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Invest in Dubai”(IID) is an innovative integrated platform that was launched by His Highness Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. The program is initiating great progress and growth for entrepreneurs and evolving Dubai as a one-stop destination for business. 

Dubai is inviting entrepreneurs globally after structuring research and setting up a platform infused with smart solutions. Through this platform, authorities are trying to instill agility into the processes so that businesses receive their necessary documents like trade licenses and other permits within minutes, making it easier to launch their businesses. The platform aids companies in establishing their legal entities anywhere in Dubai, including in free zones and on the mainland. The platform supports all kinds of business activities like advanced manufacturing, entertainment and media, Islamic economy, healthcare, energy, electronics, professional services, etc. It also supports the entrepreneurs in getting access to residency visas, permits, employment visas, work visas, etc. 

Let us look into the different features of how Invest in Dubai (IID) becomes a standout: 

  • Invest in Dubai (IID) is the first digital portal that has been integrated in Dubai.
  • The platform was defined to support businesses and has aided around 2000 businesses in setting up their business activities in the Emirate, including the free zone. 
  • Through getting yourself enrolled in the process, you get access to a commercial license
  • The platform has standardized procedures, which will help businesses move forward with their requirements without the actual need to go to service centers. 
  • It also caters to helping businesses get started with the immediate, necessary requirements like bank account opening, establishment card in UAE, and services that are needed for the incorporation of a business entity in Dubai.
  • There are exclusive interactive tools that help individuals get access to information on the best commercial business opportunities in Dubai. The feature is called “Dubai Business Map."
  • IID also gives an insightful business proposition for setting up activity in the free zones and helps you choose the right one for your business. 

The portals revamp their structure every now and then to keep up with the demands of the latest trends and on the basis of feedback from the public and even from government agencies. The platform provides licensing services for over 15 commercial licenses, which the individual can obtain without going to the service centers. They also give access to other elaborate solutions that are needed for setting up and launching the business. 

Since its launch in February 2021, the total number of transactions that have gone out since its inception, amounts to around 5747. The number includes 3,464 commercial licenses and 1,448 trade names. 

The IID has also initiated 485 activities. The major activities that have been sanctioned include electronic complexes, social media marketing services, engraving and decoration, installation of suspended ceilings and light partitions, project management services, technical works and maintenance, etc. IID has also helped to initiate good employment opportunities for the crowd. A good number of influential investors from different countries have flocked to Dubai and availed themselves of the services of IID to pursue their business dreams. There’s a total of 3746 investors from 77 countries, mostly from countries like Britain, Russia, France, Jordan, Egypt, Pakistan, India, and the Philippines. 

The reason IID is such a unique venture has a lot to do with the two facilities it provides:

  • Centralized Portal

IID, or Invest in Dubai, is a venture that tends to help new and existing businesses navigate the entire process of setting up business enterprises without any hiccups. It avoids the need for going physically to the service centers and helps you get it done easily from the comfort of your office or home. IID also helps entrepreneurs to get deep insights on the economy and help you decide effectively on the investment opportunities, where to set up business in mainland or free zones, competition, costs of setting up of businesses, etc. 

  • Comprehensive experience

IID provides an entire package for foreign and local entrepreneurs to set up their businesses. It provides a clear idea on how to plan out your business cycle, name reservations, getting the initial approvals, obtaining trade licenses, and securing all government approvals, etc. The business becomes insanely easy to set up as all the necessary help is provided by the digital platform. It also helps in avoidance of errors and minimizes paperwork to a good level. The customers also get a very detailed and customized dashboard that has all the necessary pointers that give direct glance on all the updates on your business applications.

Through promoting IID, Dubai government and relevant authorities are giving professionals and business entrepreneurs the opportunity to set up their businesses in the growing and developing economy of the MiddleEast. So, by choosing ‘Invest in Dubai’ you are letting yourself out into the impeccable window of scope. Call us now for more information

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