How to Set Up a Yoga Centre in Dubai?

Before heading to how to set up a yoga centre in Dubai, let’s take a look at this ancient lifestyle art. Yoga is an ancient practice in India which endows us with a spiritualistic journey of attaining a calm and stress-free life. In the past, yoga was limited to just India, but tourist foreigners came and understood the wonders yoga could do, and it became an international phenomenon. Yoga is now taken seriously by fitness and spiritual practitioners all over the world for various benefits like bringing in that mental stability and also aids in the weight loss journey. 

Yoga is a form of health and is gaining wider acceptance. Dubai is a business with a mix of multi-nationalities who prefer to stay fit and attain that stress-free life.

The blog is going to be an acting guide for anyone who is thinking about setting up a yoga centre in Dubai; Read on to know more:

Why is a Yoga Centre an Ideal Business Opportunity in Dubai?

  • A high population in Dubai can be termed fitness freaks; the holistic practice of yoga can bring in two systems at one short: physical and mental fitness.
  • Dubai residents are a bugger for any fitness-related solution; A large group of Indians and Westerners who reside in India are potential clients when it comes to starting a business or opening a yoga centre. 
  • The pandemic has also set into motion a lot of breathing difficulties for people who contracted the virus. Yoga helps with breathing exercises and helps in retaining normal lung capacity back.
  • The Dubai government also promotes wellness care initiatives with increased vigour. 
  • After starting a yoga centre in Dubai, you can branch out to other Emirates with ease.

The Process of Setting up a Yoga Center

  • The initial step towards setting up any business venture in Dubai is to first know about the legal or the business structure of the entrepreneurship venture we are starting with. Usually, the business structure is either a sole proprietorship or partnership and the ideal choice will be an LLC (Limited Liability Company). LLC helps in getting you a much better scope of business and it is also easy to expand with an LLC holding.
  • The next step is to decide on the location where you want to have the business placed. A fitting place for a wellness centre that promotes yoga is better to be on mainland Dubai; For the initial start, choose places which are residential as there will be very less competition. 
  • You have to obtain approvals for starting your business, there are two departments you have to get your approvals from. The first one is the Youth and Sports Welfare because yoga is a kind of sport and the second is the Ministry of Public Health. It will take around two to three weeks for the sanction to the approval.
  • After obtaining the necessary approvals from the authorities, you need to gather all the necessary documents that state your professional competence as a yoga practitioner, passport, visa, proof of payment of fee etc.
  • You are also required to open a corporate account for the conduct of your business as you have submitted all the required documents and approvals. Corporate accounts help with seamless transactions once you have started your business. It might take around four weeks to open a bank account in Dubai. 

Cost of Setting up a Yoga Centre

The fee for opening up a yoga centre will depend on various factors including the place where you set up the centre, licence expense, etc. This is inclusive of trade name reservation, getting all the necessary approvals, local service agent, labour file opening etc. The expat entrepreneurs can avail the opportunity of 100% foreign ownership, but still require a local service agent to represent the company. It is mandatory to abide by the rules and only access the business activity you have been licensed to. The entrepreneur can either take up a partner/investor visa which is valid for around 3 years and you can also have employment visas with a validity of two years. Getting the investor visa might take around two days and employment visas take a long time of ten to fifteen days. 

The whole process of setting up a yoga centre might take up to eight weeks. Taking up the business setup space on one of the free zones will help you bring down the costs. 

These expenses are just the initial hurdle, wellness centres can reap significant profits over time and you can certainly have your embedded in the business hub of UAE.

Things to take note of:

  • Choosing an appropriate location should be of first priority when you start planning about starting a yoga centre in Dubai. A good location will be able to attract more clients and ease of access. Choose a space which is central but gives far-less competition. 
  • Providing top-notch services is the only way one could climb up the ladder. You should be able to come up with something extremely unique and should be able to provide results as well. In the initial days, word of mouth can do wonders to kick-start your business.
  • Get a complete hang of all the rules and regulations in Dubai. You also have to be well updated on the changing rules as well. 

Why choose Kiltons to Set Up a Yoga Centre in Dubai?

Kiltons have been in business hosting small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve their dream of starting a business set up in Dubai. The uneasy part to start a business is following up with procedures. Kiltons help you with a hassle-free process where you will not be interrupted from working towards your business goals. All the required steps and procedures are taken over by Kiltons without any sort of discrepancy. Even when the processes seem very easy, approach Kiltons for an even more seamless business start. 

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