How to Get a Freelance Visa in the UAE: A Complete Guide to Becoming Your Own Boss

There are many who isn’t fond of working under bosses but rather prefer their own deadlines and rules. Many opt for a freelance career because of this. It allows them to be flexible and gives them the freedom to work during the hours they prefer. The 9-5 working model is not compatible for many and a freelancing career helps them find time to engage in things they love the most. If you are considering a freelance career in UAE and thinking of ways to start the same, then here are a few things to know before getting a freelance visa. Continue reading to learn about the various aspects of a freelance visa in the UAE.

Why Do You Need a Freelance Visa in the UAE?

Getting a freelance visa can help an individual in different ways. Once an individual gets a freelance visa, he/she can sponsor their family. And if it so happens that the individual is already sponsored by family or someone, then they don’t need to cancel their visa and apply for a new one. This is especially helpful for women who are already in the UAE and are looking for a career. 

The individual who aspires to have a freelance visa in the UAE must get a residence visa and should have a valid work permit. You should apply for a freelance work permit if you want to work as a freelancer. It will ultimately give the individual the freedom to work as a single entity without being compliant with any company for long periods of time. It increases the scope of work for freelancers and also gives them to explore their passion as well as the country. It promises better exposure as they will meet larger numbers of people with regards to their work.

The UAE government issues freelance visas for a few selected industries. And it includes

  • Education
  • Media
  • IT services

All three industries hold vast opportunities that can benefit individuals in different ways.

Benefits of a Having a Freelance Visa in the UAE

There are several advantages to having a freelance visa in the UAE. Some of it is financial while some benefit the individuals in the socio-political realm. Wondering how? Read below.

  • No fee for a freelance visa - Good news for freelancers. The fee for a freelance visa has been waived off for two years in the UAE.  It makes the process all the more economical for the people applying for freelance visas. Without spending a fortune you can now make a career for yourself.
  • Minimal costs - In other scenarios, the freelance visa doesn’t cost much when compared to the other types of visas provided by the UAE government. It takes only minimal cost to apply for a freelance visa and the procedure isn’t complicated either. If you are apprehensive about the procedure you can take the help of any business setup group in the UAE.
  • Get access to world-class media companies - As a freelancer with a work permit, you can get access to several world-class media companies functioning in UAE including the Reuters. You can learn from their model and also offer your services to them on a freelance basis.
  • Work in the UAE but stay anywhere in the world - Being a freelancer in UAE doesn’t mean you have to be present in UAE in person. Rather, you can stay at any part of the world. This gives you the freedom to fulfil your travel goals and at the same time stay close to your family and friends. You can work from a beach side one day and from a hilltop the other day. It’s all your choice. 

How to Get a Freelancer Work Permit in UAE?

  • If you are already employed get an NOC from your current employer
  • Submit necessary documents including passport, visa copy, Emirates ID only if it is applicable to you, photograph, experience letter, certificate of degree or diploma, and finally your CV
  • Submit your application letter for the visa

Once you get a notification that your application is approved, you can proceed with the payment. You will get your freelance work permit within 5-7 business days. 

Freelancing holds a large number of career opportunities and a lot of space to grow and develop. Make use of it by applying for a freelance visa in UAE and make your life blossom.

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