you to set up your logistic business in Dubai in the shortest possible time and make it a successful venture.

 To discuss logistic company formation in Dubai, contact us now. 

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