How to set up a call center business in Dubai

Dubai is an alluring option for call center businesses across the globe, thanks to its flourishing economy, exceptional infrastructure, and advantageous location. In this article, we will guide you through the meticulous process of setting up a call center business in Dubai, UAE. From choosing an ideal economic zone and crafting a unique business name to navigating governmental approvals and assembling a dedicated team, we have you covered. Setting up a call center in Dubai is not only feasible but also a potentially lucrative decision when done correctly, ensuring you remain compliant with the region's legal and regulatory stipulations.

Importance of Call Centers in Business in Dubai

Dubai, often hailed as the crossroads of global commerce, has witnessed an exponential surge in businesses from all corners of the world. Within this bustling commercial environment, call centers have solidified their significance. Their role transcends the conventional notion of customer support; they've become vital communication lifelines, ensuring businesses remain connected, both locally and internationally.

At the heart of Dubai's appeal to businesses is its diverse consumer base. Spanning countless nationalities and cultures, the city presents a complex tapestry of consumer needs and preferences. Call centers, equipped with multilingual capabilities, bridge the linguistic and cultural divides, ensuring that every customer feels heard, understood, and valued. This multicultural proficiency is indispensable in a city as cosmopolitan as Dubai.

Offering immediate solutions and instantaneous feedback has become imperative for businesses in Dubai's digital landscape. Swift and round-the-clock communication channels have become crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. Providing round-the-clock support, call centers have become increasingly vital as Dubai progresses towards becoming a technology-driven hub. They serve as important communication tools, enabling companies to stay connected with their customers and address their concerns promptly. This demand for such facilities has surged as Dubai continues to transform into a metropolis of the future. In a market as dynamic as Dubai's, this immediacy can be the distinction between a loyal customer and a lost opportunity.

Furthermore, call centers in Dubai play a pivotal role in gathering critical market insights. Through daily interactions with consumers, they collect invaluable data on market trends, consumer behavior, and evolving preferences. For businesses, this data is a goldmine, offering insights that can guide marketing strategies, product development, and even expansion plans.

In essence, in the vast and vibrant business arena of Dubai, call centers have emerged not just as support systems but as strategic partners. They ensure that businesses remain attuned to their most important stakeholders - their customers, making them an indispensable component of Dubai's commercial success story.

Process of Starting a Call Center Business in Dubai

1) Choosing an Economic Zone in Dubai

Dubai offers a plethora of economic zones, each catering to specific business needs. When selecting an economic zone, it's crucial to align the zone's advantages with your business objectives. Free zones, like Dubai Internet City or Jebel Ali Free Zone, provide benefits such as 100% foreign ownership, tax exemptions, and full profit repatriation. Conversely, mainland zones, though necessitating a local sponsor, grant broader market access, enabling operations anywhere in the UAE. Weighing the benefits, such as operational flexibility in the mainland versus the autonomy in free zones, is essential. Your choice will significantly influence your business's operational dynamics and growth potential in Dubai.

2) Selecting a Business Name in Dubai

In Dubai, your business name serves as more than just an identifier; it's a reflection of your brand's ethos, values, and operations. The emirate's regulations mandate that the chosen name should align with the business's nature and not contradict public morals or the region's cultural sensitivities. It's advised to avoid names of known organizations or any that might suggest a religious or political affiliation. A memorable, unique, and culturally respectful name can create a lasting impression, facilitating brand recognition and trustworthiness. Ultimately, your business name should resonate with your target audience, making them associate it with quality, reliability, and authenticity.

3) Obtaining an Initial Approval in Dubai

Before launching a business in Dubai, obtaining initial approval from the relevant authority is paramount. This preliminary green light, usually sought from the Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) or the appropriate free zone authority, validates your business concept and name. The process involves submitting your desired business name, its nature, and a few identification documents. While relatively straightforward, it's a pivotal step, ensuring that there are no inadvertent legal or regulatory oversights. This approval not only underscores the government's acknowledgment of your venture but also sets the foundation for the subsequent licensing and operational phases in the business setup journey.

