How to Set up a Boutique Business in Dubai?

Dubai has always been a world of fashion, style, and entertainment. The investor-friendly emirate is home for citizens from every part of the world. Fond of fashionable attire, the people spend a good amount of income buying clothes. As is the scenario, couturiers, boutique business, and the garment industry have great growth prospects. Obtain a trade license or e-commerce license in Dubai and begin the business without any hassles.

Are you in doubt about how to set up a boutique in Dubai?

No issues at all. This article will give you a basic idea concerning the business sector. Further, you can reach out to us for any queries or support for setting up a boutique in Dubai.

Process of starting a Boutique Business in Dubai

How to open a boutique in Dubai? What is the procedure for a boutique set up? Are there any specific guidelines? These are the most common questions regarding a boutique set up in Dubai.

Let’s get into that one by one.

The procedure for setting up a boutique business in Dubai is similar to any other business. You must have a firm plan of action and target the customer segment prior to starting the process. A clearly defined objective will help you carry out the required procedure without any ambiguity. A detailed feasibility study with respect to the products you offer will be beneficial for you.

  • Finalize the boutique business activities and choose the jurisdiction for the company
  • Register trading name, according to the laid down formats
  • Determine the location where you want to establish the boutique business in Dubai
  • Obtain initial approval from the Department of Economic Development or the Free Zone authority
  • Prepare legal structure, Article of Association and Memorandum of Association
  • Sign tenancy contract or Ejari
  • Submit the application and required documents to the authority, for a trading license in Dubai.
  • Receive the Dubai business license and start the boutique

Alternatively, you can consider an e-trading license for a boutique business set up in Dubai. The procedure for the same will be different. Contact us for discussing the procedure for an e-commerce license for a boutique and for obtaining our expert guidance/ support.

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Documents Required for Opening a Boutique in Dubai

The business license procedure to open a boutique in Dubai will necessitate documents that will confirm the identity of the individual, as well as, the details regarding business setup in Dubai.

  • Copies of passport and visa of the individual
  • No Objection Certificate from the current employer (if required)
  • Article of Association (AOA)
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • Ejari or the tenancy contract

*Additional documents may be sought by the authority from time to time. It may be confirmed before commencing the procedure.

Benefits of Boutique Business Setup in Dubai

Boutique business in Dubai is advantageous in several ways. It will be an ideal option to kick-start your entrepreneurial dreams.

  • No customs duties
  • Nil personal or corporate tax
  • Budget-friendly business setup
  • Multi-currency transactions permitted
  • Recruitment of foreign labour
  • Readymade office setup available
  • Great growth probabilities
  • Excellent infrastructure

Dubai’s economic strength depends on the flourishing of businesses in the territory. The authority considers it as their responsibility to render a productive business environment to entrepreneurs. All the rules and regulations are derived bearing that concept in mind. Hence, business growth is easy in Dubai, with dedicated and wholehearted efforts from your end.  

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Why Kiltons Business setup services?

Kiltons Business Setup Services has been providing matchless support to ex-pat and resident entrepreneurs since 1999. We take pride in being one of the leading business setup firms in the country. By aiding individuals to realize their dreams, we have cemented our identity as a credible agency.

We have a cordial relationship with the ruling royal family and the top echelons in the authority. It has been aiding us in helping our clients optimally and offering exceptional services since inception. Kiltons would be your trustworthy business support, with relentless efforts from our experienced professional staff, meticulously designed business setup process and foolproof guidance.

To know more on how to set up a boutique business in Dubai or any other support for company formation anywhere in the UAE, contact us now.  

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