How to Start an Industrial Company in Dubai?

Located strategically, Dubai offers extensive business prospects. An industrial organization in Dubai, UAE is the right move towards prosperity. You can set up manufacturing, assembling or moulding facility by pursuing the unfussy company formation process.

You must be sure to use only authorized material for manufacturing products. Further, all the required approvals must be obtained for setting up the firm. Competent authorities including the Dubai Health and Safety Department may have to be approached for issuing approvals.

Process for Setting up an Industrial Company in Dubai

A streamlined process has been promulgated by the authorities for starting an industrial firm in Dubai. As per the latest orders, an expat can start a company with 100% of ownership. The restrictions regarding expatriate ownership are limited to the entities in oil, gas and telecommunication.

The stepwise process for starting an industrial establishment in Dubai is elaborated subsequently.

Determine the Industry You Want to Invest in – Optimal business opportunities is the identity of Dubai. Any person can get confused about the right industrial sector to invest in unless he or she is already helming an industrial unit. Those with experience in a specific industry may think of starting an industrial company in Dubai in the same field. get in touch with our professional team for insights on the prolific industrial sectors if you are in a dilemma regarding the sector to choose.

Obtain Initial Approval – Get the initial approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED) for starting an industrial company in Dubai. The applicant needs to submit copies of the passport, and the business plan for obtaining initial approval for an industrial company in Dubai.

Approvals from the Ministries and Departments – A few types of industries can cause environmental pollution and may turn hazardous to human life. The emissions during the manufacturing process and the waste creation are of utmost concern to the authorities. Considering this factor, it has been made mandatory to obtain approvals from the relevant authorities before applying for a trade license to start an industrial company in Dubai.

Register the Name of the Industrial Company – All the documents of the industrial company in Dubai would be issued in the company’s name. The business name should be according to the naming specifications in the country. Register the business or trading name with the DED. The name that doesn’t follow the laid down specifications would be rejected.

Preparation and Notarization of Memorandum of Association (MOA) – Prepare the MOA according to the business activities planned. It has to be notarized by the authorized public notary before submitting to the DED.

NOC from the Ministry of Economy and Commerce – The No Objection Certificate from the ministry of economy and commerce would be mandatory for commencing the industrial operations. Requisite documents and a detailed plan of action is necessary for getting the NOC from the ministry.

Rent or Lease the Commercial Space – Warehousing facility and commercial space might be required for the industrial company in Dubai. Identify the right location and get the space on rent or lease. Warehouses must be designed and constructed based on the extant policies and regulations. Further, Ejari or tenancy contract has to be concluded and registered at RERA.

Approval from the Dubai Municipality and NOC from Civil Defence – It is mandatory to have approval from the Dubai Municipality for starting an industrial company. Get NOC from the civil defence as well.

Trade License Application – Once you have complied with all the formalities for starting an industrial company in Dubai, you can apply for a trade license from the DED. Submit the application accompanied by all the documents and approvals. The license issuance process in Dubai is rather faster than anywhere else in the world. You can expect the trade license in a quick time. After which, you can commence the industrial activities.

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Benefits of Starting an Industrial Company in Dubai

The global business hub, Dubai offers exceptional benefits to entrepreneurs. With the new regulations in force, expats don’t need a local Emirati sponsor to start a company. Any expatriate can own 100% of shares in his or her company without any restrictions. The country is diversifying investments in an attempt to strengthen the possibilities of becoming the global digital leader. All these factors make Dubai the right destination for business investments.

The benefits of starting an industrial company in Dubai are:

·         A rapidly growing economy

·         Low tax regime compared to many other business destinations

·         Exemplary standard of living

·         World-class infrastructure

·         Excellent connectivity

·         Strategic location

·         Business supportive regime

·         Unfussy industrial company setting up 

·         Streamlined business setup process

·         Optimal chances for business growth

To put it simply, an industrial company in Dubai would kick-start your journey to prosperity. We can help you with the industrial company set up in Dubai. Contact us now.


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