4) Drafting a Memorandum of Association in Dubai

In Dubai, the Memorandum of Association (MOA) is a foundational document for any business entity, defining its structure, shareholder relationships, and operating rules. This legally binding document, typically co-drafted with local partners, delineates share distribution, responsibilities, and business objectives. For mainland companies, an additional emphasis is placed on the local service agent agreement, stipulating the roles of the local sponsor. It's imperative that the MOA is meticulously crafted, ensuring clarity and avoiding ambiguities, as it will govern the company's internal operations and interactions. Once drafted, it requires attestation from a notary public or the respective free zone authority.

5) Finding a Business Location in Dubai

Dubai's diverse landscape offers a myriad of location options for businesses. Choosing the right spot is a balance of budget, accessibility, and target market. High-profile areas like Business Bay or Sheikh Zayed Road provide a prestigious address but come with a premium price tag. In contrast, free zones, such as Dubai Internet City or Jebel Ali, offer sector-specific advantages and tax benefits. It's also vital to consider proximity to suppliers, clients, and public transport. Ultimately, the location should resonate with the brand's image and operational needs, ensuring smooth daily operations and reinforcing the company's presence in the market.

6) Getting Additional Government Approvals in Dubai

Beyond the initial setup, certain businesses in Dubai require specialized permissions. Tailored to the business's nature, these could range from clearances from the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) for IT-related ventures to approvals from the Ministry of Health for healthcare entities. Dubai Municipality often steps in for environmental and location-specific clearances. These additional validations ensure that the business aligns with the UAE's stringent standards, preserving its reputation for excellence. As a proactive measure, businesses should research and seek these approvals timely, ensuring a seamless transition from the foundational phase to fully-fledged operations, upholding Dubai's regulatory and quality benchmarks.

7) Hiring and Training Your Staff

Dubai's cosmopolitan environment offers a diverse talent pool. Tapping into this requires understanding local labor laws, visa processes, and cultural nuances. Recruitment can be streamlined through specialized agencies or platforms catering to the emirate's unique job market. Once onboarded, training becomes pivotal, especially in a multicultural setting. Customized training programs, which address both skill enhancement and cultural sensitivities, ensure that staff can effectively cater to a global clientele. Furthermore, being attuned to local customs and regulations, like the Emiratisation policy, can guide recruitment strategies. In essence, informed hiring and comprehensive training are the linchpins of a successful business operation in Dubai.

Equipment Needed to Start a Call Center

Setting up a call center necessitates specialized equipment to ensure seamless operations and optimal customer service. At the forefront are robust computer systems with reliable CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to manage interactions efficiently. Next, high-quality headsets equipped with noise-cancellation features guarantee clear communication. A dependable VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system ensures uninterrupted telecommunication, while servers with ample storage support data management. Ergonomic desks and chairs optimize comfort for long shifts, and multipurpose printers, scanners, and fax machines streamline administrative tasks. Together, these tools form the technological backbone of a proficient call center.

Cost to Start a Call Center in Dubai

Starting a call center in Dubai entails various costs influenced by location, scale, and equipment. Initial expenses include licensing fees, office rent (with prime locations like Business Bay being pricier), and setup charges in chosen economic zones. Additional costs encompass equipment procurement, software licenses, employee salaries, and training programs. While exact figures fluctuate, a comprehensive budget ensures a smooth launch and sustained operations.

Benefits of Starting a Call Center in Dubai

Dubai's global prominence offers numerous advantages for call center ventures. Strategically positioned between East and West, the city promises access to diverse markets and time zones, enabling 24/7 service provision. Its advanced telecommunications infrastructure ensures reliable and high-speed connectivity, which is crucial for call center operations. Dubai's multicultural workforce provides linguistic versatility, catering to an international clientele. The emirate's business-friendly policies, encompassing tax exemptions and comprehensive support in free zones, further bolster profitability. 

Additionally, Dubai's reputation as a leading business hub attracts multinational corporations, offering a steady stream of potential clients. Together, these factors make Dubai an attractive locale for call center establishments.


Dubai stands as a beacon of commercial excellence, effortlessly blending tradition with modernity and local culture with global practices. Its strategic location, world-class infrastructure, and pro-business environment make it a compelling choice for ambitious entrepreneurs. For those eyeing the call center industry, Dubai presents unparalleled advantages, from its diverse talent pool to its advanced telecommunication systems. Navigating the intricacies of setting up – from choosing the right economic zone to equipping your center – can seem daunting, but with the right guidance and resources, the journey can be rewarding. As Dubai continues to grow and evolve, the potential for call center businesses in the Emirates remains boundless.

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